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Fallen London Strategy Guide: How to Complete More Quests

We told you earlier in the week about Fallen London, which is Failbetter Games’ new iOS title that combines RPG and literary elements; it’s the long-awaited mobile version to a popular browser game of the same title. And just to keep you up to speed on what the game is about, this title takes you to a Victorian-Gothic setting, as Failbetter puts it. Every choice you make in this game has bearing on what happens next, and when we say every choice, we mean everything. You can choose different occupations or professions for your characters, and upgrade them in different ways, just as we had explained in our first list of tips and tricks for the game.

We had focused heavily on characters in our first Fallen London strategy guide. Now, we’re going to be telling you how to go about the quests in this game, where the decisions you make could impact how quests turn out. Even the simplest quests can become complicated like this, so read on and you might learn a way or two about simplifying things.

1. Go Home From Time To Time

You may, on occasion, have to go back home and check into your lodgings. Your home base can offer its share of rewards, and that may include a new storyline with new quests for you to undertake. In addition, you can start a new profession in your home base itself, and that’s something you will definitely want to do if you want to open up new series of quests and more opportunities to explore the world around you.

2. There Are Farming Quests Too

Fallen London comes with its share of farming quests, and we aren’t referring to literal farming here. Instead, we’re referring to farming in gaming parlance. Particularly in the higher levels of the game, you’ll want to replay quests over and over again, and that could lead to some big rewards. Sure, the longer story quests may come with special rewards, but they won’t always come with materials you need for premium equipment, housing, companions, and more. What you’ll need to do for the best chance of getting these materials is to keep on grinding it out on those farming quests. You can also sell your rewards or exchange them for other materials, but you might want to look into what each of the farming quests can provide if you complete them.

3. Explore The World Around

The in-game world in Fallen London is quite a rich and in-depth one. And you may already be satisfied with the area you begin with. Still, you might still want to get out there and explore a little further. Doing so will unlock new storylines and allow you to meet more new people. Click on the compass found on the upper right side of your screen and you’ll be able to see more places to explore. So what’s in it for you?

4. What Can You Do When You Explore Around?

Once you see more of the in-game world, you can find new items for you to sell. The money you earn could help you save money for those more premium materials we told you about earlier. These materials, as you may know, can help you move forward faster when it comes to major quests. And you may also meet people who can unlock better, and more rewarding endings for quests in totally separate areas. Remember that the choices you make, the items you come upon, and the people you meet all have a lot of bearing on how your quests turn out in Fallen London.