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EverWing Guide: 16 Cheats, Tips & Strategies for Dominating All Enemies

Ready for something different from the usual Android or iOS fare that we offer? That’s right — we’re covering a game that you cannot find on the Play Store or the App Store, but one you can play on your iOS or Android device, or any other smartphone, regardless of platform. We’re talking about EverWing, which is the first high-profile game released for Facebook Messenger, so if you’ve got a phone with Messenger on it, or a tablet or touchscreen laptop with Messenger installed, you can play this game. See what we mean when we said “something different”? Anyway, this is an RPG where you can team up with fairies and dragons (pretty much your pet equivalents) to defeat various enemies, including bosses, but since this game is designed for Messenger, you could team up with your friends on social media and take part in raid boss battles. It’s a true social gaming experience, and once again, this game is unlike anything we’ve ever covered.

We know you must be excited to start playing this game, or if you already are, you may be looking for ways to up your game and make it further while beating more enemies. If you are, then join us for our EverWing strategy guide, where we go through all the tips and tricks that you need to dominate this game, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced you are at playing it.

1. Change The Settings If You Have To

Once you’ve gotten the feel of things, you can then determine whether things are working out for you in terms of sensitivity. If they aren’t, you can go to the options menu and increase or decrease the sensitivity settings to your liking. Increasing is arguably a better option, as you won’t need to move your finger that far so you can move your characters around, which could give you a better line of sight. You can also swipe back and forth quickly to collect more items via item drop each time you defeat an enemy or boss character.

Aside from sensitivity, you can also tweak the graphics resolution on EverWing’s settings. This could come in handy if you own an older device, or if your phone/tablet/touchscreen laptop isn’t too responsive. Simply change the graphics from hi-res to low-res, and you’re good; the downside is that you’ll have to deal with blurry graphics, and might have a hard time finding items, especially if you own a smaller device, such as the 4-inch iPhones from years ago. Then again, that shouldn’t be much of an obstacle, as you can change graphics resolution at any time in the game anyway.

2. Avoid Everything In Raid Boss Battles, And Defense First

Raid boss battles are the lifeblood of the game, so to say, and when it comes to these battles, the first thing you need to learn is to avoid all attacks that are unleashed your way. When playing in single-player mode, you won’t get this problem too much, but when teaming up in raid boss battles, you’ll notice the bosses using different types of attacks.

With that in mind, you should go with a defense-first strategy – prioritize avoiding or parrying attacks, then countering or using hit-and-run techniques for a better chance of dishing out some damage against the bosses. All-out offense will only get you in trouble; let your offense come from your defense and you’ll have a better chance of winning.

3. Get By With A Little Help From Your Friends

When we reference this lyric, we’re talking about the social element of EverWing, which we had hammered home in the game overview. Arguably, the first thing you need to do after learning the basics of the game is to find some friends who may be interested in EverWing, and ask them to help you out in the raid boss battles. It’s just as easy as using a group text feature, such as the one on Facebook Messenger; with that, you can start raiding as often as you want. We would, however, note that you have to close the game after you’ve defeated one boss, then move on to the next group chat and open up the game to proceed with another raid boss battle.

4. Try This Cheat To Earn More Rewards

Now this is something that may be patched up in the future, but while you’re still able to do so, you might as well try it out for yourself.

After raid boss battles, you’ll sometimes be able to repeatedly collect the rewards, though the operative word here is “sometimes” — there are times when this glitch will be available to exploit, and other times when it won’t. Simply collect your last chest, close Facebook Messenger entirely, then reopen the app and go back to the same group chat/text as the last boss battle. If you’re lucky enough and the glitch is manifesting, you’ll be able to collect the chest once again and get different rewards; it’s a nice way of grinding, but once again, we don’t know how long you’ll be able to take advantage of it.

5. What Happens If You Can’t Beat The Raid Bosses?

Raid bosses will, of course, progressively become stronger as you go along and defeat more of them, while they gain more levels. And you will reach a point where they become too strong for you to defeat at whatever your level may be at the time. But you don’t need to fret if that becomes the case — if you and your friends aren’t able to kill the raid boss within the time limit, the bosses’ level will go back down to level 1. That should give you a fresh chance to launch another attack, and earn more rewards and levels without much of a struggle.

6. Challenge Friends To Complete Missions

One more reason why you’ll want to take advantage of this game’s social elements is the fact that challenging friends is necessary if you want to complete more missions. Now we would completely understand it if you don’t have enough friends who play EverWing, or are interested in playing it. And we all know how common it is to see people on Facebook complain about all those gaming invites that they couldn’t care less about. So if you don’t want to be THAT Facebook user who gets called out, you could find Facebook accounts of people who are inactive on FB, or don’t use Messenger. Even if they don’t respond back, you can still complete the stages of each challenge, so there’s no harm done…unless they suddenly respond out of the blue with a cross word or two.

