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Big Win Football 2015 Cheats: 6 Tips & Hints to Help You Coach that Winning Team

NFL season is over and the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX despite the “Deflategate” controversy, but it’s never too late to start playing some virtual football. If more sophisticated titles such as Madden NFL 15 are too much for you, then you’d probably be interested in Android and iOS title Big Win Football 2015, a mobile game that allows you to call plays, but also do some things unique to the mobile environment, such as equipping your players and powering them up. Yes, this is a more casual football gaming experience than your usual Madden title, but there are things to do in order to succeed in this game. With that said, here are some useful Big Win Football 2015 cheats and tips to help you put together a winning team.

1. Equip Players With High Ratings

You’ll see a number on the bottom left side of each player card, and that’s their overall skill rating. These players are the ones you want to equip, so pay attention to that number when determining whom to equip in the game.

2. Boost Card Players Have To Be Equipped As Well

If a player has a blue exclamation point, that means you can power them up with a boost card. These cards improve your player’s passive skills, such as their strength and agility, so make sure you equip these players, even if their rating isn’t exactly the highest on your team.

3. Call Plays Based On Your Players’ Strengths

Here’s one parallel with the more complex titles we mentioned above – in Big Win Football 2015, you want to call plays with your players’ strong points in mind. If your offensive backfield, for instance, has high Run skill ratings, then you’ll be better off calling more running plays. Conversely, you’ll want to execute more passing plays if you’ve got players with high Hands ratings.

4. Call Plays Based On Your Players’ Strengths

Remember that Big Win Football 2015 is a casual American football game where you’d encounter situations that don’t always happen in real life. For example, losing a game means you likely have more players injured. This reduces their stats greatly, but if you want them to heal up, you don’t have to wait for long – use your coins to heal your players and ensure they’re ready for your next game.

5. Use Your Power-Ups

A Big Impact card is a temporary power-up that can only be used in one game. You can use a maximum of three Big Impact cards per game, but you have to use them wisely. When playing less important games against weaker teams, you may want to save them for another time, but when you’re playing tough opponents in big games, Big Impact cards could be the literal game-changers for your team.

6. Big Bowls Earn You Coins

We’re not talking about the Super Bowl here, as this is Big Win Football 2015, after all. But you’ll get to play in Big Bowls, which are leaderboard-based tournaments that can earn you some coins and other rewards depending on the final score.