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EVE Echoes Ship Fitting Strategies & Tactics Guide: Everything You Need to Know

When EVE Echoes first launched, every player that knew the game became very excited to play it. Even players that didn’t know it so well wanted to try it out! So many thought they had all the info they needed to have a great go at it. Unfortunately, that didn’t fully hold. Yes, it was worse for players that were completely new to the game.

Currently, the biggest problem that most of the players are facing is how to best equip (fit) their ships. And this is where we come in, as we have put together a complete EVE Echoes ship fitting guide, and we walk you through the best tips and strategies when it comes to ship fittings in the game.

General Rules For Ship Fitting

The first general rule in EVE Echoes is to know your role. Some ships have a Role Bonus that won’t apply if you’re not using that role. Other ships have that bonus but it’s given anyway. For example, check out the Can-Yue Prototype. The role for the Can-Yue currently isn’t playable. So where did the boosts come from?

If you check the medium Decomposer before fitting it, you’ll see its damage isn’t nearly as high as when fitted (31.36 DPS). Of course, calculate the bonuses from any skills you’ve trained before checking. Otherwise, the simple check is the optimal range of the medium Decomposer (24KM). With the skills upgraded, you’ll notice that when fitted the medium Decomposer’s range jumps up above your skill limits (simple math).

decomposer damage eve echoes

With the Role Bonuses of EVE Echoes in place, you’ll want to stick to your main guns as much as possible. The upper ships will have that role bonus to give nice boosts. The exception is for you that want to stick with mining and manufacturing. You really have no guns! The good news is that you can still train your skills to use other weapons. That’s where your versatility comes in. Oddly enough, that’s where a lot of problems/questions come in too! With Amarr, your main focus is on lasers and drones. With Gallente, your main focus is railguns and drones. Going with Caldari, it’ll be missiles and railguns. With Minmatar, the focus is on using cannons.

The next general rule for EVE Echoes is to always check the Resistance type showing in the Ship Info. Just scroll down a bit and either armor or shield resistances will show up. With this, you’ll know if you have a potential shield tanker or an armor tanker. From there, you can fit whichever type of boosters you need. This is in hopes of making your ships last longer. Which type is better is a matter of opinions and tactics. Just remember that shields can be reset with a docking. Damage to the armor and hull can produce Repair Costs.

One of the easiest to remember general rules for EVE Echoes is to check the ship out as much as possible before buying/building it. The first place to start is the Market. Do note there’s nothing wrong with a Google search about the ship! Press and hold a ship in question and its Ship Info will show up for you. From there you can basically tell what you’re in store for. While you’re at it, check its price or its blueprints. More often than not, you can build a ship much cheaper compared to buying it. However, that highly depends on your Production skills.

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Last on the general rules list of EVE Echoes is to check the penalties before you fit something. There are lots of different things you can fit to your ships. Some can and do stack very well. Take a look at the Cargo Hold boosting Rig under Navigation Rigs in the Market. There’s no penalty for using more than 1. When you check a damage booster, among other things, you’ll find it does have that penalty. One of the weird ones is the Macro Particle Accelerator for the Decomposer. Fitting more than one can give you the instant 5% boost and it stacks. It’s a matter of you can’t use more than one at a time.

Fittings For Frigates

In EVE Echoes, everyone starts out with a Frigate. Oddly enough, they can give you a good start. It’s just a matter of which strategies you already know. From there, it’s all on your fittings. The first ship example is the Tristan.

tristan eve echoes

With a pair of drone slots and 2 small railguns, you can do a lot more than most think. This ship will get tougher because of the EHP bonus of the drones. Yes, this is a fast little bugger like most other small ships! Start out by arming the Tristan with 1 Warrior and 1 Hornet. It’s a good damage mix. Next, fit 2 small railguns. Pretty much MK5 or higher will do. For the side slots you’d want a pair of Energy Nosferatu (NOS) or a pair of Stasis Webifiers (Webs). That depends on your use of the tactics you know. Since this ship doesn’t have Rig slots, there’s one less thing to deal with!

