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Extraordinary Ones Best Heroes Guide: A List of the Best Characters in Each Role (Tier List)

Extraordinary Ones is the latest MOBA that will soon take over your mobile phones as it continues to attract anime fans and MOBA gamers alike from all across the world. The thought of superpowers and inhuman characteristics have attracted everyday people for years as you somewhat get an idea of what it’s like if it’s real. This is especially apparent with characters possessing unique abilities while existing in what seems like a normal world. Same thing goes for Extraordinary Ones as heroes with great skills go to school either as teachers, students, or any employee.

It feels very familiar as it is similar to the premise of popular anime My Hero Academia, but it might also have been inspired by the already existing myriad of superhero stories out there. The game has also collaborated with the anime itself and have incorporated characters from the anime such as Deku, All Might, Bakugo, and more, but this has yet to be released in the global version. But don’t worry, when it comes to inhuman abilities and skills, characters from Extraordinary Ones don’t lack at all compared to the ones from the anime.

In Extraordinary Ones, winning a battle is crucial in progressing, increasing your status, and going up ranks. Doing this will require you to choose characters that have abilities that will be able to help you in game and that will surely destroy your enemies. The game has an extensive list of characters with amazing abilities, but of course, not everyone is created equal and there will always be someone better than the rest. Our Extraordinary Ones best heroes guide aims to give you a tier list of the best characters from each role in the game that you might consider using if you want to dominate this school.

The Best Tank


hadenna extraordinary ones

Hadenna is the perfect tank with a soul companion that is always by her side who possesses a large scythe which it uses to attack enemies. This tank is amazing as not only is she tough, she also has crazy abilities. Even though she’s a melee fighter, her attack range is longer than other melee heroes. She also has the passive ability called Soul Shock which is a counterattack ability that damages enemies as she takes a hit. This takes place every third hit.

Her first ability makes her charge toward an enemy and deal damage while knocking them back and also applying Soul Shock. Her second attack makes her spirit friend whirl the scythe around while dealing damage to surrounding enemies. That doesn’t end there though as those who get hit will also slow down and get affected by Soul Shock. Her ultimate attack takes HP from enemies while affecting them with Soul Shock. She also recovers HP whenever she hits an enemy affected by it. What’s great though is her cooldown time for her ultimate becomes lower as she awakens making her a force to be reckoned with.

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The Best Attack Damage Heroes (AD)


garuda extraordinary ones

In mythology, Garuda is a large bird-like creature with human features. Staying true to its name, Garuda is a student who possesses large wings on his back. He is one of the best AD heroes as his ultimate skill can be used not only to initiate attacks and also to escape. Whenever a hero is hit by his skills, this reduces the cooldown of all his skills. Attacking non-hero units such as mobs will deal extra damage. He also recovers mana every second as soon as he leaves combat.

His first skill damages enemies with range and slows them down. His second skill damages enemies in his way, and those with lower HP will suffer more damage. Other than that, once a mob is killed, his second skill will be reset and can be used immediately again. His ultimate skill makes him fly in the air for three seconds making him untouchable. He then dives on the ground dealing damage and knocking back enemies. If awakened, his area of effect increases along with his physical defense and spell defense.


maddie extraordinary ones

Maddie is not a student in the game but the mother of one. She is the mother of Ginny, one of the default characters in the game who possesses fire attacks which he mostly inherited from his mom. She is also the wife of school official Taurell. As she takes damage, there is a chance her defense will increase. Her first skill and normal attacks also applies burn damage to enemies which continuously damages them.

Her first skill makes her charge toward a specific direction dealing damage to enemies and knocking them back. As previously mentioned, this attack also applies burn damage and reduces the cooldown time of her second skill. With her second skill, she sets herself on fire and deals damage to nearby enemies, slows them down, and reduce their armor. Each enemy she hits increases her attack and recovers her HP.

