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Fallout Shelter Tips: How to Defend Your Vault Against Mole Rats and Deathclaws

A few months ago Fallout Shelter finally arrived for Android gamers, weeks after Bethesda released the iOS version and made it into a huge mobile hit. The game has also gotten a nice little update, but the big thing here, really, is the release of the Android version, which means you can now play Fallout Shelter and not have to bear with your iPhone-owning friends talking about it all day. As a refresher, this is a post-apocalyptic game where you run a community of Dwellers in a fallout shelter, or Vault, making sure they stay productive, stay happy, and defend the Vault from Raiders, RadRoaches and fires.

With the new update, you’ll now be facing more dangers, namely Mole Rats and Deathclaws. The latter are especially important to avoid, and can really do a number on your Dwellers. So if you want to find out how you can protect your Dwellers from these newly-introduced threats, we’re back with a brand-new Fallout Shelter strategy guide, this time giving you tips on how to get rid of Mole Rats and Deathclaws.

1. Know How The Deathclaws Operate

First of all, take note that the Deathclaws move in a specific pattern – that starts in the top floor, covering all rooms before going down one floor and doing another sweep of all rooms. This goes on until they make it to the bottom floor, and they won’t care whether they’ve killed some Dwellers or not, though they’re bound to. Monitor the pattern so you can take your Dwellers out of there before the Deathclaws attack. Sure, they’ll destroy your rooms, but at least you won’t lose any Dwellers.

2. How To Fight Off Deathclaws

If you have a lower-level Vault and a low average Vault Dweller level, it wouldn’t be too difficult to take care of these Deathclaws. Just make sure your top floor Dwellers are sufficiently armed, and that means outfitting them with the most powerful weapons available. Of course, they’ll need Stimpaks and RadAways as well. Pregnant Dwellers can be a great help here – arm them with the best available weapons and have them lure the Deathclaws towards them so they can blow them away. Remember that pregnant women, as long as they’re still pregnant, cannot get killed.

3. How To Prevent Deathclaws And Mole Rats From Ever Arriving

One simple trick to try here would be to take one room that’s pretty much inessential to your vault’s operations, and keep on rushing it ad nauseam. It won’t be attacked in the event of a disaster, and that means no Deathclaw or Mole Rat attacks (or any attacks whatsoever) in case a disaster happens.

4. Kill Mole Rats Like You Would Deathclaws Or Other Threats

The Mole Rats can be killed using the same techniques you’d use with the Deathclaws, or even the same techniques we told you about before when dealing with RadRoaches and Raiders. They’re easy pickings, by comparison, so there’s no real need to be worried about them.

Jade Prout

Wednesday 2nd of August 2023

Molerats kick my ass... I'm not looking forward to a Deathclaw...