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100 Balls (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Catch More Balls

There was a time when cups and a bunch of bouncy balls were all you need to have hours of fun. Well, with this latest arcade title from EpiCoro Games for iOS and Android, you can still have those times. The game 100 Balls is simple yet addictive with its very basic concept of catching balls in cups. All you need to do is to tap on the screen to make balls drop from a hatch. The goal is to make sure all those balls fall into the cup below. It may sound easy but you will soon find that a hundred lives would not be enough to conquer all the stages of this game. You will need the help of our 100 Balls tips and tricks to make sure you catch every ball.

1. Prioritize Colored Multipliers

The basic mechanics of the game is pretty straightforward. You need to drop the balls from the hatch and make them land in any of the cups that are passing below. If the balls miss the cup and fall off, you lose corresponding number of balls from your 100 balls. The 100 balls essentially are your lives and if you run out, the game is over. Now things get interesting when you factor in the colored multipliers. You will notice colored cups that have multiplier markers on them. If you land same-colored balls into those cups, then your points will be multiplied by the number indicated on the cup.

2. Haste Makes Waste

There is no time limit in this game so there is no point in rushing unless you are determined to lose all your balls quickly. The important thing is to time your taps correctly. If you miss a cup, patiently wait for the next opportunity instead of desperately releasing the balls in hopes that some of them will still make it. You would also want to wait for cups that have better multipliers so take as much time as you need.

3. Finishing In Style

Aiming for more points can be difficult when you still have a lot of balls to drop because you don’t have any control on the color of the balls. It gets a lot easier when you only have a few balls left because you will be able to see what color the remaining balls are. Once you know what color you still have, all you need to do is to patiently wait for the correct cup to pass along and drop everything there.

4. Playing Against Others

There are a couple of options for you to be able to play against other players. One way is to play against players who are online. The second option is to play through an inverted screen. This will allow you to play against a friend at any time. If you feel like taking on a bit more challenge, you can also aim for the leader boards. The ultimate competition is to get the highest scores in the world.

Get addicted to catching balls when you play 100 Balls! Catch all those balls by following the tips and tricks above!