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Everwing Tips, Cheats, Tricks & Hints to Crush Your Enemies

If you fancy a 2D shooter with a bit of whimsy, Everwing is the game for you. Available on Facebook, this game lets you control a Guardian as you conquer a variety of levels and face hordes of enemies. You can also bring along a trusty sidekick. These sidekicks are miniature dragons that help you fight evil. Shoot down your enemies with ease with the help of our Everwing power up tips and tricks.

1. Just Get To The Boss

Don’t worry too much about getting more points or killing all your enemies. These things will get you more points by the end of the stage but are not really necessary for you to complete the stage. The only thing you really need to progress is to defeat the Boss for each stage. Once you are done with a stage and you still feel like aiming for a higher score, then you can feel free to retry the stage without any pressures since you have already completed it.

2. Pick A Strategic Spot

The basic rule for any shooter game is to choose a spot where you can see incoming enemies and projectiles, and still have enough room to dodge or retaliate. The sweet spot for this game is always at the bottom of the screen. Staying at the bottom part will allow you enough room and time to maneuver your Guardian away from the line of fire.

3. Don’t Forget The Power Ups

There is always a lot going on in the screen as you play so make sure you keep an eye out for power ups as they will make your life easier. There are four power ups that are really useful in the game. The first one is the magnet power up. It passively picks up gems for a limited time so you can focus on fighting. The second power up is the mushroom which gives you dual shots, also for a limited time. The third power up is the flower which makes your Guardian dash and kills all enemies in sight. The fourth power up is the clover and it permanently increases your ammo capacity.

4. Hatch Baby Dragons

What could be more awesome than having tiny dragon sidekicks flying alongside you as you obliterate enemies? Don’t forget to bring along these sidekicks if only to look cooler in battle. You can bring up to two at a time. The miniature dragons hatch from eggs and have varying rarity. You can opt to breed them too if you want, especially if you hatch a rare dragon.

5. Aim To Complete All Quests

The game provides several quests for you to complete through the stages. These quests give you various rewards depending on the difficulty level. Make sure to complete them whenever you have the chance as the bonus rewards you get from them are worth the effort. Do keep in mind that some of them have level requirements so you may not be able to complete all of them at once.

6. Try Different Characters

You start the game off with a default character but you can unlock more of them as you progress through the levels. Some characters can also be bought in order for you to use them. Each character has a different set of abilities and attributes. Check which skills work best for you as you will only be allowed to use on character for each run.

Take flight with your sidekick dragons and annihilate your enemies by using our Everwing power up tips and tricks!