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Bethesda Pinball Cheats, Tips & Tricks to Get a High Score

Old-school pinball gets a modern game twist in Zen Studio’s latest arcade game for Android and iOS. Bethesda Pinball combines the mechanics of the classic game with themes from Doom, Fallout, and Elder Scrolls. Spend hours flicking and nudging on the virtual table as you progress through the story of the popular MMO games. Old meets new have never been this much fun! Get ready to test your skill in single and multiplayer modes. Before you take on this challenge, you should first check out our Bethesda Pinball tips and tricks to help you get that top score!

1. How To Play Pinball

As mentioned above, the core of this game is based off the classic pinball game. You will need to flick, nudge, and tilt in order to guide a metal ball through a table maze, gathering points as you hit targets. An added twist is that you will also need to meet certain objectives in each run. You also have the option to play against other players wherein you will need to score higher than the opponent to be able to win the competition.

2. Getting More Coins

Coins can be used when playing single player games. You will need to play multiplayer games, however, in order to earn them. You may choose to play against your friends or other players online. Getting a higher score than your opponent will give you gold rewards. You can double these rewards by watching an advertisement at the end of each game. Playing single player games do not earn coins but instead give you experience points that will level up your character.

A good thing about challenging other players is that you can choose who to go up against. This is important because some players are worth more gold rewards than others. Look for players who have low target scores but have high gold rewards. If you meet their target score and you still have time to spare, you should continue playing because any additional points thereafter will add to your reward.

3. Nudge In The Right Direction

A lot of novice pinball players are clueless when it comes to the importance of nudging in the game. Either they do not use the nudge at all or they just randomly spam it hoping something will happen. The thing to keep in mind is that pinball is not originally a digital game. As a physical game, nudging the entire table affected the momentum of the ball inside the machine. The same concept applies in this game. Nudge when the ball is in danger of falling too close to the middle part, or if you want it to fall in a certain direction. Spamming it will not help in any way unless you are very lucky. You will need to time it right in order to get any use out of it.

4. Choosing A Faction

One of the unique elements in this game is the faction system. When you start playing, you will be asked to choose a faction. You will receive different bonuses depending on the faction you choose. A good strategy if you want to be able to pick up more chests is to join the thieving faction at the beginning of the game. Check out each of the factions and see which one suits you best.

5. Mastering The Different Tables

There are a number of tables that you can play in this game. Some of them will ask you to choose the level of difficulty. The higher the difficulty level, the more rewards you get. Master the different tables in the game in order to maximize the rewards that you will earn. Being good at playing in more than one table also helps keep things interesting since you won’t be stuck playing the same table over and over. There are also a variety of power ups in each table that can help you play longer. Keep these in mind when learning how to play a table.

6. Complete Multiple Missions

It might come to the point that you will feel a bit overwhelmed by the game because of all that things that are going on. The important thing to do is to keep your cool. There will be a lot of minor missions in the game and you will sometimes overlook them by mistake. Just keep an eye out on the ticker and try to complete missions whenever you can.

7. Get Bonuses From Tricky Shots

Once you are better at controlling the ball, you might want to try to hit some of the tricky areas of the table. Hitting areas that are difficult to reach will give you better rewards such as more coins and additional item drops. You can even disable your opponent, improve your health, or explore caves if you hit these secret areas.

8. Ignore The Distractions

All pinball games are full of blinking bright lights, colourful displays, and funky sounds. While the tables in this game have a darker theme due to the games the tables were based on, the element of distraction is still there. There will be a lot going on in each table that will try to take your focus away from the game. Learn how to ignore these distractions because it only takes a split second of distraction for the ball to slip through your grasp.

It’s time to hit the tables and get the top score! Simply follow the Bethesda Pinball tips and tricks we gave you and you’ll be raking in the gold coins in no time!