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Fireball Wizard Mini Walkthrough and Beginner’s Guide

Wizardonia—a haven for witches, wizards and all manner of spellcasters.

fireball wizard intro
Such a peace wouldn’t last very long…

While this prosperous land of magic once flourished, it has been put under siege by the minions of darkness. They’ve suddenly appeared at the threshold of the lands, consuming all they touch. These ghouls must be cleansed by magic fire, and only you can stop them, o mighty Fireball Wizard.

fireball wizard cover
Rise from your grave! … Wait, sorry, wrong game.

Created by developer duo GinTronic and published by PID Games, Fireball Wizard takes players on a difficult journey filled with monsters, traps, magic spells, and death—lots and lots of death. Such a journey also takes players back to a time when video games didn’t hold your hand and you’d most likely need to memorize or take notes of the paths you’ve taken on your journey thus far. Unless you master the way the monsters move, your demise will always be at hand.

Are you ready to save Wizardonia? Read our Fireball Wizard mini walkthrough and beginner’s guide below and prepare to smite the enemy with magic beyond their comprehension!

Tales from an Olden Era

fireball wizard gameplay
This all feels so familiar…

Let’s first take a step back and enlighten you first on what Fireball Wizard plays like.

The difficult levels filled with insta-kill deathtraps and the way your wizard (or witch) moves, is very reminiscent of older incarnations of the ever-popular MegaMan franchise. This is greatly emphasized by the fact that the wizard can charge up their magic into one big concentrated bolt, much like how MegaMan can charge up his Buster (we’ll get to controls in a bit).

As far as the game’s difficulty is concerned, it seems to be inspired by the likes of the infamously difficult Ghouls n’ Ghosts. Though, this can be remedied easily in a trick we’ll discuss soon.

fireball wizard bonus level
Down to the bonus levels!

To add to the nostalgic feel of this game, it’s presented in a crisp pixel art style with a modern touch of physics. That isn’t to say that this is a physics-based game, but the particles that appear whenever something explodes or dies is satisfyingly given some physics. Even your death animation, turning into a pile of bones, is also just as fun to watch if you can look beyond frustration.

Either way, as we’ve mentioned earlier, Fireball Wizard will not hold your hand while you play. Most of the things you’ll rely on here are your raw skill, reflexes, and memory. Give this game your best and it’ll reward you with respect. Slip up and you’ll have to try harder.

If you’d like to know how to give the game your best, read on and we’ll give you a heads up on how to clear the first world as well as a few tips and tricks on how to become a Fireball Wizard mighty enough to save Wizardonia!

NOTE: Fireball Wizard’s controls on touchpad are quite difficult to use since they offer a charge mechanic for your wand. You can jump while charging your wand, but the placement of these controls make it so that they require a second finger to press one button or the other. We highly recommend playing Fireball Wizard with a Bluetooth controller or via emulator since the charge mechanic is integral to overall gameplay. You may also choose to play this game in Casual Mode which will allow you to respawn at checkpoints if you die and give you extra lives instead of just 3. For this guide, we will assume that the player reading this is playing in Classic Mode.

Know Your Enemies

fireball wizard spider
That Spider is waiting.

Fireball Wizard is chock full of enemies and what it doesn’t exactly have here is a bestiary. To conquer the first world, you must first familiarize yourself with the enemies you’re about to face. Thankfully for you, we’ve already finished the first world and we know what’s going to show up. So here’s a quick, small bestiary that we can send your way, so you know how to approach each and every enemy you’ll encounter in World 1!

NOTE: The names displayed aren’t the official names of the enemies.