For the low slots, that’s entirely up to the tactics. With kiting or dragging, most of your attacks will come from the drones while you’re at range. So an armor repairer is always a good choice for the first slot. The other would be a MicroWarpDrive (MWD), an AfterBurner (AB) or a damage booster. The MWD or AB would be for closer range speed tanking. The idea being that you’re orbiting so fast and so close, the targets can’t hit you much at all (dodging). The kiting or dragging tactics are a bit safer so the damage booster works better.

The next EVE Echoes example ship is the Hound. This is another of the weird ones. Yes, it is a Frigate. Yes, you can put medium weapons on it (specifically the medium Torpedo). No, don’t bother with it unless you’re Minmatar (note the Role Bonus). Also don’t bother with it unless you’re using an Omega Clone.

hound eve echoes

The Hound is a Covert-Ops ship. So you can put the Covert-Ops cloaking device on it. This means you remain cloaked at any speed. You can also lock targets while cloaked.

hound eve echoes

Just don’t forget to train the proper skills for it. You will need to be an Omega Clone to train skills above normal.

hound eve echoes

If you want this ship to be able to move, you’ll have to be an Omega Clone to train Expert skill levels. The fun part is that this ship can go into bombing mode. This means you’ll gain hefty boosts to your range and damage. However, you’ll be a stationary target too. Obviously, medium torpedoes are your main weapons. From there a Web + NOS would work well on the side slots.

If you’re going in for being sneaky, use a Warp Disruptor + Web. A speed booster, a shield booster and a Covert-Ops cloaking device are your better bets. For the Rigs, the recommendation would be damage + range boosters and a capacitor + capacitor timer reduction boosters.

Fittings For Destroyers

The first example of a Destroyer fitting for EVE Echoes is the Corax Sniper. As it turns out, the Sniper class ships are among the best in their class/level. The trick is to remember to get the ship according to your role.

corax sniper eve echoes

In this case, the Corax Sniper gains the Role Bonus when you’re Caldari. The fun part to Sniper ships is that there’s one for each of the currently playable roles. A set of 4 small missile launchers are going to bean your targets faster with the Role Bonus Velocity boost. Missiles are naturals at kiting and dragging tactics.

Fitted to the side slots would be 2 NOS and 1 Web. Of course, this works better when your clone is an Omega (Advanced skill)! Be sure to check the range of the Web and NOS so if something gets close enough, you’ll know when to trigger them.

corax sniper eve echoes

For the low slots, you’ll want an AB or MWD because you can see the Flight Velocity isn’t that high. A shield booster would be a great addition since the Corax Sniper has a higher shield amount. From there, a capacitor booster would help make up for a quickly draining capacitor.

For the Rigs, the must have missile activation time reduction booster helps take advantage of the Role Bonus Velocity boost. Either a missile damage booster or its range booster would your better bets for the other slot. For the Engineering Rigs, any combination that doesn’t have penalties concerning capacitors is your better bet.

The next EVE Echoes example Destroyer is the Dragoon Sniper. This is an Amarr ship that gives you a great start into the damage versatility of drone boats. Being an Amarr ship, cannons would be your better bet for the high slots. Reserve their use for targets that catch up to you.

dragoon sniper eve echoes

With its Role Bonus, your drones would get to their target(s) much faster. Again, being an Omega clone to train Advanced Small Drone Upgrade makes the drone faster and hit harder. The trick to making the Dragoon Sniper a versatile attacker lies in the drone’s damage types. Your best bet is to look at the defenses of various ships. You’ll see which defense types would be weak on them. Match the 3 weakest defense types of the various ships to the drone’s damage types. At the minimum, at least one of your drones is going to bean targets hard.

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Drone boats are naturals at kiting and dragging tactics. However, in checking the Advanced Destroyer Command Bonus, a combination of 2 NOS and 1 Web works great. Again, check their ranges after fitting so you’ll know when you have to activate them.

dragoon sniper eve echoes

You’ll really want an AB for one of the low slots and a drone damage booster for the other. On the third low slot, an armor repairer is your better bet. This is an armor type ship. Basically it’s anything goes for the Engineering Rigs. You would want the Combat Rigs to favor the drones. Those drone will be doing most of the “talking”. Using a range booster + damage booster is the recommendation.

