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Faily Brakes Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide for Mastering the Art of Maneuvering a Brakeless Car

Faily Brakes? Is “Faily” even a word? Then again, “Flappy” (as in Flappy Bird) was a rather obscure word before that fame became a hit, and “Crossy” (as in Crossy Road) is definitely not an actual word. Spunge Games’ new iOS title Faily Brakes does adhere to the old formula of unorthodox adjective ending with “y” plus one-syllable second word, with casual gaming mechanics that are easy to learn, but hard to master. But to justify the unusual title, Spunge explains that the protagonist of the game is named “Phil Faily,” a car enthusiast who experiences complete brake failure. With the brakes shot, it’s your job to move your car downhill while avoiding obstacles, avoid rocks, trees, potholes, and other obstacles, collect coins, and eventually get to unlock new vehicles. It all sounds easy, but at the end of the day, it’s often easier said than done to beat your high score.

If you want to improve your chances of scoring high in this game, if you need help navigating your brakeless car as it goes downhill, and if you’re hoping to unlock more new vehicles, we recommend reading our Faily Brakes strategy guide, a complete how-to for mastering the game.

1. Don’t Always Go For The Obvious When Steering Your Car

Most players instinctively use the left and right buttons when trying to maneuver their car as it goes downhill. But this often results in the car oversteering too much to the left or the right, moving downwards and belatedly moving sideways. This oftentimes leads to a crash and the end of your run. We suggest this simple trick instead to properly maneuver your car – lightly steer your vehicle, and make quick, light taps in the same direction to that end. Smoother steering, pretty much, means longer runs.

2. Jump And Scout Your Surroundings

The first jump your car will do, as well as any succeeding jumps, will all be important as you play the game. As your car is in the air, you’ll be able to see what’s ahead of you, including the routes that you’ll need to take in order to safely move your brakeless car around. As we implied above, your car can be akin to a bucking bronco, meaning very hard to control. But if you know what to expect ahead of you, you’ll have an easier time maneuvering around and staying clear of danger.

3. You Can’t Steer Your Car While It’s Jumping

While you can make your car jump, you cannot steer it while it’s in the air; no matter how hard you hit the left or right buttons, you won’t be able to change its direction. You can, however, make use of those steering buttons to move your car around the moment it lands, which should be very helpful as you try to avoid those surprise obstacles.

4. How To Properly Launch Phil Faily

You can launch Phil Faily, the game’s titular character, and earn 200 points for your troubles if you’re able to pull off this trick right. And, if you launch your character (and his car) to the water, you’ll earn 60 more points in the process. So how can you go about properly launching your character and sending him as far off as possible? Normally, you’ll want to crash against a smaller rock or tree stump, or any other obstacle small enough to send the car’s front tires bouncing over it. That will cause your car to flip, launching Phil Faily out of the car. This may sound tricky, and it is often tricky for beginners, but it’s nothing you can’t master without some practice.

5. How To Earn Free Coins In The Game

Faily Brakes occasionally rewards players with free gifts that come with some coins inside. You’ll also see a few coins randomly showing up on the levels – go for them if it’s safe to do so. Finishing stages also allows you to earn coins, but the catch here is that you have to watch a quick ad video in order to earn them. Still, we did mention that the videos are quick, which means you can earn coins with little to no effort by watching those ads.

6. All Cars Perform The Same, But Look Differently, Thus Making A Difference

You can buy a new car for 100 coins, though you’ll have to take note that all of the cars in the game tend to perform similarly to each other, if not exactly the same. However, all of the cars have different configurations, meaning different heights, lengths, weight balances, etc. So what’s in it for you? Well, there are some cars that will crash against certain obstacles, while others will be able to get past said obstacles in one piece.

7. Go For The Shield Power-Up

Faily Brakes comes with some power-ups in the form of blue shields. And believe us when we say they can be really helpful. Collect a blue shield and your car will be invincible for a limited period of time, meaning it could go through an obstacle without any damage whatsoever. Keep collecting shields as they appear in the game, but remain focused on playing the game straight, and driving seriously to avoid obstacles. You just might end up crashing when the shield disappears and you’re unable to get yourself back on track again. Don’t show off just because you’ve got the protection of a shield!

8. Do The Start-And-Crash Trick For Easy Coins

Remember what we told you earlier about ad videos? Here’s a neat trick you can try in order to watch more videos, and subsequently earn more coins. Start the game and crash your car right away, and repeat the process as often as needed. Each time you crash, you’ll be given the option to watch an ad video – it doesn’t matter how poorly you score in these runs or how soon your crash, as the video option will always be available.

This is our set of tips and tricks for Spunge’s new mobile game, Faily Brakes. If you happen to know other hints for the game, that we haven’t added to this guide, be sure to let us know.