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Epic Dragons Cheats: 4 Stunning Tips & Tricks for Consistent Three-Star Levels

Epic Dragons (iOS, Android) is a new tower defense game by Crescent Moon Games that comes with its share of special twists you won’t find in your average title in the genre. The dragons are under attack, so it’s your job to help them defend their homeland, which basically means unleashing those dragons and attacking enemies who dare invade said homeland. The tower defense element comes into play as you position your dragons to block out your enemies and keep their homeland safe. There are 60 stock levels across three worlds, nine dragons, six abilities, and a World Creator feature that has allowed users to create “more than 100” custom levels.

For sure, this isn’t just a different game as far as tower defense titles go; it’s also different as a title featuring dragons. And below you can find a couple of Epic Dragons cheats, tips and hints that could assist you in coming up with the best defense and the best offense as well, en route to three-star levels.

1. Don’t Stick All Your Dragons At The Start Of The Path

If you come to think of it, this is a rather strange tip. But it prevents you from going for the obvious, and gives you a better chance of finishing with a three-star level. Remember that you won’t get three stars if the enemies get killed before they make it to the stars. What you should do instead is to use the Path Blocker ability so you can place rocks around the beginning of the path.

2. Use Your Dragons Based On The Situation

What we mean by this is that you should use certain dragons that would be most appropriate for a given situation. One example would be Minotaurs, who have a lot of health points and are best used as the enemy “tanks.” That means it would take a lot of hits before you take them down. But they do take more damage than usual from Fire Dragons, so you should bring them along in levels where there are Minotaurs.

3. Be (Sort Of) Familiar With The Stats Of Your Dragons

Positioning is what this game is all about, and when determining the best positioning possible, you should know your dragons’ range. Epic Dragons, however, doesn’t seem to have a way for you to check actual range stats; this means you’ll have to do your share of observation and remember which dragons have good range…or not-so-good range. Fire Dragons, we’d say, have the shortest range, while the Lightning Dragons are far more impressive in this department. And so are the dragons we’ll be telling you about below.

4. Make Sure You’re Using The Ice Dragon

Though, the Ice Dragon’s damage isn’t as much as most others, it does have more range, and it stands out because it could slow down the bad guys by essentially freezing them. Once you hit an enemy with the Ice Dragon, they slow down drastically and become more vulnerable to extra shots.