Fittings For Industrial Ships

Of course an EVE Echoes fittings guide would show some love towards you miners! The tricks to it are to be fast and be safe. So you’ll need a hefty amount of skill training. The idea in being fast is to not only escape quickly, but fill your ore hold quickly too. The main ship example for mining is the Venture III. Much of the same ideas apply to the previous Venture ships but it’s the V3 that you want to spend your ISK on.

venture III eve echoes

The Role Bonus helps you get away from attackers using a Warp Disruptor. This happens to be ORE. You’ll notice that the Mining Bonus lower compared to the Venture II. It’s fine since you have 3 mining lasers.

In training your Industrial Ship Command skill, your Scan Resolution increases. Even if you don’t equip drones, it’s that Scan Resolution which helps keep you safer. The idea is that you’ll be able to see the ships coming a bit quicker. So if you’re babysitting your miner as you should be, you’ll be able to escape before they can attack.

venture III eve echoes

For the high slots, the recommendation is 3 Diode Mining Lasers. The idea is to keep the costs low but the gains high. It’s pretty much anything goes for the middle slots. The low slots benefit the most from an AB + MK5 Cloaking device + Warp Stabilizer. If you were too slow or you get snuck up on, the Cloaking device won’t help. Anything at 2KM or less range from you means you can’t use it. So you’ll need the Warp Stabilizer to help get you gone.

For the Engineering Rigs, 1 Circulation and 1 Efficiency rig helps pick up the pace. You’ll mine faster via activation time reduction and bigger chunks per cycle. The combination of skill training + targeting + positioning, you can get your full ore hold in 10 to 12 minutes. That and you can be pretty safe too! Shield boosters and/or velocity or warp boosters for the Combat Rigs are your better bets. Again, don’t slouch on your speeds!

The next example ship for mining in EVE Echoes is the Mammoth. Why not the Kyros? It’s because the Mammoth has a bigger Cargo Hold. This helps bring back ore in much larger amounts. The main trick to the Mammoth is that it’s a transport ship. So keep it in 0.3 Security (SEC) or higher areas.

The idea is to simply park it in a station either in the same area you mine in or within 1 or 2 jumps away. Then go mine with your V3! The biggest concern for mining is the campers. But in 0.3 and higher systems, the stations and gates still have Sentry Guns. A recent update made them hit harder. So camping low SEC areas won’t work nicely for campers!

mammoth eve echoes

The Mammoth is a Minmatar ship. So if you’re on Minmatar, the Role Bonus will kick in. But it only works when you have Warp Stabilizer fitted to it. Again, this really is a transport ship. So mining with it is a really bad idea! The main idea is to bring back as much ore as you can in one trip. So using the Cargo Hold Capacity boosting Rigs in the Engineering slots is your best bet. The free ones (Daily Supplies) provide a 60% boost in total. That’ll be 10,880 cubic meters in total (up to 13,600 or more depending on the Rig level).

mammoth eve echoes

The Mammoth also provides a large Ore Hold when you’ve upgraded Advanced Industrial Ship Command (up to 21,250 cubic meters). The oddball part to these upgrades is that you’ll have to check the cargo and ore holds manually to see the boosts. It’ll also have to be the active ship for them to work too. Ship Info won’t show it properly.

For the low slots, you’ll want a shield booster + AB or MWD + armor repairer. Swap the armor repairer for a Warp Stabilizer if you’re on Minmatar. Shield amount boosters are your better bet for the Combat Rigs.