BatA small, winged creature. Has black fur and can be hard to see.1Flies toward the player.Shoot on sight, try not to miss. Bats can easily swarm and kill you if left alive.
GhostA white apparition with red eyes.2Flies slowly in a straight line, fades in and out of visibility. Unkillable.Don’t touch them. Even if they’re invincible, they can still hurt you.
Golden BatA bat with golden fur.3Flies toward the player. Drops a substantial amount of Rings upon death.Shoot on sight, try not to miss. Bats can easily swarm and kill you if left alive.
Green SlimeA sticky, goopy, green monster with red eyes and teeth.1Meanders at a slow pace.Shoot on sight. A charged magic bolt can pierce through multiple slimes.
MimicA monster that takes the form of a treasure chest. Has red eyes in the mouth of the chest.5Lies in wait for the player and attacks when the player is near enough.Shoot on sight as you would any treasure chest. Don’t risk getting close!
Red SlimeA sticky red monster.6Meanders at a slow pace, releases molten globs upon death.Shoot on sight, but be prepared to dodge the globs it releases when it dies. Taking cover behind walls or under ceilings or blocks can help.
SkeletonA reanimated skeleton that walks.3Meanders at a slow pace, durable.Shoot on sight. May take a few shots more to kill than slimes.
SpiderA black arachnid with red markings. Usually found on ceilings.2Drops from the ceiling and then jumps across the floor in intervals. Hard to see at first.Check the ceiling from time to time. Wait for it to drop from the ceiling and then shoot it. Avoid it when it jumps.
WatcherAn evil eyeball creature with small legs.2Stays in place, shoots at the player when the player comes into their line of sight.Get in its line of sight and get it to shoot. Dodge the projectile and then fire back at it.

World 1 Walkthrough

World 1 takes place in a dark castle. It’s infested with slimes, bats, and the living dead. Let’s not forget the stench of acid that permeates the air wherever you go. Will you bring this garrison of ghouls to ruin or will you be reduced to nothing but bone? Read on and you’ll survive!

Let’s have some fun, here comes Level 1!

Level 1

Level 1 is the Tutorial!

Mentioned above, Fireball Wizard is tough to play without a tangible controller. If you don’t have a controller, unfortunately, you’ll be stuck having to play with your fingers in a claw position. This is what it’d look like:

fireball wizard controls

Regardless, this section of the game will explain what each button does so you don’t get lost.

fireball wizard direction buttons

The direction buttons are on the left side of the screen. These allow your wizard to move left and right.

fireball wizard acid pit

Moving towards the right, you should see a pit of acid which the nearby NPC (non-player character) will direct you to jump over.  You can do this by pressing the Jump button which looks like an arrow pointing upward.

fireball wizard wide acid pit

Going up a very short flight of stairs, you should see a wider acid pit which the next NPC will tell you to jump over. This time, they’ll tell you to Double Jump which can be performed by pressing the Jump button twice in succession. Doing this in longer intervals will result in farther jumps.

fireball wizard green slime

After crossing the large acid pit, you’ll come across your first enemy: a Green Slime. As we’ve mentioned its behavior above, it won’t do much unless you touch it. You may shoot it repeatedly by pressing the Fire button which looks like a reticle.

fireball wizard wand upgrade

You should see a small entrance and a space you can squeeze through after destroying the treasure chest that blocks it. After the treasure chest is destroyed, you will be showered with Wizardonia’s currency, Rings. The NPC ahead of the treasure chest will tell you that you can upgrade your wand at the Wand Shop. Don’t forget to spend your hard-earned Rings there! Kill off the Green Slime in your path and proceed right.

fireball wizard another green slime

After killing the Green Slime behind the NPC, you should find another Green Slime on a lowered portion of the floor, accompanied by your first tricky enemy: the Bat. Time your shots right so you can kill the Bat off, and we highly recommend you deal with it before the Green Slime. The Green Slime won’t be going anywhere. Continue onward.

fireball wizard large red wall

You should now see a large red wall. A wall like this does you no harm, but it can be destroyed. The NPC will tell you that you can charge up your wand’s energy by holding down the Fire button. Releasing it will shoot a bigger, more powerful magic bolt that will destroy the wall.

fireball wizard small pit

If you keep going forward, you should fall into a small pit where an older NPC stays. The older NPC will tell you that each level has a secret. Finding such secrets will earn you a lot of Rings. Jump up the staircase to the right after claiming your spoils.

