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Evolve Hunters Quest Cheats & Strategy Guide: 5 Tips to Complete All Missions

2K Games isn’t just known for its realistic sports titles from the NBA 2K and WWE 2K series, to name a few. It also has some nice mobile games, including Evolve Hunters Quest for iOS and Android. Contrary to what the title may suggest, Evolve Hunters Quest is actually a Match 3 game, but one of the better ones out there, as evidenced by its “Best in Show” award at E3. While the basic mechanics are vintage Match 3, creating matches actually launches attacks against your enemies, and also fills up energy bars to unleash your hunters’ special skills. As such, it can be considered a Match 3/RPG hybrid, and if you’re looking for Evolve Hunters Quest cheats and tips to help you advance further, you’re in the right place.

1. Basic Match Three Mechanics Apply

Once again, we’re reiterating what we said in the game description – the basic strategies apply, even in a game such as Evolve Hunters Quest. That means you’re best served making matches at the bottom, regardless of the pieces you have. As is the case with other Match 3 games, you want to do this because you can make additional matches or bigger combos when new tiles pop up and the upper rows start moving down.

2. Know The Skills Of Your Team Members

Basically speaking, red and yellow squad members inflict more damage than most other colors, while there are others that you’ll need mainly as your healers. But regardless of color, all your “team members” can inflict damage against the bad guys. Learn to mix and match in situations such as this, and strategize accordingly based on the type of monsters you’re facing.

3. Manually Select Any Monsters You Want To Aim For

Your team would automatically choose a monster to attack in battle, but you can’t always trust the game’s AI. Instead, you can tap on the monster you’d like your squad to attack. As usual, be aware of the damage each squad member can inflict, how many turns are needed before they need to recharge, and which monsters still have a lot of health left in them.

4. Be Aware Of Your Squad’s Special Attacks

Remember that each team member has three special attacks. Learn all of these attacks and be aware of what they can do so you know how to tailor-fit your strategy against specific enemies. These special attacks can be unlocked by creating combinations that match the color of a team member. Making these matches gives them more energy, and puts you closer to achieving one of your goals in Evolve Hunters Quest, which is to unlock those special attacks.

5. Don’t Use Your Boosts Until The Going Gets Tough

It’s tempting to use your boosts and exhaust your premium currency the moment you get it, but we advise you not to. Since chances are you can complete most early missions without using any boosts, save them for harder, more challenging levels in the game.