7. Don’t Disregard Your Common Dragons

You may be coveting those rare and legendary dragons, knowing that if a character is higher up on the rarity tier, they’re more powerful. In EverWing’s case, those rare and legendary creatures are indeed noteworthy for their special skills, but it’s the common dragons that trump them in terms of pure strength. That makes them the most ideal pet to bring along with you to battle, and also the best pet to use when it comes to raid bosses. Common dragons can contribute the most damage against raid bosses, so make sure you’re leveling them up, or better yet, evolving them!

8. How To Evolve Your Common Dragons The Right Way

As for the process of evolving your common dragons, you will first have to take the necessary amount of coins, and go to the store to buy some common eggs. As these are common dragon eggs, there’s a good chance you’re going to get duplicates of dragons you already have, but that’s actually a good thing — you’ll need them to evolve your dragons. In order to evolve, you’ll require two dragons of the same kind, and both at level 10. They’ll both need to be at level 20 for the second evolution, and so on, and so forth.

9. Here’s An Easy Way To Sell Your Dragons The Right Way

EverWing allows you to sell your dragons, and you can make good use of your legendary dragons by selling any dragon you’re currently raising once they’re at level 29, and not at level 30. Selling them at level 29 will give you at least 280,000 coins per dragon sold, while selling at level 30 will net you about 3,000 trophies or thereabouts. Gold eggs have a one-eighths chance of getting you a legendary dragon once hatched, which means you’ll have a decent chance to earn some legendaries, while having a better chance of earning a lot of rare dragons in addition.

10. Experiment With Dragon Powers

Unfortunately, there’s no way to know what your rare and legendary dragons’ powers are unless you try them out for yourself. That means you’ll want to give these rares and legendaries a test drive of sorts by using them in endless mode — there aren’t any real stakes there, and you won’t be losing any raid boss turn in the process. Once you’ve tested these special dragons and their powers, you’ll have a good idea of which ones suit your play style the most, and the ones you want to bring with you during the raid boss battles. As usual, level them up through the endless rounds and quests to make them more powerful.

11. How Do The Zodiac Signs Work In Evolution?

You might get thrown off by the zodiac sign mechanic in EverWing, but here’s our attempt at making things as simple as possible. When evolving dragons, you’ll want to evolve two dragons that have the same zodiac sign, as that’s going to give you extra firepower. If you evolve four identical dragons with the same zodiac sign, that will result in a better chance to maximize their power right in time for the final evolution.

12. Unlock Fairies ASAP

Normally, we wouldn’t really file the fairies under the “pets” category, but they might as well serve as pets, if we’re talking RPG terminology. You want to unlock as many of them as possible as long as you can afford it, and you’ll have more fairies to unlock (as well as more quests) as you keep leveling up. Having more fairies means more chances for you to send them out on quests. Questing is a great way to add to your dragons’ XP, and also a nice source of coins.

13. Know Your Fairies

The game comes with different fairies, and it’s important that you know each of their advantages and disadvantages, as well as the best ways to use them in battle. For instance, Lenore should be used in active battles (and that alone) as she’s got two lives per use. Arcana is also a good idea for active battles, as they can clone sidekicks/pets. Sophia is faster than the other fairies, so you’ll want to use her for quest duty only if you want those quests completed twice as fast as usual. Additionally, Sophia, just like Lily, earns 2x sidekick experience and 2x coins, making them good for grinding/farming purposes.

14. How To Beat The Armored Goblins

At first, the armored goblins may seem like a handful to deal with. They fly back and forth, thus making them rather elusive, and since they’ve got armor, it may seem impossible to knock them off. But once you’ve got enough fairy attack power, you can then confidently beat these bad guys in most cases. The downside here is that you only gain one XP, just like you would get when you defeat an ordinary, unarmored goblin. But the good thing here is that you get a ton of crystals — depending on their color, they could be worth a lot of coins and/or trophies. For example, purple crystals get you 10 coins, and red crystals get you 20 coins.

15. Collect Shamrocks In Endless Mode

If you prefer to play EverWing in endless mode, you should keep a few things in mind, including the importance of gathering shamrocks the moment that you see them. You can also collect mushrooms, but their effect won’t be as long-lasting as that of shamrocks. So why shamrocks before anything else? That’s because they level up the attacks of your fairies for the entirety of the stage, and if you’ve collected enough of them, that’s going to result in some big-time improvements for your base attack, allowing you to go much farther than you normally would.

16. Don’t Forget The Lightning And Flowers

While still in the topic of endless mode, you also want to collect the lightning and flowers. The former boost will give you additional lives against the raid boss if you’re still waiting for your lives to refresh. The latter boost, on the other hand, allows you to charge forward quickly, and easily take out about five lines of enemies. That could allow you to boost your score significantly before you make it to the bosses, so make use of these boosts whenever possible!

That’s all for now folks. We hope you’ve enjoyed our detailed list of EverWing cheats, tips and tricks. If you need more hints for the game, be sure to check out our previous EverWing strategy guide!

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