fireball wizard ice spell

Stop by the next NPC and do as he says, otherwise walking into a flaming wall like that will instantly kill you. Cast an Ice Spell by pressing the Spell button on the upper right of the Jump button. This spell can be cast any time, provided that your wizard’s mana is full. Each time the spell is cast, time will stop briefly before resuming, causing the bolts to freeze enemies as well as any burning block on screen. It can also be used to freeze enemies and turn them into temporary platforms. Beware that once the enemies thaw, they become hostile once again. Proceed past the fiery wall.

fireball wizard level 1 end

Congratulations! You have reached the end of Level 1. Proceed to the door at the end and press the Action button which will appear to the left of the Fire button to enter said door. You’ll then be brought to the Level Select Area.

fireball wizard level select area

An NPC at the Level Select Area should tell you that gold-plated numbers mean that the level’s secret has been discovered. You may return to Level 1 any time you wish if you’d like to review the controls.

A winner is you , so let’s go to Level 2!

Level 2

fireball wizard ghost

Upon entering, you should see a Ghost hovering directly above you. It will go in one direction before returning to its original position to repeat its patrol route. Proceed right, but beware the Spider that will drop from the ceiling as soon as you walk past it.

fireball wizard the watcher

After getting past the Spider, you should see a Green Slime on a raised platform, and below a tricky enemy: the Watcher. Getting in its line of sight will cause it to fire, so dodge its bullet and fire back to dispatch it. Behind the Watcher should be a red wall. Destroy it with a charged magic bolt. Proceed.

fireball wizard spider block

You’ll be greeted by a spiked block that moves vertically. Nothing can be done about it except for avoiding it entirely (naturally, colliding with this block will immediately kill you). You may also opt to drop down the precipice you’re on, but there is a Green Slime waiting to hurt you at the bottom. Instead, wait for the spiked block to lower, and jump over it. You may handle the Green Slime at the bottom at your discretion. Go right when you are through with this area.

fireball wizard large acid pit

At the top of the stairs across the spiked block, you should see a large acid pit with small floating platforms atop it. On the first platform is a Green Slime. When you have ample ground, kill it off and continue right onto the next platform. Beware the Bat that flies at you from the ceiling. On the second, smaller platform, carefully shoot and kill the Red Slime and prepare to dodge its molten globs when it dies.

fireball wizard floating platforms

Once the Red Slime has been killed, jump on its platform, and you’ll be greeted by another Bat. Kill it and jump onto the third platform whilst killing the Green Slime on it. Be careful jumping the gaps of this part of the acid pit, however, globs of acid shoot up periodically and may hurt you on contact.

fireball wizard green slime

The acid pit should end at a stairway with a Green Slime at the step next to the top. On the right are more floating platforms. Avoid the Ghost and go on any platform or down the stairs, but take out the Green Slimes as you go since there will be a lot of them. If you climb the platforms, you’ll find that near the center of the top of the platforms is a treasure chest. Proceed up the flight of stairs to the right.

fireball wizard exit

The exit should be there, but instead of immediately going to the exit, go through the wall to the right of it and you should find another secret! Loot the treasure chest and finish the level as you please.

More treasure, we guarantee. Now, onto Level 3!

Level 3

fireball wizard flaming wall

You will be greeted by a flaming wall. Cast an Ice Spell as soon as you enter the level to banish it. Proceed up the staircase to the right, but beware the nearby acid pit that shoots two globs of acid.

fireball wizard large area

After descending the second staircase across the pit, you’ll find a large area. Be careful here, the Dark Wizard will summon a pair of Green Slimes to accost you. Dispatch them and move up the next staircase to the right.

fireball wizard the watcher

You’ll then find yourself facing a group of 6 glob-shooting acid pits with 5 platforms separating them. On the 5th platform is a Watcher and at the very end is a flaming wall. Kill the Watcher first and then cast the Ice Spell as soon as the flaming wall comes into view. You can then make your way to safety by timing your jumps carefully with the globs. Proceed rightward.

fireball wizard bat

At the platform across the 6 acid pits, you’ll be ambushed by a Bat coming up from below. Wait for it to rise and then shoot it until it’s dead. Fall down the shaft. There, you’ll be attacked by more Bats at a staircase. Be careful, they can be very hard to hit. Descend the staircase.

