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Farm Town Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Expand Your Farm

Anyone who’s lived in the city can generally agree that its fast-paced lifestyle can be exhausting. There’s the usual 9-to-5 schedule, the seemingly endless traffic, the pile of bills that need to be paid, and the short weekends one would rather spend sleeping. It’s the perfect recipe for burnout if there’s any. Wouldn’t it be nice to live in the countryside where life appears slower and more idyllic?

This is exactly what June did when she decided that she had had enough of the metro and traveled to her Granny May’s farm.

In Farm Town – Family Farming Day, you follow June to the countryside as she takes a breather from the big city to spend her days at her grandma’s farm. Here, you’re treated to the quiet charm of rural living and meet some of the townsfolk who’ll be there to teach you some of the basics of farming, as well as help you grow Granny May’s humble farm.

farm town tips
If only we could leave the big city to go to Farm Town, too!

Released in 2013 by Foranj Games, Farm Town – Family Farming Day plays similarly to other farming games like Homesteads, but it has its own unique mechanics that set it apart from other games of the same genre. The gameplay itself is quite simple: you sow seeds, harvest crops, and use buildings to turn them into food items, clothing, accessories, and the like.

You also get to work with various animals like cows, chickens, sheep, even peacocks, which produce certain items that you need to complete orders. One thing that’s rather unique to Farm Town is that you can even fish in this huge pond and collect flowers from bushes that randomly spring up in certain parts of your farm.

If you happen to pick up this game, you’ll know that it’s simultaneously casual but also challenging. But don’t worry because our beginner’s guide for Farm Town will let you in on tips and tricks that can help you complete orders, gain rewards, and expand the farm into a thriving and beautiful landscape that will make June’s trip—and yours!—well worth it!

Maximize All Buildings and Animals

Like many farming games, Farm Town begins with a set of garden beds where you can harvest crops after sowing seeds. Garden beds are considered buildings. Depending on your level, you can only place a limited number of buildings on your farm. This also applies to buildings that house animals, such as the chicken coop, cowshed, beehive, peacock house, and many more. Each animal-related building will let you house a maximum of 5 individual animals. Other buildings are intended for production, such as the bakery, dairy, sugar processor, corn oven, etc.

farm town building
What a clucking good time!

When a building is unlocked, make an effort to buy that specific building whenever possible. This is especially important for garden beds and animal houses as these form the foundation of items you will need to complete orders (more on order completion in a bit). Invest coins in purchasing more buildings and animals until you reach the maximum allowed number according to your current level.

Multiple buildings of the same kind also mean cutting down waiting times to produce items and crops since you can accomplish this simultaneously. However, keep in mind that the higher your level, the more coins it will cost to construct more advanced or duplicate buildings. Earn and save more coins (more on this later) so you can have as many buildings and animals as you can.

Buying more buildings also means that you’ll be able to produce more advanced items, which will eventually come up as orders you need to fulfill. Keep in mind that certain items may take more than just one “ingredient” to produce, which necessitates longer waiting times or more than just one process. Again, having the maximum number of buildings and animals on your farm will make this part of the game feel less grindy.

Expand Territories and Clear Obstacles

With more buildings comes the need to expand your farm’s territory. After all, you need an adequate amount of space to accommodate all your structures and garden beds. You will notice that there are patches of land cordoned off by brick walls. To expand your territory, you will need to click on a square of land close to your farm.

Unfortunately, you can’t just click on a random patch of land away from your farm. The game will only let you expand when the land you want to unlock is closest to your main available space. Expansion will cost a number of materials, as well as coins. If you don’t have the materials needed to expand, the game will offer you the option to gain these materials in exchange for rubies (more on currencies later).

After some waiting time, you will be able to expand to your chosen patch of land provided you have all the resources required. However, your job isn’t done yet. You will see that each patch of unlocked land will have some trees, bushes, or rocks that you need to clear out with the use of tools like shovels, pickaxes, and saws.

farm town territory
Yes, in Farm Town, we pick up dead tree branches using an ax.

At the beginning of the game, you will have at least 3 of each tool, except for the swiss knife, which is an all-around tool you can use for any obstacle.

Clearing obstacles will also gain you rewards. For instance, removing bushes will yield rope, which is a common resource needed to expand territories. Removing trees will yield wood. These materials will be useful for upgrading your silo so it can store more items, or for further expansion of your territory. Other tools needed to clear obstacles may be gained from free rewards or from completing orders.

