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Faily Rider Tips, Cheats & Hints for Surviving the Desert

Remember that unlucky motorist Phil Faily? The star of Faily Brakes is back, as Spunge Games has released a new title for iOS devices called Faily Rider. Unfortunately, there’s no Android version yet, but if you own an iPhone or iPad, you can join Phil in his new adventures, which take place as he’s sightseeing in the Nevada Desert, riding his motorcycle. Once again, these adventures will come with a long list of obstacles and hazards, such as cacti, creeks, rocks, and vehicular traffic. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for passing trains as you go downhill as far as possible. And over time, you will also get to unlock unique vehicles and costumes, and collect more coins.

This game is another one of the many titles in the endless genre of gaming, and with that in mind, it’s mainly designed for the casual gaming crowd. But that doesn’t make this game any less challenging, and you will soon find out that those crashes make this game easy to learn, but hard to master. So if you’re having a difficult time lasting long in the desert, we recommend you to read this list of Faily Rider tips and tricks.

1. Keep Your Taps Light And Subtle

You can control Phil Faily by tapping on your device, and the best way to do this would be to maintain light tapping motions. As your motorcycle can be quite sensitive, heavier, harder and longer taps could cause it to careen out of control. But if you make smaller, shorter, and slighter taps, you can easily control your bike without subjecting it to too much force. You don’t want to lose control of your bike, as it tends to be very hard to recover from a spin-out. But there are some situations where you can use longer taps, such as if you’re trying to maneuver away from a cactus or a similar obstacle.

2. Expect A Bumpy Ride

It wouldn’t be a Faily game if the roads weren’t fraught with bumps and other quirks. In Faily Rider, you can again look forward to bumps, unexpected dips, and ramps that may prove to be more harm than help in your goal to last as long as possible. So how can you deal with these generally unfriendly ramps? The most basic solution here would be to make your angle as straight as possible. If you’re going off a ramp in a twisted angle, you may end up hitting an obstacle. And if the angle is a terrible one, your run may be over even before you land again. So before leaping off a ramp, keep your angle straight and stick to light taps when maneuvering your bike.

3. Watch Out For The Big Jumps

Once you emerge from a big jump, Phil Faily will automatically do a trick on his bike, and that could be quite thrilling to watch, even in games like this. But you’ll have to watch out for those jumps, as the animations can throw of you off due to their unusual length. What you can do while you’ve got a lot of air on your jump is to tap lightly and tweak your direction. Also take note that while you can avoid some jumps, a lot of them cannot be avoided, regardless of what you do.

4. If It’s Too Dangerous To Get The Coins, Then Forget ‘Em

If you see coins that are in the vicinity of bumps, cacti, other obstacles, and unpredictable terrain, then you’re better off not chasing after them. Of course, you can chase after the coins that are conveniently in your path, but when it comes to those that are surrounded by obstacles, then it’s best not to get them. Remember that coins are only worth one unit of currency each, and there are no special coins of higher denominations.

Getting coins in the natural course of playing the game is also recommendable because the game will give you a free reward every few hours.

5. Are Those New Bikes Worth It?

You can probably guess that the costumes you can buy with your coins are only for cosmetic purposes, and wouldn’t change the gameplay one bit. That is indeed correct, but what about the new bikes you can buy with your coins as well? As it turns out, the only difference between one motorcycle and the next is how it appears; that means you won’t get new bikes with additional horsepower, better handling, etc. In fact, you can survive this game without spending your coins on new costumes and motorcycles.

Fortunately, the coins you collect do have a practical use to them, and that’s the power-ups, which can be real game-changers when put in use.

6. When Shouldd You Hug The Walls?

It may sound like a dangerous proposition to hug the walls, but you can do this if you notice that there are simply too many obstacles to deal with on the main part of the road. The walls won’t kill you upon contact, which is a good thing, and you can hug them most of the time, but not all of the time. Be aware of rocks that may suddenly appear while you’re navigating the walls, and if you see them, then that will force you to change your game plan on the fly so you can avoid those obstacles.