fireball wizard skeleton

At the bottom of the staircase, you should encounter a small Skeleton squad. You might even notice that one of them walks through the staircase. You know what this means: another staircase! Walk through the last step of the staircase and you should find it. Loot the chests and be on your way.

fireball wizard attack

Continuing rightward, you should be attacked by another Bat whilst trying to pilfer the treasure chest in the middle of the room. The Bats here have the advantage, so if you need higher ground, ascend the staircase all the way to the left and shoot them from there. Go to the right and you’ll find another, taller staircase.

fireball wizard dangerous staircase

The rightmost staircase is possibly the most dangerous one since you’ll be assailed by a pair of Watchers as you climb; the Watchers are on their own small platforms and will fire at you when you reach the step they align with. To complicate matters, one last Bat will descend from the top of the staircase. You may lure it to the bottom of the stairs so you wouldn’t have to contend with it amidst Watcher bullets. Proceed to the exit when you’re finished.

After you’ve gone out the door, get going to Level 4!

Level 4

fireball wizard charging up the wand

Charge up your wand and fire a bolt through the red wall to bust it open.

fireball wizard open area

Then proceed immediately to the left of the entrance to find yourself another secret! After looting the chest inside, proceed to the open area to the right.

fireball wizard three bats and a green slime

Be careful; the Dark Wizard will return and this time, he will summon 3 Bats and a Green Slime. Try not to get swarmed! Proceed to the right after the tussle.

fireball wizard bats

You should find yourself atop another precipice whilst being attacked by a duo of Bats. Next to the precipice is what looks like a conveyor belt of platforms that rotate in a pattern. Stand on one until it descends to the right. Just don’t fall off from the platforms—there is a massive acid pit below!

fireball wizard a green slime and skeletons

At the bottom platform next to the rotating ones, you should encounter a Green Slime and a pair of Skeletons. At the end of this platform is a red wall; destroy it with a charged shot. Descend the staircase, but beware the Bat.

fireball wizard spider on the ceiling

After looting the chest on the third step, kill the Green Slime pair and destroy the red wall with a charged shot. There is a Spider on the ceiling, however, and two Bats waiting to accost you on the other side of the wall, so proceed with caution. Descend the steps after.

fireball wizard three green slimes

You should find a trio of Green Slimes next to a ledge that has a large acid pit next to it. Hop up the ledge.

fireball wizard jumping over the acid pit

This acid pit spits globs, so time your jumps across the tiny platforms once again. The floating platforms are particularly dangerous, however, do not linger on them for too long. They will constantly flash for a few seconds and then drop into the acid pit, taking you along with them! Keep jumping until you reach the end of the acid pit.

fireball wizard flaming wall

Towards the end, you should see a flaming wall just right after one last unstable platform. Cast an ice spell to disable the flaming wall and make your exit.

Now, isn’t it great to feel alive? Look out, it’s Level 5!

Level 5

fireball wizard treasure chest

Immediately to your right is a staircase. Ascend it. A few steps up and you should see a treasure chest on a high platform nearby. Go on ahead and destroy that.

fireball wizard green slimes

When you’re nearly at the top, you should see a pair of Green Slimes and an acid pit to the right, and at the very top is another treasure chest at the end of a very narrow hallway. We’ll get to that soon. Just keep that other treasure chest in mind for now. Kill the Slimes off and proceed toward the acid pit.

fireball wizard unstable platforms

The acid pit will be bridged by unstable platforms. Hop across them for safety and you should find a burning wall directly above you right next to a flight of stairs. Cast the Ice Spell and make your way up the steps.

fireball wizard loot

Move toward the wall at the top of the stairs to find another secret! Loot the chest inside. Conversely, you can keep going right down a very long hallway and find a small room with a W in it and another treasure chest in it. Just be careful of the Spider directly above the treasure chest! Once you’re done, proceed left to where the burning wall was. You should now find yourself at the entrance of the long hallway with the treasure chest at the very end of it.

fireball wizard mimic

Do not approach this treasure chest without firing at it from a distance; it’s a Mimic that will attack you if you get close enough. Instead, fire as you approach or charge up a magic bolt for maximum damage. However, it should still drop a lot of coins on its death. Make your way up the small ledge and you’ll be at a long acid pit above.