It pays to be smart when expanding your territory, not only in terms of location but also when it comes to what you can gain from clearing obstacles. Many players might fall into the trap of randomly clicking any patch of land, but our recommendation is to first pick the closest land with bushes on them.

This is because you will typically need rope to further expand your territory. Wood and stones may be needed later, but we’ve found that rope is the most common requirement. Clear as many bushes as you can to collect more rope, then use these to expand your territory little by little.

farm town territory expansion
Someone must have been playing Tetris when they were making the expandable territories.

Moreover, check the size of the land you’ll be unlocking. Some patches of land appear to be longer or wider than others. Choose where to expand wisely. Of course, the bigger the size of the land, the more resources you have to cough up in exchange for it.

Group and Organize Your Buildings

Further to expanding your territory and acquiring more buildings, it’s a wise move to eventually relocate and group your buildings according to their function or the items they will yield. For instance, you may choose to open up a patch of land solely dedicated to your garden beds.

The good thing about Farm Town is that you can easily move buildings to where you want them to be, provided you have the space. All you need to do is long press on a building and move them to a space that’s available. The only structures that cannot be moved are the order board and Granny May’s house.

Now, some buildings take up more space than others so a bit of planning and rearranging is key to maximizing the space you have. Beginners may find this challenging given the limited territory of your town. However, there are still some adjustments you can do to make farming and collecting items easier. Here are a few recommendations we have when you want to organize your buildings:

farm town garden beds
  • Move your garden beds to a bigger or longer space, preferably one that isn’t near the pond. Initially, your garden beds will be situated close to the pond by default. The problem with this is that the edge of the pond is curved and garden beds are squares.

    Being close to the pond lessens your chances of laying out more garden beds so it’s best to relocate them to a space where you can continuously add more to the right side of the map, where land is available for expansion.
farm town trees and flowers
  • Have trees and flower bushes grouped in one or two squares of land. One square can be for trees while another square can be for flower bushes. Trees yield more fruit while flower bushes only yield about one flower.

    You can choose to spread them throughout the farm for aesthetic purposes, but grouping them together makes harvesting more efficient. Be sure to place them in spaces where you can expand on either side should you choose to buy more trees and bushes later on.
farm town building groups
  • Group buildings according to their function and production items if possible. For instance, place food-producing buildings like the sugar processor, roaster, dairy, corn oven, and bakery all together. On the other hand, buildings for making hats, weaving clothes, and creating jewelry can be placed at another side.
farm town food processor
  • Surround the food processor with animal-related buildings. The food processor makes feed that animals need to produce items like milk, eggs, wool, and the like. Having them close to each other will also make harvesting more efficient and organized.

Of course, all these suggestions will depend on your available space. You may rotate buildings to see what kind of layout will maximize open territories.

Complete Orders at the Farm and Around Town

The main goal in Farm Town is to complete orders requested by the townsfolk. Completing orders will let you gain experience points, which can unlock more buildings and items, as well as reward you with coins and materials.

In Farm Town, order requests come in three forms, namely:

farm town bonus
  • From orders pinned on the board. These are requests posted by various institutions in town, such as the school, cafe, bowling alley, etc. You can find the order board next to Granny May’s barn. The higher your level, the more order requests you will receive.

    When you have all the items needed to complete the order batch, you’ll notice that there will be a green check on the board. Click the car icon so that your vehicle can deliver this order to the appropriate customer. It will take a few seconds before you can claim your reward.
farm town order request
  • From people visiting the farm. Occasionally, you will find people hanging out at the farm with thought bubbles displaying a certain item. This also includes June and Granny May.

    If you click on the item displayed in the thought bubble, you will discover that fulfilling these orders will reward you with a certain amount of coins. If you have all the items requested by a specific character, simply drag them to the character so you can claim your reward.
farm town town
  • From random places around town. If you zoom out and scroll towards the town, you will see that there are crates with random items displayed on top of them. Consider these order requests as well. Some crates display the rewards you stand to gain when you fill the boxes with the required items displayed on top.

    For instance, in the image above, you will see that you can gain a pickaxe and two dynamites if you fill the boxes with peacock feathers, a peacock fan, and a pumpkin pie.

Be sure to regularly check the order board and places in town for order requests. Some order batches or requests may take more time to fulfill due to the nature of the items necessary to complete them. Our suggestion is to first complete orders that are simpler or take less time to produce. This way, you get to earn more coins and save them up for buildings that might still be unavailable. This will avoid delaying some orders.

farm town order board
Sorry, we’re out of stock for that order.

