fabulous angela's true colors cheats

Fabulous – Angela’s True Colors Guide: Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Become a Fashionista

The Fabulous series has become such a huge success that it comes as no surprise that its main character, Angela, would end up starting a business of her own. Fabulous – Angela’s True Colors is the latest release in Gamehouse’s popular mobile game series and it sees Angela as a starting entrepreneur with the help of her friends. The game lets you run a new fashion boutique. Since you don’t have a lot of capital to begin with, you will be in charge of everything. That includes stocking shelves, assisting customers, and tending the cash register. It doesn’t stop there, though. You are also trying to become the next big fashion designer, so you will need to impress elites, create new designs, and stay on top of the latest. It’s a big job for one person, so make sure you read our Fabulous – Angela’s True Colors guide for tips, cheats and tricks before you get started!

1. Speed Is Key

Things start out pretty easy as the game teaches you the basics, but the difficulty levels ramp up fast. Customers will get upset if they wait too long for you to respond, but there is another benefit to attending to them right away. Every time you give what the customer needs in time, you will get a Quick Bonus. This pushes up your score, allowing you to get more stars easily.

fabulous angela's true colors guide

A good way to speed things up is to queue your actions. You don’t need to wait for Angela to finish whatever she is doing. For example, if a customer is asking for the white dress, you can tap on the dress and the customer consecutively. It isn’t necessary to wait for Angela to reach and pick up the dress before instructing her to go to the customer. Another tip to save time is to have a couple of extra items on hand. You are able to carry a few things at the same time. Pick up an extra bangle or necklace, so when a customer asks for those, you will be able to give it to them right away. Just make sure you leave at least two slots for unexpected orders.

2. Don’t Forget About The After Sales Tasks

Once you tend to a customer and check out their purchases at the cash register, there are a couple of things that you still need to do. First, you need to restock the shelves. You usually have several of each item in stock, but that does not mean you should wait until they run out before restocking. Use whatever breathing time you get in between customers to restock, especially the dresses since they involve a minigame. It will take up too much of your time if you try to juggle restocking while there are customers waiting.

Another task you should be diligent with is cleaning up after your customers. Whenever they try on shoes or a dress, they will leave the fitting area messy. The next customer will not enter the area until it has been cleaned, so you need to tidy up as soon as the first one leaves. Even if your shift has ended, and you are not expecting any additional customers, you should still clean up. You get a Spotless bonus for each fitting area that stays clean at the end of the shift. This bonus will help you get more stars you need at the end of the level.

3. Watch Out For Mice

Every level in the game has a mouse that will pop up at a random location and time. Keep an eye out for this mouse and tap on it right away as it will disappear after a couple of seconds. Each level has an indicator that shows whether or not you were able to find the mouse, so if you are a completist, that is definitely something you would want to aim for. Finding the mouse in each level will also give you 100 bonus points, helping you once again to reach the minimum score required to achieve three stars for the level.

The good news is that the mouse always appears in the same location within the level. If you spotted him by the door in one level but failed to tap on him before he disappears, you can just replay the level and wait for him to appear in the same spot. Since the game does not have an energy system, you can keep replaying the same level in order to eventually find that mouse.

4. Know Your Opportunities

Aside from the mouse in each level, you also need to take note of Opportunities. These are extra tasks that you need to complete on top of attending to your regular customers. These tasks vary per level. You could be asked to finish unboxing your stuff, impress some elites, perform a number of Quick bonuses, and so on. There is an indicator at the top right of your screen that tells you how far along you are in completing the special tasks. Once it has been completed, you can just focus on making it to the end of your shift. Completing Opportunities also reward you with bonus points that help you reach better scores. More importantly, however, completing an Opportunity for the first time will reward you with Diamonds, the game’s premium currency.

fabulous angela's true colors tips

A common theme among the tasks listed under Opportunities is that you would have to work on something until you fill up a bar to 100%. This could be unboxing something, cleaning up areas in your shop, or designing a new dress. The key to successfully completing these is by multitasking. You don’t need to reach 100% in one go. You will lose customers that way. Just stop by the special task every time you don’t have anything to do, or if you had just assisted a customer. Keep at it bit by bit until you eventually hit the mark. If the shift is ending and you still haven’t filled the bar, let your customers wait by the cashier and complete the task before clearing the level.

