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Epic Battle Simulator (iOS) Tips, Cheats & Tricks To Win More Battles

With a name like Epic Battle Simulator, you can’t expect anything less than awesome. Available on Android and iOS mobile platforms, this game puts you in charge of a vast army. Your goal is to strategically place your soldiers on the battlefield in order to defeat your enemy. Place your troops in the correct areas of the map based on their strengths and weaknesses. You have a lot of different troops at your disposal, and you need to maximize the use of each of them. It’s a good thing you can depend on our Epic Battle Simulator strategy guide to help you achieve victory!

1. Know Your Troops

The game gives you access to all the troops right from the get go, except for a couple troops that can only be unlocked through real-money purchases. Don’t worry too much about those, though, because you can finish the game even without the premium troops. What you do need to worry about is getting to know your troops. This game does not spoon feed its players therefore you will be left with very little information as to what each type of troop actually does. You will have to try each one of them out in the battlefield to have a better understanding of their roles. Take time to learn these roles because this knowledge will be the foundation of all your strategies.

2. The Quadrants

Each map is divided into four quadrants. You can assign up to a maximum of 25 troops in each quadrant. Keep in mind that you don’t have to put soldiers in all of the quadrants. This means you are free to place troops only where you need them. This is important because you pay for the soldiers that you deploy and when you are still starting out, gold will be hard to come by. Avoid spending all your gold in filling up 100 slots for soldiers when you only need a few. It would be a good idea, however, to always have soldiers on the front rows.

3. Take Note Of Soldier Count

The different maps in the game have their own rules. One rule you should always take note of is the maximum number of soldiers you can use. While in theory, you can have up to 100 soldiers on the battlefield, some maps will have restrictions. Always keep an eye on the maximum number of soldiers you can put down on the map to avoid using up all your allowed slots before you can set up an effective formation.

4. Battle Formations

Strategies will always differ and you are free to follow your own style if you feel it is more effective for you. There are standard formations, however, that would make for a good base to build on. Generally speaking, you would want your heavy armor units up front, to absorb most of the damage from enemies. Right behind these heave armor units would be the high damage melee units. Lastly, you want your squishy, ranged units as far away from the enemies as possible so keep them in the backlines.

Test your skills in a battle of with in Epic Battle Simulator! Make sure to follow our strategy guide so you can easily conquer all the levels!