You may also refuse some orders on the order board by selecting a specific order batch and clicking the trash or delete button. The same applies to orders requested by townsfolk visiting your farm. You can do this by choosing the “Refuse” button. If you’ve refused or deleted an order, it will take some time before another request comes along, as seen in the image above.

We generally recommend completing all order requests as much as possible since there really isn’t a time limit for completion. However, there are certainly instances when you might have no choice but to do so. A case in point is when you are faced with order batches that have the same items for which you have no access to its respective production building yet.

It may be better to delete or refuse these orders in place of those that are easier to complete. Remember, though, that the replacement order will be chosen by the game at random so this is more of a judgment call on your part.

Invest Coins and Rubies Wisely

We’ve previously mentioned coins and rubies, which are the common types of currencies you’ll encounter in Farm Town. The game is a little more generous when it comes to earning coins as you can generally acquire them by completing orders and leveling up. Rubies, on the other hand, can be considered as premium currency because they’re much harder to earn. Though you can get both currencies as freebies from time to time (more on this later), spending both coins and rubies willy-nilly can work to your disadvantage.

To make sure that you aren’t wasting any of your currencies, here’s a quick rundown of what you should (and shouldn’t) invest your coins and rubies into:


DO invest in:

unlocking buildings in farm town
  • Unlocking more buildings and buying more animals.
buying items in farm town
  • Buying and requesting for items at the Fair (more on this in the next section).
farm town crops
  • Crops (every crop costs coins to be sowed, except for wheat, which is worth 0 coins).
farm town expansion
  • Territorial expansion. Aside from resources, you need to pay coins to expand your territory. The more territories you unlock, the higher the amount of coins you need to pay.

DON’t invest in:

farm town decor items
  • Decor items. Decor items are non-functional and will only take up unnecessary space in your farm. Once you’ve placed decor items, you have no way of reselling them or even placing them in your storage.


Rubies are a little trickier to invest in due to their nature as premium currency. The game is geared toward making sure that you will be tempted to spend rubies at every turn. Don’t fall into this trap!

DO invest in:

farm town extra slots
  • Extra slots in general. This can mean for the food processor building, for other production buildings, or for the Fair. By default, your food processor and production buildings begin with just two slots for feed and items. Buying extra slots with rubies means more items you can put on queue.

    If you decide to idle the game for a while, you’ll be able to return later with multiple items, thus completing orders more quickly. Keep in mind that the more slots you unlock, the higher the cost in rubies. As for the Fair, buying more slots for the Buy and Sell functions will open you up to more choices and more profit.
farm town building upgrades
  • Building upgrades—but only if you’re already close to gaining the needed experience to upgrade. Yes, buildings also gain experience and can be upgraded the more they are used. The advantage to upgrading buildings is that these upgrades can mean more items produced per slot, easier recipes, or faster production times depending on the building’s level. It’s different for every building but, generally, you can upgrade your building up to Level 5.

    You can definitely cut down the time you need to upgrade a building by paying rubies to buy experience points, but we don’t recommend paying the full price. Spend rubies only when you’re almost about to reach the experience cap for the next level.

    After all, you’ll eventually get to upgrade the building anyway. To complete the upgrade, you’d also have to spend resources like rope or wood. Exercising patience in this regard will be the wiser move.
farm town mine
  • Only one more missing item. Sometimes, to complete an upgrade, expansion, or order batch, you have that one missing item delaying your progress. If the game doesn’t give you the option to watch an ad to gain that one missing item, spending a few rubies won’t hurt.

    But—and that’s a big but!—only do so when you’re missing only ONE item. Specifically for completing order batches, try to pick an order that yields the most rewards, like a higher amount of coins, or one that gives you tickets for Granny May’s house renovation (more on this later).

DON’T invest in:

farm town speed up
  • Speedups! Farm Town is, of course, a farm game, but it’s also a waiting game. Spending rubies for speedups is just a temporary solution. Instead, you should generally invest in more slots to reduce your waiting time in terms of production. For everything else, be patient. If you’re planning to let the game idle, consider either planting crops that take the longest to harvest or alternating between these “slow” crops and “medium-speed” crops.

    Additionally, make sure all your production buildings are working to produce at least two items, preferably those that will complete orders soon. Don’t forget to make as much feed for your animals, too! Make sure your farm is working to its maximum capacity then take a breather so you can come back for harvesting, collection, and order completion later. If you’re not ready to leave the game yet, you can always go fishing or collect flowers from the bushes that spring up next to the pond. This will come in handy later.
farm town expansion 2
  • Multiple items for order completion, expansion, or upgrades. As we mentioned, spending rubies for one missing item is fine. But if you start spending for multiple items, you’re more likely to lose your rubies faster than you can say “wheat!” (Lame pun, we know.)