5. Aim For Three Stars

fabulous angela's true colors cheats

At the end of each level, you will be given a star rating depending on the score that you reached. The maximum you can get is three stars. Aside from bragging rights, each star you get in a level will reward you with 100 bonus coins the first time you earn them. That is up to 300 bonus coins if you manage to get all three. Coins are the game’s premium currency, and you will need them to purchase various upgrades that will make your life easier. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to earn a few extra coins whenever you can.

6. Play The Bonus Levels

When you look at the main map of the game, you will notice some extra levels that deviate from the middle path. These are bonus levels. Instead of earning stars, you can get up to three Diamonds from these levels depending on how well you did during the level. Before you get too excited, though, keep in mind that the mechanics for bonus levels are slightly different. There will always be additional rules for playing bonus levels that make them more difficult than the regular stages. Make sure you pay attention, or you may end up wasting your time. For example, the second bonus level will only give you points every time you get a Quick bonus. That means you won’t be able to earn any points if you are too slow. Check the extra rules for each bonus level and try to earn all three Diamonds as much as you can.

7. Farm Diamonds In Endless Levels

Whenever you complete a milestone levels in Angela’s story, you will unlock an Endless Level. These are the yellow levels with a timer underneath them when you look at the main map. As the name suggests, Endless levels give you an infinite number of shifts to play through. They will only end when you lose a customer. You can continuously complete shifts until you hit milestone scores that will reward you with Diamonds. Keep in mind that the milestone scores will be very high and will normally involve doing well in multiple shifts.

fabulous angela's true colors farmind diamonds

The great thing about Endless levels is that they reset every 24 hours. That means you can get more Diamonds if you play through all of them on a daily basis. Doing so will require a lot of time since you will be playing through multiple shifts in a single run, but if you have no plans of spending real money on Diamonds, you don’t really have much choice. Do not underestimate the Endless levels because you will get more customers with each shift until you get overwhelmed by them. Keep your cool and focus on queueing up your tasks properly.

8. Buy Upgrades Wisely

At the beginning of each level, you will be given the option to spend coins on different upgrades. Some upgrades cost more than others, each with its own effect. When you start out, you won’t really have a lot of coins, so your options will be limited. You can choose to just hit the Play button without purchasing anything and hold on to your coins until you can afford a better upgrade. During the first few levels, this is the smart thing to do. The introductory levels are very easy, so you don’t really need any upgrades to get through them. Once you have more money, you can then choose which upgrades to purchase first.

The right upgrade to purchase depends on what you are struggling with. If you see customers pile up in the fitting areas, you can choose the upgrade that will make customers try on clothes faster. If you keep getting swamped because you often forget to restock, you can purchase the Fabulous Mannequins so Angela will stock more with each trip. You will eventually be able to buy all the upgrades, it is just a matter of prioritizing the correct ones in order to survive the initial levels better.

9. How To Play Dress Up

You can’t call it a fashion game if you can’t play dress up. If you tap on the top right button on the main map, you will be able to access the dressing room. This is where you can choose from a variety of models and dress them up using different outfits. Once you are satisfied with the outfit of your model, you can tap on the camera button on the top left side to see how the whole thing looks like on the runway. You can then share your creations with your family and friends.

fabulous angela's true colors dress up

There are a lot of fashion pieces to choose from. Just tap on the category of your choice. You can choose from dresses, tops, bottoms, shoes, and even accessories. The only down side is that every piece can only be bought with Diamonds. The most expensive item in the dressing room, however, is just 7 Diamonds. If are diligent enough with playing Endless and Bonus levels, you will have enough to buy all the outfits you want.

10. Get The Free Trial

GameHouse has a lot of titles under its belt, all of which have engaging stories and fun mini games. While these titles, including the Fabulous series, can be played for free, not all the levels will be available. If you want to play this game’s full version, you will have to purchase it. There are multiple purchase options. You can buy just the first 20 levels, or you can buy the full game. If you are a fan of the all the GameHouse titles, though, you could also opt for their premium subscription that will give you access to the full versions of the 26 games in their library.

There is a free trial that you can take advantage of, however. If you don’t really want to spend real money on this game, but you want to be able to progress further, just play all the free levels first. Once you reach the end of the free levels, you can activate the free three-day trial of the premium subscription. You will then have 72 hours to play as many levels as possible before the premium charge goes through. Make sure you cancel the subscription before the end of the three days or you will end up paying for the first month.

It’s time to help Angela become the biggest name in the fashion industry in Fabulous – Angela’s True Colors! If you follow our tips and tricks above then you will be rubbing elbows with the elites in no time!

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