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Charming Runes Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Working in the mines is hard but if you have magical pickaxes, it can definitely be fun. Experience the life of a mining witch in Charming Runes. Available on Android and iOS, this block-breaking game lets you clear an underground fairy mine by throwing pickaxes. Conquer endless levels of the mines using different power ups and combos. If you want to make sure you get some high scores, then you should check out our Charming Runes tips and tricks to help you clear all the blocks!

1. Don’t Get Crushed

As cute and colorful as this game is, it has some pretty scary mechanics. The blocks slowly come down from above each turn until they reach you. That means you have to hurry and clear the blocks as soon as you can before they come all the way down. The game can keep going endlessly for as long as you are able to clear all the blocks. Once the blocks get to the bottom, though, it is game over. Keep in mind that you can only make one move at a time and the blocks will descend after every move you make. You need to make sure your moves take out a lot of blocks because you cannot afford to just clear one block at a time. A good technique is to make the pickaxes bounce of the wall and on to the top of the blocks. The pick axes will bounce around and clear a lot of blocks in one turn for you.

2. Hit Requirements

When you first play the game, you will notice that the blocks have different numbers on them. These numbers represent the number of times you will need to hit them before they are cleared. Prioritize the ones that have higher numbers on them because they will be harder to clear and you need more time to hit them repeatedly. The ones with lower numbers can be cleared quickly afterwards.

3. Powered Runes

Clearing blocks can be tougher as you progress in the game. Lucky for you there are a couple of power ups that can help you. The first one is the golden pickaxe. The good thing about the golden pickaxe is that it does not disappear even if you fail a level. It will stay in your inventory until you use it. It’s great for clearing blocks so use it whenever you can. Another power up is the explosive rune which blows up when you clear it, taking adjacent blocks with it in the explosion. As you can imagine, it is even better in clearing blocks since it is an area attack.

4. Practice Bouncing Pickaxes

It takes a while to master the mechanics of the game. You should practice throwing your pickaxes if you want to reach higher levels. Since there is no limit to how long you can wait before taking a turn, use this time to focus on getting the hang of making your pickaxes bounce off the walls. It will take a bit of a while but you will master it eventually.

It’s time to clear the blocks in Charming Runes! Just follow the tips and tricks we gave you to help achieve top scores!