fireball wizard blocks

There’s something peculiar about the blocks that bridge across this acid pit—they vanish and reappear in intervals. Do not fret, this isn’t a test of agility and timing; these blocks, for lack of a better name, are phantom blocks. They are always present, they just vanish from sight. The bigger dangers here are the spiked blocks that hover vertically, however. Jump over these spiked blocks whenever they float low, and drop down at a phantom block when the spiked blocks rise high. Repeat this until you reach the very end of the acid pit. The exit should be there.

Don’t get caught up in a mix, coming fast is the tricky Level 6!

Level 6

fireball wizard floating platforms

There’s an acid pit to the right, so watch your step! Thankfully, there are some floating platforms that go through the stable platforms across the acid pit. Dispatch of the first Green Slime you see and make your way across.

fireball wizard spiked cube

You’ll soon see that across the next gap is a spiked cube. Be careful when it gets in your way. If you time it right, the Bat may attempt to fly at you but it might just fly right into the spiked block, killing it instantly.

fireball wizard large staircase

There should be a large staircase after the acid pits. Ascend it and kill the Green Slime along the way.

fireball wizard flaming wall

At the very top, there will be a flaming wall. Cast the Ice Spell to disarm it, but beware the Bat that lurks behind it. It will get frozen, but will pursue you when it thaws. On the other side of the burning wall are a couple of phantom blocks that are arranged in a vertical, alternating pattern. Carefully descend the phantom blocks.

fireball wizard red slime

As you descend the phantom blocks, you should find yourself above another pit of acid that spews globs next to a pair of platforms with a Red Slime on each one and a spiked block that hovers separates them. Beware the Bat that will fly down from the ceiling. Kill off the Red Slimes and take refuge under the phantom blocks if you have to. Proceed past this area.

fireball wizard watchers

After avoiding the spiked block, tread with caution. The floating platforms will rise along a stairway with some Watchers on it. They will shoot at you when you pass by, so dodge their shots. Killing them off is rather risky, especially in a situation like this. Ascend the platforms for safety.

fireball wizard slimes

You should now be attempting to cross a trio of platforms with Green Slimes on each one. If you drop down, there is a Red Slime on a platform below guarding a treasure chest. You may loot this one at your discretion but do not drop down from between the 2nd and 3rd platforms since there is a floating spiked block there. If you’ve looted the chest and would like to go back up, there are a few phantom blocks to the right. Just don’t drop from there or you’ll meet an acidic end!

fireball wizard bat attack

Otherwise, to the right of the Green Slime platforms should be a Bat waiting to attack you. Descend the platforms and beware the other Watchers that will take aim from the staircase. You should be able to reach the exit soon. Don’t linger too long on the platforms since they descend into the acid pit below.

fireball wizard double jump

When you’re on the exit platform, double jump against the wall on the right and you should find yourself in another secret! Loot the chest and then head for the door.

Punishment in this game is far from heaven, time to let loose in Level 7!

Level 7

fireball wizard massive red wall

As soon as you enter the level you’ll be greeted by a massive red wall. Charge up that magic bolt and destroy it.

fireball wizard small platform with a spiked block

You should find yourself attempting to cross a small platform with a spiked block nearby and a Red Slime waiting to explode on its death. We recommend killing off the Red Slime as soon as the spiked block is either level with you or slightly above you so the molten globs don’t touch you. Jump across the platforms until you’re right before the 2nd spiked block.

fireball wizard unstable platforms

Below, you should see some unstable platforms over a vat of acid. Be prepared to make this a quick one since you’ll have to kill yourself to get those platforms to reset should you make a mistake.

fireball wizard a pair of bats

At the platform at the end of the acid pit, you will be harassed by a pair of Bats. Since they will come at you in such short notice, taking them out could be slightly difficult. Descend the next unstable platforms right after. Just be careful of the spiked blocks.

