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Final Shift Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Unlock All Space Ships

How fast can you weave in and out of traffic? Test your skills in this fast-paced endless runner game for iOS from Umbrella Games. Final Shift lets you control an arrow-shaped ship as it speeds along an endless road filled with obstacles. Your goal is to get as far as you can without hitting any of the obstacles. You will need to swerve from lane to lane in order to avoid the block that will be in your way. The pressure builds up as the lanes change in shape and the obstacles get complicated. Keep your ship safe by relying on our list of Final Shift tips, tricks and cheats!

1. Split-Second Reaction Times

The game will start off nice and easy as it introduces you to the mechanics of the game. Do not relax because the pace will change quickly and you will soon have hurdle after hurdle whizzing by. You will need to stay alert in order to react in a fraction of a second. Hesitating for even a bit can lead to your ship hitting a block and your run ending in flames.

2. Stay On Your Lane

There is no need to randomly switch lanes if there are no obstacles coming up. It would be best if you could just stay still somewhere in the middle of the lanes so that you can quickly switch to either side when needed. If you move around too much you might end up in a bad position and not be able to react fast enough to avoid an obstacle. There will also be times when the entire road will be blocked by obstacles except for one lane on the far side. If you were restless and accidentally put your ship on the other end, you might not be able to reach the safe lane on time.

3. Keep Your Eyes On The Road

You will have less time to rest as you progress further in the game but you will need to stay focused if you want to succeed. The obstacles can get very tricky later on in the game. Aside from the regular blocks that you need to just go around of, there will be blocks that seemingly look innocent but will suddenly move towards you at the last second. There are also pitfalls that appear out of nowhere. Keep your eyes peeled as you will need to spot these tricky obstacles as soon as you can if you want to have any hopes of avoiding them.

4. Getting A Paint Job

As you play on in the game, you will encounter sprays that will change the color of your ship. While you might think it’s adorable, it also plays an important role in the game. You will be encountering blocks of different colors and you will only be able to pass if your ship has the same color as the block. Trying to pass while in a different color will get your ship smashed into smithereens.

5. Collecting And Spending Diamonds

Diamonds are found all over the game and you can collect them in order to unlock other ships that you can use while playing. These diamonds will always randomly spawn for as long as you are playing so you don’t need to prioritize getting them if it is too difficult. Do not jeopardize your run just to get a diamond. Another one will pop up down the road.

Shift between lanes as fast as you can to be able to keep going forward in Final Shift! Keep the things you learned from our strategy guide in mind if you want to succeed!