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Fit the Fat 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats: How to Help Your Friend Peel Off the Pounds

Fit the Fat 2 is the sequel to Fit the Fat, and it again comes to us from Five Bits, for Android and iOS mobile devices. In this rather goofy, yet entertaining new game, you’ll be dealing with a friend who weighs in at a whopping 507 pounds, and loves to eat, but nonetheless wants to get fit. You will have to wake up this friend and get him to do physical activities, such as running on the treadmill, jumping rope, or lifting weights. He’ll still need to eat after his workout, and get enough sleep so he’ll have enough energy for the next day’s workout. And since this is more than just a game about helping a fat person get fit, it also comes with Google Fit exercise tracking, which means you can help your in-game friend lose weight by exercising and trying to lose weight yourself! Now that’s one good incentive for a lot of us to play this game.

Want to help your friend in this game lose a lot of weight, regardless of whether you plan to use the game as a weight loss/exercise tool or not? We can definitely help you with that, as we now present to you our Fit the Fat 2 strategy guide. We shall be covering as much of the game as possible, so read on if you’re having trouble helping your old buddy have a slimmer body.

1. Wait For The Upgrades To Unlock

One thing about the bed/gym exercise upgrades in this game is that they cost a lot of money – for example, the initial bed upgrade will set you back by 600 coins. But you don’t always need to spend on these upgrades, as majority of them unlock on their own if you reach a specific level. That is, of course, unless you had previously bought that upgrade, though we should tell you again that it’s better not to. Just play the game like you normally would, and those upgrades will become available automatically, and help make the weight loss process more effective and efficient.

2. When Buying Food, Buy Healthy Stuff

It makes sense in the in-game world just like it does in the real world – you want to focus on buying healthy food when purchasing food items for your friend. While fast food is naturally cheap, it won’t do much to restore your friend’s food gauge, and its high fat content won’t do his weight any favors. Just like in real life, too much fast food can undo hours of progress you’ve achieved in the gym. Stick to the healthy items, as well as the “classic” food items; they may be more expensive than fast food, but they don’t contain as much fat, and do more to replenish the food gauge. Going back to the first tip for a bit, you can use the money you saved by not buying upgrades to buy healthier food for your friend.

3. Tips For The Jump Rope

At the start of the game, your friend would only be able to jump some rope. It’s the only exercise available at the beginning, though you would be able to unlock other exercises as you push forward in the game. Jumping rope in Fit the Fat 2 is easy – simply tap to jump. But that’s pretty much in principle, as your friend won’t be jumping too well at first. That makes timing very important, as a split second off-timing will cause your friend to trip and force you to repeat the exercise from the top. Keep a close eye on the jump rope’s shadow, and tap on your screen just as it’s about to hit your friend’s shadow.

4. Tips For The Treadmill

After you master the jump rope, you will then get a chance to have your friend run the treadmill. Running the treadmill would require you to swipe down on the screen to move the arrow up, though the tricky part here is making sure the arrow is within the green zone. And it gets trickier, as the green zone will become smaller and smaller as you go on. Also look for that zone to start moving. Generally, what you want to do here is to keep the arrow in the middle of the zone, and predict where the bar/zone will be moving. For example, if it’s close to the extreme right, or on the extreme right, it’s almost sure to move left, with vice versa applying if it’s on the extreme left.

5. Tips For Weightlifting

The weightlifting exercises follow after the jump rope and treadmill, and fortunately, there’s not much to weightlifting as there is to the previous two exercises. It’s all about tapping as quickly as you could on your screen, which is a pretty common mechanic anyway when it comes to lifting weights. You’ll get one rep counted for your friend if you’re able to fill both meters up completely. Keep on tapping and you’ll be in good shape as far as this exercise is concerned!

6. Tips For Boxing

Last, but not the least, you will unlock the boxing exercise, which requires you to tap on the targets, which randomly appear, as quickly as possible. This is another fairly easy exercise that isn’t as tricky as jump rope or the treadmill. Like weightlifting, this requires you to be quick, though this time, it’s more of making sure your reflexes in particular (as well as your tapping, but not as much) are as quick as possible.

7. Exercise For Real

Remember what we told you earlier, about Fit the Fat 2’s special feature? In case you’d rather not scroll up, that feature is the ability to connect your game to Google Fit, or, if you own an iPhone, HealthKit. That means you can help your friend lose weight simply by exercising in real life – any movements that your phone detects will go toward your friend’s weight loss endeavors, so you can just place your phone in your pocket as you exercise away and hope to peel off the pounds. It’s a great feature that benefits both you as a real person, and you/your virtual friend as the gamer.