fireball wizard phantom blocks

After dodging the spiked blocks, there should be a bridge of unstable platforms right on top of the acid pit. Quickly make your way across and hop up onto the phantom blocks to the right. These at least won’t collapse, but it’s the ghosts you should be careful of on your way to the top.

fireball wizard spiked blocks

When you’ve killed the Red Slime at the top platform, you should notice a set of swiveling spiked blocks. You can attempt to safely descend them via the unstable platforms slowly in order to get to the exit, but if you look to the right, you’ll see a treasure chest placed atop some phantom blocks to the right. You may loot this, but beware the nearby Watcher.

fireball wizard acid globs

Wait a minute, is the Watcher guarding something? Kill it and you can jump at the wall next to it. You should find the next secret here! Just don’t get yourself a face full of acid globs. Take the spoils and exit safely via the phantom block path that you just jumped across.

Keep up and pull your own weight. You’ll need to once you’re at Level 8!

Level 8

fireball wizard treasure

You’ll immediately see an L-shaped set of red blocks. But first, proceed left and jump against the left wall to find your next secret here! After taking the treasure, destroy the L-shaped set with a charged shot, but be careful of the Spider hanging from the ceiling. Drop down.

fireball wizard a maze of blocks

You will now find yourself in a maze of phantom blocks and red blocks. On top of some of the phantom blocks are Watchers, but dropping onto any of the red blocks should keep you safe from their bullets. Dispatch them on your own accord, and destroy any of the red blocks that stick out to break the platforms. You will be doing this until you reach the very bottom of this maze.

fireball wizard army of slimes

A small army of Slimes will await you at the bottom. Stay on the left-most part of the red block platform and charge up your magic bolt. Fire when there’s an opening for you to drop safely. Once you’re down there, annihilate the Slimes. You should be somewhat protected by the Red Slimes’ globs since there are phantom blocks directly above you. Proceed right after your rampage.

fireball wizard flaming wall

There will be a flaming wall that you need to put out with an Ice Spell. Right behind it is an acid pit that spews globs between some unstable platforms. Traverse this area with utmost caution.

fireball wizard spiked blocks

Soon after, you will find a set of spiked blocks that ascend and descend all at once. Make your way leftward and time your movement to pass under these. There should be a total of 6 spiked blocks all in all, 3 each in 2 groups. Keep going left until you find a small stairway.

fireball wizard blocks and pillars

Now, you’ll be ascending and descending a maze of spiked blocks and pillars. Make your way upward first, then downward, upward again, and downward again. Repeat this moving rightward while avoiding the swiveling spiked blocks. Be careful not to get crushed; this part is particularly tricky!

fireball wizard casting ice spell

When you get to the bottom of the last shaft, cast your Ice Spell to diffuse the burning wall and kill off the Bat and the Green Slime guarding the exit.

You’re getting good, this should be a sign! But will you survive Level 9?

Level 9

fireball wizard disabling the burning wall

This part of World 1 is a parkour stage, so be prepared to jump and dodge obstacles a lot. Make your way to the very edge of the acid pit and cast an Ice Spell to disable the burning wall across the pit. If that doesn’t work, quickly do this while on one of the unstable platforms. Just don’t forget to jump across after.

fireball wizard a stream of acid globs

You should now see a stream of revolving acid globs that rotate in a four-spoked wheel. On the upper left of this wheel of death is a treasure chest situated atop a phantom block. Loot this if you feel like it. Otherwise, drop down from the platform and run across the unstable platform bridge below. Climb the stairs while avoiding any of the acid glob spokes and make your way to the top.

fireball wizard skeletons and green slimes

Move rightward through the second to the last step of the staircase to find your next secret. After that, proceed up the stairs. This break in the platforming segment would have Skeletons and Green Slimes waiting for you. Kill them and keep going.

fireball wizard acid globs

You should now find yet another wheel of acid globs along with a room lined with phantom blocks. Make your way through the blocks and climb them while keeping away from the acid. Once you’ve reached the top of the middle of the room, you should see another treasure chest on the upper left part of the first acid wheel. Loot this one if you like but proceed rightward to the next acid wheel.

fireball wizard acid wheel

Just like the first acid wheel, this one also has a treasure chest on the very top. Either way, proceed downward this time, and cast an Ice Spell to disable the flaming wall nearby. Carry on rightward, and you should see the exit. Don’t forget to kill the Mimic by the door before you leave!

fireball wizard mimic

The unprepared die again and again. The boss awaits your challenge in Level 10!

