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Can Knockdown 3 Cheats & Tips: 5 Killer Tricks for Three-Star Levels

Infinite Dreams has a new installment in the Can Knockdown Series, and the game we’ll be talking about now is the third. “Challenge your aim, hone your precision, and push your puzzle-solving skills to the next level in this insanely addictive game,” says the official description, which adds that Can Knockdown has now hit “new heights,” adding puzzles and challenges to the mix. The puzzles are of varying levels of difficulty, and you can also win your share of achievements and badges. Lastly, you’ve got 60 levels you can play for free, with the next 100 or so costing $1.99, which is the cost of the paid version of the game.

Regardless if you’re a newbie to this series or not, we recommend that you read these Can Knockdown 3 cheats, hints and tips so you can get a good feel for the game (and the series) and know what to do in certain important situations.

1. Make Good Use Of The Explosive Cans And Power Shots

Once you hit Explosive Cans, that’s going to trigger an explosion that can destroy cans and surrounding parts. Make sure you’ve got the proper angle on your shot so you can make the most out of these cans. Otherwise, you can go for a Power Shot so you can earn more points upon hitting a can.

2. Destroy The Structure First In Certain Situations

These situations would be finding cans that rest on top of multiple structures. When aiming, you should gun for the structure and try to destroy it, instead of shooting one can at the time. This is a faster way to get three-star levels in most cases.

3. Always Go For Three-Star Levels

For some, this is a given, as earning three stars in a level means more points. You don’t need to hit three stars all the time – as long as you’ve got at least one upon completion, you’re fine and that level is considered cleared. However, you need at least 60 stars total in one scenario in order to move on to the next, so earning three stars consistently and grinding if necessary will be paramount to your success.

4. Moving Bands May Have Explosive Cans

In some levels, you’ll find moving bands that have explosive cans. Hit the can as soon as you see it as it won’t be back on the same level once it’s gone.

5. How To Deal With The Extra Ball Cans

First of all, you must hit the Extra Ball Cans so you can get the corresponding reward, which is – surprise, surprise – an extra ball. And it’s important that you actually hit the cans; if they happen to fall down when knocked down by another can or knocked down together with a structure, you won’t receive an extra ball. And if the Extra Ball Can is hit but doesn’t quite fall down, the only time you get an extra ball is the first time this happens. If you hit the can a second time and it finally falls, you won’t get an extra ball either.