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Fallen London Tips & Tricks: How to Properly Set Up Your Character

Fallen London is a fantastic new iOS title from the interestingly named Failbetter Games. The game takes you to a dark and hilarious Victorian-Gothic underworld, where every one of your actions has its own set of consequences. It boasts of a unique narrative which evolves with every choice you make, and it won’t just depend on your choices, but also on the character you choose to use in the game. In terms of mechanics, it’s described as a literary RPG that has “over 1.5 million delicious worlds,” hundreds of different non-playable characters whom you can befriend, beguile, or antagonize, several character qualities, and hundreds of items, outfits, and pets.

It all sounds very intimidating, even with the quirky steampunk theme – Fallen London is, after all, one part visual novel, one part RPG. And the game doesn’t lie when it stresses the importance of the character you choose, and you decide to set the up for the game. And that’s going to be the theme of this Fallen London strategy guide, which is all about helping you come up with a character who’s properly set up.

1. Your Choice Of Specialization Depends On You

There doesn’t appear to be a true “best” or “worst” specialization type in this game — these specializations, namely Dangerous, Persuasive, Shadowy, and Watchful, all give you specific advantages in specific parts of the game and quests where you can start off. And the type of quests would also depend on the specialization you choose. Watchful quests, for instance, would tackle more of the academic side, while Shadowy quests revolve around being as sneaky as possible. You can choose to try all specializations over a series of games, but the important thing is to choose the one that’s most suited to your play style.

2. Make A Wise Choice Of Profession

Aside from specialization, you also have to choose your character’s profession. After choosing a profession, you’ll gain access to new quests, rewards, and connections, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t choose one in this game. Again, it’s all going to be dependent on your play style, and your strong areas in the game. But if you ever aren’t happy with the profession you have chosen, you can change it at any time. Just keep trying until you’ve found one that suits you.

3. Think Out Of The Box When It Comes To Attributes

Sometimes, you just might want to try being a jack of all trades in Fallen London. Of course, you can focus on just one attribute, but it would almost always be better to give attention to other attributes and not overlook any one of them. That’s because some of the later quests may require more than one attribute, and may also require paths that cannot be taken if you don’t have a certain stat. And even if you do fail and aren’t able to make further progress due to that failure, the consolation is that you can also level up faster in the game.

These would be our quick tips and tricks for Failbetter Games’ new mobile title, Fallen London. Stay tuned, as we are planning to share some more tips and tricks for the game in the near future!