Level 10 (Boss)

This is your first boss. We have no official name for it, so let’s call it the Dullahan since it’s similar to most incarnations of the fabled headless knight creature of Celtic folklore (apart from the plate armor, of course).

fireball wizard level 10 boss fight

The Dullahan has a simple yet effective attack pattern. It will slice its sword downward and create an energy wave that will slash you asunder if it hits you. Jumping over this attack can easily keep you from getting hit by it.

fireball wizard energy waves

When you manage to get its HP down by 50% its head will detach from its neck and float towards you while dropping unholy energy bolts downward, making it a little bit more difficult to dodge the energy waves.

The strategy here is to first whittle its HP down while jumping over the energy waves.  You may use charged shots or barrage it with your bolts. When its head gets detached, lure the head away first while dodging the energy waves. Once you see a window and have a wide enough gap between the head and the body, you’ll get to barrage it some more until it dies. If the head gets too close to the body, run away and have it chase you again until you have another wide gap for your next attack. Repeat this technique and it should be dead.

fireball wizard world 1 victory

As soon as you defeat it, an NPC will grant you a new spell but don’t cast it yet! Cross the yellow blocks and you’ll find a room with 3 chests in it. This will be your final secret for World 1. After this, cast the new spell to break the yellow blocks and be on your way.

This concludes the walkthrough for World 1. The rest of the game can be purchased, but you may also attempt to explore the game as a whole via speedrun mode which we will tackle later in this guide.

In the meantime, how about a few tricks of the trade so you can best the levels much easier?

Fireball Wizard Tips and Tricks

Being a platformer deeply inspired by the difficult games of old, Fireball Wizard is not without its nuances and techniques. These 3 simple tips should be enough for you to guarantee your success in the game.

1. Look Before You Leap

fireball wizard look before you leap
That’s a lotta acid.

We believe this is the most important rule of all.

To look before you leap means to prevent an untimely death for your wizard and a doomed Wizardonia for all. If you observe the ledges or the gaps of which you jump from, you should be able to stay alive for much longer.

You don’t need to rush through everything either. Taking your time in completing a level and studying it will give you enough foresight to what comes next and how you could deal with it. Regardless, this is most important in levels you’re unfamiliar with.

Speaking of unfamiliar levels, you should explore levels to their fullest, especially if you’d like to find all their secrets. This is exactly how this guide was made!

2. Explore Levels, Even if it Means Death

fireball wizard exploring levels
Narrowly escaping a painful demise!

With each level opening up a new, different challenge, it’s safe to say that one should explore the level fully in order to know what they need to expect.

To simply put, whenever you arrive at any new level, be sure to take your time in exploring every part of it. This is how you find the best ways to clear each level with minimal damage or death. Then again, death is all part of the experience here since it properly gears you up with knowledge of what will kill you and what could be deadly if you aren’t careful. Take for instance, certain parts of rooms with a lot of enemies in them could be extremely dangerous when there are a lot of them roaming around at once.

If you’re going to look for secrets yourself, don’t be afraid to jump at walls that may or may not have anything that kills you below. This means acid pits, spike traps, or anything similar are most likely to be below most pits, but this could also mean that some of these pits hide secrets that are waiting for you to find. Take those leaps of faith and don’t be afraid to try again if you fail.

Regardless, if you wish to grind for more Rings, you may always repeat levels and kill off Mimics wherever you find them since they drop the equivalent of what chests normally drop. Each level will never run out of Rings, so this is a great idea for anyone playing this game. This will also help you get the next best wand at the wand shop.

When it comes to facing the enemy, there is one very important skill you need to master and it’s only doable if you aren’t playing using the vanilla touch screen controls.

3. Keep Your Wand Charged

fireball wizard charging the wand
A certain blue bomber approves somewhere in another dimension…

Holding down the fire button will charge your wand and release a powerful magic bolt, correct? What if we told you that you can hold this down and charge it indefinitely, readying it for whenever the enemy comes near?