Fittings For Cruisers

In EVE Echoes, the Cruisers are some of the toughest ships around. They don’t rely much at all on Role Bonuses. They’re bigger and a bit slower compared to others. The fun part is that they can be made to pack quite a punch. The first Cruiser example for fittings is the Moa.

moa eve echoes

As a single drone ship, it’s the Valkyrie that works the best on it. That damage type will tear through armors the best. Clearly 4 medium railguns are your best choice for the high slots. A lot of the Caldari ships are shield tankers. So using a shield booster + damage controller in the low slots is your first choice. The damage booster for railguns in the low slot is another excellent choice. An AB is standard and a MWD is fun! A Warp Stabilizer or a Shield Extender or a Capacitor Battery is the recommendation for the last low slot. Two Capacitor Control Circuits are the recommendation for the Engineering Rigs. The Railgun Burst Aerator + railgun damage booster are the recommendations for the Combat Rigs.

The next EVE Echoes Cruiser example fitting would be the Vexor Navy Issue (VNI). This one provides a really great go at having a drone boat. That’s as long as you’ve trained your Drone skill.

vexor navy issue eve echoes

Your biggest concern with the VNI is the Advanced Medium Drone Operation skill. Naturally, you’ll want to use an Omega clone to maximize that. For the most part, your drones will be doing the “talking” for you. The idea is to provide a constant weak point attack similar but more so compared to the Dragoon Sniper. So put 1 of each type of drone into the drone slots. The recommended fifth drone would be another Valkyrie to tear apart enemy armor faster. Being a Gallente ship, the recommendation is to have 2 medium railguns fitted in the high slots.

The cool part to this is that when using kiting and/or dragging tactics, your capacitor lasts longer. You can equip a Capacitor Battery or a Warp Stabilizer in one of the low slots. The VNI is an armor tanker. So fitting an armor repairer is recommended. The Drone damage booster is another recommendation for the low slots. The last low slot works best when you’re keeping your speeds up. So a MWD or AB would be your better bets.

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The Combat Rig slots benefit the most with a damage and range booster (1 each). The Engineering slots benefit the most from a pair of Capacitor Control Circuits or a Capacitor booster + Control Circuit combination. The idea is that just in case something gets too close, you’ll need most of your fittings up and running. That’ll drain your capacitor pretty quickly! To prevent that, use those Engineering Rigs and a pair of medium NOS + 1 Web.

Fittings For Your Free Battlecruiser

Yes, on your first day 30, as long as you’re an Omega, you’ll get a free Battlecruiser. The fun part is that it’s a Tier0 ship. Anyone can use it regardless of their current Tech Level. The problem is that it’s slow. The good news is that it hits a ton and does work well with kiting and dragging tactics! The obvious first part is to fit 4 medium Decomposers in the high slots.

can-yue prototype eve echoes

Oddly enough, you get the Role Bonus anyway (currently unplayable role). From there it’s a matter of boosting the Decomposer skills as much as you can. When it comes to “up close and personal” battles, you better have a Web and 2 medium NOS fitted in the middle slots. Even if you’re aiming for pure kiting and/or dragging tactics, you still want those modules. That’s in case something goes wrong and/or an enemy gets too close. The tracking speed of Decomposers isn’t that high. The Web fixes that.

The biggest complaint for the Can-Yue is its defense (Glass Cannon). Kiting and/or dragging tactics can greatly help. However, using a shield booster in 1 low slot and 2 shield Rigs in the Combat Rig slots helps a lot. The third Combat Rig slot should be fitted with a damage booster. You want the Can-Yue’s punch nice and high. The other problem is that this ship pretty much hemorrhages capacitor in close range combat. Long range combat helps but not much! The Capacitor booster and Control Circuits are the recommendation for the Engineering Rig slots.

To help against its impressive slowness, an AB for dragging tactics or a MWD for kiting work well. The Capacitor Battery in the low slot is your best bet. Lastly is the fourth low slot. That’s where many get it a little mixed up.

In order to have an impressively hard hitter, many placed up to 3 Decomposer damage boosters. It’s in order to stack the 5% passive damage boost. With this fitting using a single Decomposer damage booster, you’ll increase the Can-Yue’s survival rate. At the same time, you’ll still have quite a hitting machine.