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Dice Mage Cheats, Tips & Strategy Guide: 6 Simple Hints to Roll Your Way to Victory

Dice Mage is currently available for iOS devices only, and it puts a new twist on RPG gaming. It’s a spell combat RPG by Tapinator where you play as the titular character and use those “magical exploding dice” against all manner of monsters – demons, ghosts, ogres, and the like. Each encounter is randomly generated, but on a simpler note, the battle mechanic is as basic as it gets; the highest roller, so says the game, gets to hurl magical explosive dice. And if you roll the right number, you can cast a specific spell against the enemy.

We’ll leave it up to you to discover this game in earnest, but if you’re having trouble figuring things out in this title, we recommend that you view this Dice Mage cheats and strategy guide.

1. Be Patient When You’re Starting Out

Each game starts with you having only a limited number of spells, and being forced, on most occasions, to make use of your Die Damage. As staffs work by upgrading Damage stats, it would be in your best interests to find one ASAP.

2. It’s Not Always A Bad Thing To Lose A Roll

Dice plays a very, very key role in Dice Mage’s mechanics, and if you do lose a roll, you shouldn’t see it as a bad thing all the time. Chance, in fact, does not play as much a part as your own decisions do. So if you do lose a roll, think about it as a potential opportunity to use certain defensive spells, or even spells that could get rid of an enemy before they’re even able to attack you.

3. Critical Hit On 5 And 6 Will Deal A Whole Lot Of Damage

Getting spell books with Critical Hit is always a good thing, but you want to prioritize those where the Critical Hit is on the “5” or the “6”of your die. This will give you a better chance to win the roll against the enemy, and winning is the only way you can get a Critical Hit.

4. How To Win Boss Fights

Consider yourself warned. Boss fights can be quite difficult to win in this game, so you need to have your Health and Mana fully charged before you take them on. And it’s also important to learn the bosses’ unique attributes or skills that give them the edge over your character. For example, some bosses may re-roll at the same time you do, while others may feed off on your attacks to make them even stronger.

5. Understand The Spell Mechanic

The best way to describe the spells mechanic in Dice Mage is peculiar. Each of the six sides of your die can correspond to a certain spell, and these spells are divided into three categories – Offense, Defense, and Neutral. The first two are self-explanatory, while the last would refer to those that can give you boosts.

6. Dice Can Also Be Used For Gambling

Dice Mage’s main currency is gems, and you can win more of them by going to the Gambling Room (and spending gems in the process). Now this is where chance plays a big role in things; your roll has to be within a certain range so you can win the item up for grabs. Each Gambling Room has a total of eight items you can win, and it’s the last that’s the most powerful of them all. As an aside, you can also go to the Mystery Rooms, where you’ll be gambling with mana and winning gems or stat boosts.