That’s right, you can hold the fire button down and move around as much as you’d like. You can even jump while it’s being held down. That said, this skill is quite important whenever you traverse any part of Wizardonia. The reason behind it is that when you encounter a group of enemies, the charged magic bolt may kill multiple enemies at once. This is especially handy if you’re trying to kill off a line of Slimes since they would often die after being shot with this.

Other enemies that would take great deals of damage from your charged magic shots would be Bats and Spiders. Though, this also greatly depends on the level of the wand you have, so like we mentioned earlier in this guide, upgrade your wand when you have the Rings for it.

If the game still isn’t that challenging for you, you may opt to practice in the other game modes it has to offer. While they’re mini games mostly, they are also created to train your reflexes and reaction time.

Other Game Modes

fireball wizard game modes
This looks like fun!

When you find yourself in the Arcade of Wizardonia, which can be found in a building that has the GinTronic logo, there are 3 arcade machines that will allow you to try 3 different mini games built into Fireball Wizard. Entering any of these will only cost 1 Ring per try, per machine, and the best part is that each mini game lets you keep the Rings you earn from them. Here’s a brief overview of each of these games:

Flappy Wizard

fireball wizard flappy wizard
This is extremely addictive!

Very inspired by Flappy Bird. If you’ve got skills from playing Flappy Bird long ago, you’ll be right at home here. The objective is simple: you must keep the wizard from colliding into anything or falling into the void by tapping the screen. Tapping it at just the right amount will keep them airborne. Tapping repeatedly would make them ascend and tapping much slowly will make them descend. Not tapping at all will cause them to plummet. Fail to keep the wizard airborne and you’ll have lost. Care to give it a shot?

Speed Run Mode

fireball wizard speed run mode
Can you beat the game completely in the shortest time possible?

This mode allows you to play through all the levels of Fireball Wizard, even beyond the ones we’ve listed here. There are a few conditions that are different from the main game, however: you have more than just 3 lives and these get replenished each time you complete a level, and if you die even once, you will have to start from the very beginning of the game.

This is a great mode to explore, especially if you’re considering buying the game itself. Just beware that your death will always carry you back to the beginning no matter how far you are in this mode!

Phantom Block Maze

fireball wizard phantom block maze
This mode is sure to play tricks on you!

This mini game is possibly the most challenging. You’ll have to bring your wizard through a maze of phantom blocks while running away from a wall of spikes. Certain pitfalls in this maze could end your run prematurely, but otherwise it takes a lot of skill to last long enough. There are Rings that you can still gather along the way, so this should inspire you enough to try your best.

In summary, Fireball Wizard is a simple game. If you’d like to succeed, it’d be best if you always kept in mind what you’ve learned from reading this article:

  • Always pay attention to your surroundings. Otherwise, you’ll never know if there’s a Spider lurking on the ceiling or a Bat about to fly in and hurt you.
  • Never trust a treasure chest. Shoot now, ask questions later, and take your loot!
  • Time your jumps. This is especially important if there are traps, Watchers, Ghosts, or acid globs about. Being reckless with your jumps could hurt or kill your wizard.
  • Be cautious of your enemies. Some of them have a last ditch effort to hurt you when they die; especially Red Slimes!
  • Do not be discouraged by death. Death only offers you the chance to be wiser with your moves when you attempt the level again!
  • Keep your wand charged at all times. A readied charge could quickly dispatch immediate threats within your wizard’s vicinity.
  • Try out different modes. These modes could help you improve your reaction time!
  • Upgrade your wand by visiting the wand shop. A better wand means enemies killed more quickly.

This wraps up our mini walkthrough and beginner’s guide for Fireball Wizard. Remember, it’s only you who can save Wizardonia and you don’t have a moment to spare. Wield your magic true and smite evil hard enough for it to go back to whence it came!

Are you a wise and powerful wizard yourself, have you pushed back your fair share of ghouls and demons? Do you have the full Fireball Wizard game and have tips for later levels? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!