Her ultimate attack makes her enter an open fire mode which temporary increases her attack damage and casting it once again makes her swing her gigantic fan which deals damage and knocks enemies away. If awakened, her open fire mode time is lengthened and her attack range also increases. She is one of the strongest ones, and you can easily get multiple kills due to her skills.

The Best Assassins (ASN)


tamago extraordinary ones

Tamago is the epitome of an anime girl who just overflows with cuteness. But underneath all of that is something deadly and the complete opposite. She excels in landing great attack damage and that her skills don’t need mana unlike others. After using a skill, her normal attack deals extra damage and this also increases along with her level.

Her first skill makes her throw punches to enemies in front of her and also has a chance of critical attacks. Normal attacks will also decrease the cooldown time of her first skill. Her second skill makes her charge and leap towards her enemy target dealing damage. The longer she charges, the range of this skill increases as well the damage. Her ultimate attack makes her deliver a gigantic punch to the enemy which knocks it away, damages it immensely, and lowers its defense. If awakened, she gains even more strength making her one of the strongest when it comes to physical damage.

Alpha White

alpha white extraordinary ones

Alpha White looks like no ordinary student as not only does she look tough, she also yields not one, not two, but three katanas. She is one of the heroes most played in the game because of her strong skills and fast speed. Her passive skill Sword Spirit marks enemies. Those unfortunate enough to be marked takes in more damage when she applies her second and ultimate skill. This also makes her move even faster for every kill and assist done.

Her first skill makes her charge which enables her to gain speed for a few seconds. After charging, she attacks and deals damage to enemies in desired direction while marking them with Sword Spirit. The longer she charges, the more damage is dealt. Her second skill makes her dash towards enemies and stun those who are under Sword Spirit.

Her ultimate skill makes Alpha White charge and dash to an enemy while dealing damage. Those affected with Sword Spirit takes in more damage. Included in this skill are her two sidekicks who appear behind her and deal damage to anyone in their path. If awakened, her sidekicks will deal additional damage equal to target’s lost HP.

The Best Attack Power Heroes (AP)


coderella extraordinary ones

Coderella is a hacker and is aware that she belongs in a game. She is one of the best AP heroes also known as mages. Her burst damage, dash attacks, and absorbing shield makes her one of the best AP heroes in the game. Her passive attack is hacking which happens when she casts her skill towards an enemy hero. This is signified by the pixel character floating on top of her head. Once this reaches 100% or when the pixel character is complete, she will deal extra spell damage and also recover HP. Her next normal attack will deal extra spell damage and make her next hacking progress increase.

Her first skill makes her cast three digital arrows towards a target with each hit dealing SP damage and increasing hacking progress. If she hits a hero, her speed will increase. Her second skill makes her move towards a specified direction while dealing spell damage to surrounding enemies and slowing them down. This skill also adds to her hacking progress.

Her ultimate skill will make her temporarily lag and then disperse bugs, as in computer bugs, in a wide radius while dealing spell damage. Every hit done will increase her hacking progress. While her ultimate skill is ongoing, she can continuously attack and cast other skills at the same time. If awakened, she gains a damage absorbing shield and becomes immune to slow.


viru extraordinary ones

Viru is considered to be the strongest character in the game as of this writing. If he is one of your opponents, know that your game is going to be a challenging one. When he attacks the same enemy twice within a short period of time, his dragon will attack that enemy, slow it down, and heal Viru. This passive skill has a cooldown of six seconds. If he hits an enemy that is not affected by his ultimate skill, the cooldown time of his first skill will decrease to four seconds. This enables him to attack in succession making him almost invincible.

His first skill makes him go towards a desired direction and be in stealth mode which also increases his speed and makes him untouchable for a second. When his stealth is gone, the cooldown of his passive skill will reset. His second skill deals damage to nearby enemies and more damage to mobs. His ultimate attack summons an inferno for 10 seconds in a designated area. Enemies within the area will take damage and slow down. If he is within the area and attacking a target, his dragon will attack this target as well. If awakened, enemies within the area will be unable to use skills to escape.

