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Spooky Traps Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Unlock More Characters

Inventain Mobile’s Spooky Traps is only available for iOS devices at the moment, and it’s a title billed as the most dangerous and addictive game out there. Actually, that’s pretty much all that the developer has to say, though it also adds that the game comes with terrifying challenges, as well as monsters you have to escape from and “cuties” you have to save. This is an endless runner game in terms of its mechanics, so a lot of the elements in Spooky Traps may be familiar if you are a fan of endless runners.

We can say that this is a good game from a reputable company, as Inventain Mobile is also the developer behind Buddyman: Kick Free. But is it an easy game to play? Many people say it isn’t, but that’s why we’re here right now, as these Spooky Traps tips and tricks could help you make it past more levels in the game.

1. Take On All The Challenges

Spooky Traps comes with a mechanic wherein you get given a random set of challenges, or levels, that you have to complete. Some of these challenges can be quite simple, such as the one that involves tapping to walk over the bridge. But most are quite, for lack of a better term, challenging. Those where your goal is to jump over moving enemies or obstacles are particularly tricky, but you may have an easier time with these hard challenges if you’re prepared to take on any kind of challenge. Your quick thinking will be rewarded here, as you have to ascertain almost immediately what challenge you’re facing, and how you have to go about it.

2. Timing Is Just As Important As Quick Thinking

Every second counts in this game, but you also have to balance your quickness with some good timing. Yes, it’s true – controlling your character is as simple as tapping, but an ill-timed tap could kill your character way sooner than expected.

3. Routes Don’t Have To Be Followed To The Letter

Believe it or not, but the routes in Spooky Traps shouldn’t necessarily be followed perfectly. Sometimes, you’ll encounter portals that do make up part of the route, but you don’t have to enter them all the time. In fact, you shouldn’t enter into portals all the time, but rather when you are sure the route is blocked. Most of the time, you get sent to obstacles anyway.

4. When To Watch Ad Videos

You will be asked if you want to watch an in-game ad if your character die and you want to keep going on your run. While watching ads is free of charge, it really isn’t necessary if you got killed off early. It would be better to watch ads if you’ve died and are close to beating your high score, if you’ve got a chance to earn extra coins, and if you have the chance to win a free character. The ad counter will show you what your reward will be, so you can always refer to that when deciding whether to watch or not.

If watching ads is a free and painless process that only takes up 15 to 30 seconds of your time per video, why aren’t we encouraging it for every situation? The answer is because ad videos do run out; they don’t appear every time your character dies, and almost every game can only fetch so many ads in one day.

5. How To Unlock More Characters

This may be the question you’ve been waiting for, so we shall now answer it in a nutshell – how can you unlock most, or better yet, all the characters in Spooky Traps? Well, the most simplistic, yet longest way to do this would be to keep on playing and hoping against hope you get a lot of characters through the free rewards and ad videos. But you can also speed things up with the time lapse cheat, which involves setting the time on your phone forward by a couple of hours. This would allow you to earn the 500-coin free gift faster than you normally could, and as of the moment, it still works. Don’t be surprised, though, if Inventain eventually patches the game to nerf the time lapse cheat out of existence.

6. All Characters Are The Same In Terms Of Gameplay

Inventain doesn’t say it in its Spooky Traps description, but there are about 40 or so characters for you to unlock. Unfortunately, they only differ in terms of appearance, and the only reason you’ll want to use them would be to break the monotony of using the same guy all the time. That is, however, a valid reason for many, so there is an upside to unlocking multiple characters who all play the same way.