    It’s better to produce items in your buildings so they can gain more experience. When you complete orders this way, you can also gain the resources you need for expansion and building upgrades. In this case, not spending rubies can be considered a win-win scenario.
farm town bowling center
  • Items that you still have to unlock. This is specifically for order batches you need to complete. Occasionally, you will receive orders with items that you don’t have the production building for yet.

    It can be tempting to spend rubies just to get those items but a better, more long-term solution is to simply invest in the buildings that can produce those items. Save those rubies as well to unlock extra slots for that new building.
farm town resources
  • Tools to clear obstacles. Expanding territories can already be rather costly. The problem is that unlocking a new patch of land means you also have to clear it of obstacles. If you don’t have the tools, it’s better to just wait until you gain them from completing orders or leveling up.

    At this point, the land is already available for use anyway, you just need to make a little more space. Patience in this regard will go a long way. Besides, the game may let you acquire these tools for free (more on getting freebies later).

Buy and Sell at the Fair

farm town fair
All’s fair at the Fair.

In the early stages of the game, the Fair won’t be accessible yet so, as a beginner, you’ll be focused on completing orders to gain coins. This can be tough when the order batches include items that need new buildings.

Moreover, you might unwittingly cram your silo with items that you might not actually need. Unfortunately, the game won’t let you sell these items directly from your silo, unlike other titles like Homesteads.

However, once you unlock the Fair, which is located next to Granny May’s house, you’ll be able to sell surplus items from your silo, as well as buy items that you need. Similar to other buildings, you may increase the slots for buying and selling if you spend rubies.

Again, the more slots you unlock, the more succeeding slots will cost. Buying items will cost coins while selling them will gain you coins. More slots mean more items you can choose to buy and sell.

Because Farm Town is somewhat of a waiting game, the item selection for purchase will refresh after a few hours. The game will tell you when you’ll be able to choose new items to buy.

On the other hand, selling items may take around 10 minutes regardless of how many you’ve put up for sale. When selling items, be sure to fill up all your available slots to maximize the waiting time. Each slot will let you sell a maximum of 10 off the same item. For instance, you want to sell wheat. You can load 10 wheat crops in one slot. If you want to sell more, you need to click on another slot.

Aside from completing orders, selling items at the Fair is perhaps the fastest way you can gain coins. But what should you sell? We recommend selling these 3 items as much as you can:

selling goods in farm town
Those are some decent profits for virtually no capital at all.
  • Wheat: Out of all the crops you can sow and harvest, wheat is the only one that doesn’t cost any coins to plant. If you sell a maximum of 10 wheat crops in one slot at the Fair, you can gain 18 coins. That’s basically 18 free coins you’ve gained per 10 wheat crops. Wheat also takes only 30 seconds to harvest so selling as many wheat crops as you can at the Fair is a quick way to gain and save coins for virtually nothing.
  • Flowers: You will notice that there are flower bushes that will grow at random near the pond. These flower bushes are separate from the plant buildings you will have to buy eventually. If you click on these random flower bushes, you will gain a few flowers in your silo. Keep clicking these random flower bushes to collect free flowers, then sell them at the Fair. Loading a maximum of 10 flowers in one slot will gain you an easy 27 coins.
  • Fish: Similar to the random flower bushes, fish will also occasionally spring up on the pond. Clicking on these fish will get you some free fish meat. These are typically used to make food in the sushi shop. Keep collecting fish meat whenever there’s fish in the pond. Once you get a surplus of fish meat, selling 10 of them per slot at the fair will gain you as much as 54 coins.

Sell these three items at the Fair when you find yourself in need of more coins. Certainly, completing orders from the board will gain you a higher amount of coins, but the downside is that order completion may take much more time than selling surplus items at the Fair. Continuously selling the three items mentioned above may prove to be a faster way to earn coins if you manage to do it continuously.

buying goods in farm town
Wheat for 11 coins? That’s highway robbery!

On the other hand, buying items from the Fair is somewhat of a shortcut. For a handful of coins, you can instantly get items that you don’t have, skipping the waiting and production time. Whether that’s food, clothing, accessories, animal feed, or materials, you can get these at the Fair.

Of course, the items you can buy are chosen by the game at random, but the good news is that for 50 coins, you can request for one specific item you’d like to see more of in the next batch. For instance, if you need more French fries to complete multiple orders, you may request to see this particular item when the Fair refreshes its selection.

