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Bouncing Ball 2 Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

We’ve been covering a good few Ketchapp games recently, and we’ve got another one for you here. The game is called Bouncing Ball 2, and it’s now available for Android and iOS mobile devices alike. It is the sequel to the original Bouncing Ball from the same company, and all you have to do here is to bounce on the center of platforms “to create beautiful music.” You will have to avoid the spikes, and since most every Ketchapp title includes an element of collection, you can earn diamonds as you go along, and use that currency to buy new balls.

Again, your goals are the same – make the ball bounce off as many platforms as you could so you can get the highest possible score, and collect as many balls as possible, though the latter is optional. If you need help with one or both of those things, we suggest reading through this list of Bouncing Ball 2 tips and hints. How long can you “make music” with those bouncing balls, and how many points can you score while doing this?

1. The Platforms Are Of Similar Distance To Each Other

At first, you’ll have a hard time getting the timing down pat in this game. Timing the bounce of the ball can be quite challenging, but in time, you’ll find it to be second nature, as all of the game’s platforms are spaced out a similar distance (but not exactly the same) from each other. You can come up with a good, flowing rhythm for the most part, and rack up points in a hurry if nothing breaks your rhythm; as such, you may want to play this game with as few distractions as possible.

2. What Is A Perfect Tap And Why Does It Matter?

Perfect taps are defined as those that show up as green once the ball lands on the platform. You won’t get any points for perfection at first, but you’ll want to rack up as many of them in a row as possible; having five consecutive perfect taps will earn you five points as a bonus. It’s preferable to do this as early on in your run as possible, as you’ll find out in this next tip.

3. Beware Of The Obstacles Once Your Score Goes Up

You won’t need to worry about obstacles at first, but once you reach about ten points, you will start seeing them show up in the form of spikes. Some of the platforms will have spikes on them, and hitting one will immediately end your run. But if you hit the platform and don’t hit the spike, or if you simply try to avoid the platform, you will keep on moving forward and scoring more points.

4. Rage Quitting Is Not Advisable

It may sound like a good idea to rage-quit, or to exit the game in the middle of a run, if you feel you’re not doing well or not having a good rhythm. But if you let the game go on as normal, you may have a chance to hit the “Free” button. You may be asked to watch an ad video in order to earn free gems, or you may win those gems without having to do anything at all. Typically, rewards range from 15 to 20 gems per hit of the Free button, so take advantage of this option as often as you could!

5. How Do The Balls Work In This Game?

As you may expect, as this is a Ketchapp title, the new balls you can buy in this game for 100 gems/diamonds apiece do not change the gameplay. They aren’t any less or more bouncy, and they don’t come with any power-ups attached to them. They just change the way your ball looks like, and add to your collection, with the option to use any of the balls you have purchased in case things start feeling a bit too monotonous for you. Take note, however, that one of the balls needs to be earned by liking Ketchapp on Facebook; otherwise, you can buy them with gems, or buy them for a dollar each by going to the Collection menu.

This wraps up our list of tips and tricks for Ketchapp’s new game, Bouncing Ball 2. Want to check out our entire collection tips and tricks that we’ve provided for other Ketchapp games? If so, please head over to this link.