The Best Attack Damage Carry Heroes (ADC)

Jing Wei

jing wei extraordinary ones

Jing Wei is a demon who uses her bird friend as a weapon. She is one of the best marksmen as her passive skill takes her other skills to another level. Her ability to do critical damage is above everyone else in this game. After using a skill, her next normal attack will deal extra damage to her target and bounce additional damage to an enemy behind her target. This damage also increases as her level increases. Other than that, her passive also lets her reduce the cooldown time of her skills.

Her first skill makes her launch a grenade in a chosen direction. After it hits the target, it explodes in a delayed manner but it also affects other enemies surrounding the target. There is also a chance of critical damage with this skill. Her second skill makes her dash forward and leave a trail behind her. Anyone who is in that trail will be slowed down and lose armor.

Her ultimate attack makes her shoot a chain missile towards an enemy target that stuns and also damages. This chain missile has a piercing effect where it can hit the enemy behind the target and pull them together. This skill deals very high damage and stuns them for a long time. If awakened, the chain can pierce one more enemy making it possible to pierce two enemies behind the target.


osgood extraordinary ones

Osgood is a mad scientist who loves his poison. He uses his snake companion to land attacks on enemies. Although his attacks only deal 80% damage, with every kill and assist he does for enemy units, it gives him one stack of the Mad Scientist effect. For each hero kill, this gives him 5 stacks. The maximum stack is 10. Each stack increases his attack and attack speed. If he dies, half of the stacks are lost.

His first skill makes his attacks deal poison damage and also activates or sets off the stacks. Once this skill is active, damage is dealt to marked enemies. The more stacks, the bigger damage dealt. If the skill kills any enemy unit, the cooldown for this skill will reset. His second skill enables him to dash towards a direction and the next attack will deal additional damage, slow the enemy down, and have two more stacks of the Mad Scientist effect.

His ultimate skill increases the maximum number of stacks. Once activated, Osgood’s hidden snakes come out and attack the targeted enemy for five seconds. Each hit deals additional damage and stacks. If awakened, each hit by a snake will leave poison damage. Although he doesn’t have critical damage, just as long as you make him fat, he will definitely bring you to victory.

The Best Supports (SUP)


cassie extraordinary ones

Cassie is a ghost and is one of the best supports in the game. Her passive skill lets her continuously recover her HP every second and pass this skill on to whoever she possesses. Her first skill makes her attack and slow down enemies. Her second skill enables her to cast a mist around her and also knock enemies back. Her ultimate skill lets her possess an ally hero. If awakened, the host hero will have an absorbing shield that absorbs damage. If you’re looking for a healer, she is the one to choose.


twilight extraordinary ones

Twilight is one of the latest heroes added to the game. Not only does is she a support, she’s also a mage, and a powerful one too. Every time she uses a skill, butterflies will appear around her that heals. Her first skill makes her throw a bottle on the ground that heals her teammates within range and increases their damage on their next attack. Her second skill includes casting a meteor on the target which deals spell damage to nearby enemies as well. This also causes a slow effect. If casted again, the next meteor will deal a greater damage.

Her ultimate skill makes her release a butterfly in a desired direction. It will ignore enemy units and will only target heroes. The butterfly will deal an insane amount of damage to the first hero it sees and also to those near it. If that isn’t enough, there is additional damage given and enemies are also slowed down. If awakened, the butterfly will also affect the enemy by lowering its attack. If you also end up using her with her boyfriend Dawn, they have special effects together as well.

That’s it for our Extraordinary Ones tier list guide. There are other factors that can contribute to being the best player including your own personal skills and also the build you choose for the character. Remember, this is just a guide to give you an idea about some of the best characters for each role. If you have another character in mind that isn’t written here, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below.


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