Freebies Are Always Welcome

farm town reward
Finally, a ruby without watching an ad!

As with most casual mobile games these days, Farm Town occasionally gives players the chance to win some freebies. Aside from offering rewards by completing orders or gaining more experience, the game lets you earn these without you having to break a sweat. Here are 3 common ways you can earn freebies:

farm town daily bonus
  • Claiming daily rewards: Daily logins will get you some free coins and rubies. If you log in continuously for 7 days, you’ll be able to get a big reward by the end of the week.
farm town achievements
  • Completing achievements: Playing the game diligently will let you gain achievements, which will typically reward you with rubies. You can check the Achievements tab in Granny May’s house and see what you need to do to complete these tasks.
farm town roulette
  • Spinning the roulette: Each day, you will be given free spins at the roulette, which you can find in town. With every spin, you can earn random rewards, even another chip for one or more extra spins.
farm town ads
  • Watching ads: This is perhaps the easiest and most noticeable way to gain a ton of freebies in Farm Town. When you log in to the game, you will see the “play” button almost everywhere. Want 2 free rubies? Click the play button at the bottom ride side of the screen. Missing tools to clear your newly unlocked territory? Click the play button to get that tool for free. Want to speed up your production? The play button’s right there.

    Missing a few items to complete your order? That’s right—the play button’s waiting. Farm Town is actually generous enough to offer free rewards through ads for quite some time upon logging in. Watch enough ads and the play button will eventually disappear, but you might have already watched around 10 ads before that happens.

    In our experience, some ads are actually pretty short, with the shortest not even lasting 5 seconds. This is why we discourage unnecessarily spending rubies—the game will just let you watch ads to get what you want for free. Of course, it just takes a bit of patience on your part.

    One thing we did notice about watching ads is that when you’ve already watched a lot, the option to watch ads for 2 free rubies will appear and disappear quickly from the bottom right side of the screen. It’ll almost feel like you’re trying to catch a wily mouse. If you let the game idle for a few hours, then log back in again, this particular play button will be displayed much longer.

Fix Granny May’s House

granny may's house in farm town
After you’ve picked some nice curtains and rugs for Granny May, she gives you bricks and nails in return. Thanks, gran.

We’ve mentioned coins and rubies, but there’s actually one more currency type that you will encounter in Farm Town: tickets. These tickets are typically exchanged for items so you can renovate Granny May’s house and June’s room. Tickets are earned by completing orders, as random rewards, or by watching ads when the opportunity presents itself.

Now, fixing Granny May’s house is something that you can do slowly. The upside to doing this is that after installing a number of new items for Granny May’s house, you get to earn a gift box with neat rewards in them. Visit the house from time to time so you can occasionally change the decor and get closer to achieving new rewards. Consider this somewhat of a breather from constantly farming and completing orders.

Working at Granny May’s farm can be relaxing but also challenging once you’ve managed to build it up from being a modest little patch of land. With the tips and tricks we’ve shared, this concludes our beginner’s guide for Farm Town!

You’ve certainly got more buildings to unlock and more land to open up, but hopefully, this guide has helped you get a good idea of how to manage your time and resources, as well as how you can make the game more enjoyable. There are more aspects of Farm Town you can explore as you continue to level up, so keep farming and delivering goods to the town!

If you have more tips and tricks to share, don’t hesitate to let us know in the comment section below. Here’s to a happy and fruitful harvest!

Sara Stevens

Wednesday 30th of August 2023

What is the blue lightning bolt used for?


Friday 21st of July 2023

I’m trying to figure out how to use the water bucket on trees and flowers . My stuff is dying. Help

Debbie Powell

Saturday 17th of June 2023

I have the proper materials to unlock the mine and I'm at level 25 but I can't unlock the mine. When I try it causes the game to freeze up.

Kisha Witte

Thursday 9th of March 2023

I cannot get the mines to unlock. I'm on level 34 and have the appropriate resources but every time I try to unlock it the game freezes.


Sunday 6th of November 2022

Can someone explain how to play the cafe game in town? I figured out how to make bread, coffee and tea but I don't have any of the other items to unlock more of the board.


Monday 14th of November 2022

@AA, I fulfilled orders on the cafe order board (orders are visible to the left of the grid) to get items to pair with and unlock the grill and frying pan 🍳. The grill will allow you to make hotdogs and burgers, while the frying pan will make eggs and pancakes.

I haven't figured out how to unlock ice trays to make milkshakes, has anyone been able to unlock the ice tray?