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Dragon Project Guide, Tips & Cheats to Defend the Kingdom of Heiland

Dragon Project is every MMO player’s dream as it brings true multiplayer role-playing gaming to Android and iOS devices. In this game, you will take on the role of a Hunter. You can explore the kingdom of Heiland in graphics you didn’t know was possible on any mobile platform. Work with your friends in slaying monsters, gathering resources, and crafting the best possible weapons and armor in the game. Get to know all the in-game characters along with their individual stories. Whether you are a team player, or a lone wolf, you will find a lot of things to do in this game. Choose one of the five weapon classes to wield, depending on your playstyle. It will take a lot of work in order to succeed in this game but it will all be worth it in the end. The good news is that you have our Dragon Project ultimate strategy guide to help you every step of the way.

1. Master The Controls

One of the game’s best features is the one-finger control system that makes it perfect for mobile devices. The drawback of this feature, however, is that you will need to be conscious of every action you make. Dragging your finger across the screen will make your character run. Tapping on it while there is an enemy nearby will make your character attack. Tapping when there is an interactive object will allow you to work with it. If you want to dodge during battle, sliding your finger quickly on the screen should do the trick. You can also guard against enemy attacks by tapping and holding. Release your guard at the right moment and you will automatically counter. Learn when to use these different actions in the game to ensure your survival.

2. Use Your Magi Powers

There are skills you can use during battle that can make quick work of your enemies. These are called Magi powers. Use them early when battling bosses so that you they will have enough time to cool down. Offensive magi skills deal a lot of damage so you would want to be able to use them often in Behemoth fights.

3. Take On Quests For Experience

If you want to level up quickly, there are different ways to go about it. The most effective way of levelling up, however, is to complete a lot of quests. There are several types of quests. Story quests are those you get from the game’s narrative, and you will need to complete these to progress in the game. There are also Daily and Weekly quests which are normally tasks that you need to accomplish while playing the main story. Always check your missions tab to see if there are any available quests that you can pick up. Turn all your completed quests and enjoy a massive boost in experience. You can claim your rewards from the Gifts tab.

4. Team Up With Friends

Behemoths are gigantic enemies Dragon Project that you will encounter from time to time. While it may be possible to take them out on your own, it will take a long time for you to do so. The best thing to do is to team up with your friends before taking on a Behemoth. You can give your party number to your friends so they can join you before battle. If you don’t have friends in the game just yet, you can always set up a game lobby so other players can join you. Try to wait until you have a full party before starting to make sure your team can survive.

5. Let Other Players Carry You

Other players will also be creating lobbies for their own Behemoths. If you don’t feel like starting your own party, you can always join an existing party. You can even try to sneak into a higher-level Behemoth in order to get even better rewards. You don’t have to worry about actually killing the Behemoth yourself. Just try to stay alive until the end of battle so you can walk away with some materials that can help you forge stronger equipment.

6. Hold Off On Forging

While the game encourages you to gather materials and forge new equipment, that does not mean you should just whip up a new weapon as soon as you have enough materials. Remember, materials are limited resources that can take a long time to collect. You wouldn’t want to waste them on equipment that you will end up replacing quickly. As a general rule, it is best if you wait until you have rank A or S equipment available for forging. This way, you can get a new weapon or armor that can be used for a long time.

7. Spend Crystals Wisely

Summoning crystals have two uses in Dragon Project. The first is for summoning a Behemoth. This can help you gather more materials but isn’t really worth crystals on, especially if you can just sneak into other people’s parties. The better use for your summoning crystals is to buy Magi skills. As we mentioned before, Magi skills can deal massive damage, so investing coins in any of them will definitely go a long way in this game.

8. Prepare To Grind

Since this is a Japanese role-playing game, you can expect that there will be a lot of grinding involved. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. The game does a good job of keeping things exciting by giving you a lot of tough-looking monsters to slay. The feeling of accomplishment after taking down a towering opponent does not wear off easily. If you can keep your focus until the end of the game, you will find the journey rewarding. Try finding friends to play with to help make the grind a little more bearable.

Explore the open world of Heiland and embark on your journey to become the best Hunter out there! Just follow the Dragon Project ultimate strategy guide above and you will have no problems reaching the top! That’s all the tips we have for you right now. We’ll be sure to update this guide with any additional tips or tricks we may come up with during our journey through Dragon Project.