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Fit the Fat Cheats, Tips & Strategies for Helping Your Character Peel Off the Pounds

Fit the Fat is a casual game developed by Five Bits for Android and iOS devices. In the game your objective is to help a big, fat guy lose weight by doing a number of things in the gym, including jumping rope and even dancing the hula hoop. The mechanics are as simple as Five Bits says on the description – it’s only a matter of tapping to jump or dance, and as your fat dude becomes more fit, the rope and hula hoop will both become faster. Five Bits also adds that the game is “highly addictive and almost impossible” when it comes to making your character reach his ideal weight.
So now you know what this game entails, but how can you make your character lose those excess pounds and make his way to physical fitness? Read on as these Fit the Fat cheats, tips and tricks may be what your fat guy needs to get healthier, which primarily means getting lighter and slimming down through exercise.

1. Get Into The Groove

At first, the jumping and hula-hooping wouldn’t be too difficult. You’ll need to do these actions at almost 60 beats per minute, which doesn’t sound too hard, to be perfectly honest. But as the fat guy slims down, the rope/hula hoop starts speeding up ever so gradually. Developing a good rhythm is important, as the incremental speed increases won’t be felt instantly. But over time, those incremental upticks in speed will keep building up; you’ll also have to be ready by then.

2. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Refill Your Energy

Playing one round will cost you one energy drink, and if you’re all out of energy drinks, that’s it for you. You’ll have to wait a couple hours or pay real-life money in order to get your energy drinks refilled, but you don’t exactly have to do that. What you can do instead is to use the time lapse cheat; exit the game, go to your device’s settings to advance the time by a few hours, then return to the game. You’ll get your energy right back, and setting the time back to normal won’t forfeit the energy you got back.

3. Be Aware Of The Drawbacks Of The Time Lapse Cheat / Getting Fat Again

If you don’t play the game for some time, your character will pack on the pounds again. And since that means getting fat as time passes, using the time lapse will cause your character to put on some additional weight. If you want to use the time lapse cheat to regain lost energy pronto, you should also make up for that by playing more often.

4. Take Advantage Of Power-Ups

You can also get energy drink in power-up form, so we won’t dwell on that, rather focusing on the three other power-ups. Candy will slow down the speed of your jump rope, spinach will make you lose weight twice as fast, and the health bar will prevent your fat dude from gaining additional weight in the event you can’t play for some time.

5. Just Keep Playing

As you can see, the more you play, the more pounds your character will lose. The weight loss may not show right away, but if you keep playing as often as possible, you might just be surprised when he has some muscles showing and looks far more athletic than obese.