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Edo Superstar Tips, Cheats & Tricks: 6 Ways to Guide Masaru to Fighting Superstardom

Edo Superstar is a new iOS game from Cleaversoft, that’s set in old Japan, where you control an energetic monkey named Masaru and help him become the “most popular fighter in the land,” as he tries to make it to Edo City and fight in the Zodiac Tournament. There are other interesting anthropomorphic characters in this game – that’s human-like animals, in other words – and quite an interesting backstory, as Masaru has to avoid his former ninja clan, who’s out to get him “for forsaking their order in his pursuit of fame.” And to cap off this quick list of features, Masaru will also get to build up his fame, thus allowing him to improve his strength, speed, and other attributes, earn money to buy special items, and get special stars to upgrade his equipment once you do particularly well in a level.

There’s a nice story to be told here, but you may not find it easy to help Masaru achieve his goals, especially if you’ve just started playing for the first time. But regardless whether you’re a beginner or a more seasoned player, you’ll still want to check out this list of Edo Superstar tips, tricks and cheats. Do you have it in you to take this scrappy little monkey to stardom?

1. Upgrade Masaru Based On Your Play Style

As we mentioned above, you can upgraded Masaru’s statistics as you go along – all in all, he has four attributes, namely Strength, Speed, Defense, and Special. The first two skills will respectively allow you to deal out more damage and move faster – that’s pretty self-explanatory. But you may also want to work on Defense if you are like us and believe the best offense is, more often than not, a good defense. Or you could work on Special if you want those special skills to become more effective right away.

2. Familiarize Yourself With The Enemies

Beating more enemies means being familiar with how they operate. And when it comes to the enemies in Edo Superstar, each of them have about four to five primary attacks. Study those attacks and try to figure out their fighting style – this would allow you to react the right way and beat them easier. Keep repeating this process each time you meet a new type of enemy and aren’t quite sure what you should be expecting.

Aside from familiarizing yourself with enemy attack patterns, you should also prepare for hordes of enemies trying to use their strength in numbers to overwhelm you. Try to create a diversion that would make them bump into each other and effectively eliminate them, and avoid any situation where you’re cornered by these enemies. This may require using Masaru’s greatest asset, which is his speed. He doesn’t have the strength that his enemies do, but as a monkey, he’s quick and fast, and you can harness this ability by leaping, dodging, and rolling around, hopefully confusing enemies, throwing them off, and as we mentioned, forcing them to slam into each other.

3. Tap Short And Fast

Speed is important to Masaru, because it’s what he does best. But it’s not just the main character that needs to be fast – YOU also need to act quickly and accurately in this game. Use shorter, faster swipes as opposed to slow and sure strokes, as that’s going to allow you to move Masaru faster, and ensure greater accuracy on your iPhone, as its touchscreen will recognize those short, quick swipes better.

4. Your Manager Knows What He’s Talking About

Masaru wants to be an Edo Superstar, and to that end, he has a “talent manager” named Chuubei. Chuubei is going to give you advice as a player as you control Masaru and take him to greater heights in the game, so listen to what he says, especially when the advice pertains to fighting. We don’t usually see in-game tips and tricks as complete, but Chuubei does a pretty good job giving them to players.

5. Masaru Will Gain New Moves And New Items As You Progress

Once you’re well into your play-through, you may be hard-pressed to recognize Masaru, as he’ll be much better than he was when you first encountered him upon starting Edo Superstar. One reason would be all the new moves you will be unlocking along the way. These moves will be unlocked as you level up, and you should study how each move works, and how you can launch them in battle. You will need them, after all, as the opposition gets tougher.

You can also unlock new items for Masaru – these are mainly power-ups that can give him some extra advantage in battle, as well as amulets that briefly make you more powerful in battle. These items can be found in the nooks and crannies of the in-game universe – they’re deliberately hard to find, but once you find them, it’ll all be worth it. You can also buy them with gold, should you have enough to spend on them. There’s also food, which you can collect to help Masaru recover his health.
In any case, you want to save those items for occasions when you really need them, as they could be hard to come by for free.

6. Play The Superstar Challenge

In Edo Superstar, you’ve got several levels to complete, and you can get one, two, or three stars depending on how well you perform. But why should you care about three-starring these levels when one or two would seemingly do the trick?

There’s the fact that three-star levels help you level up quicker than you normally would. But the main incentive of reaching three stars in a level is unlocking the Superstar Challenge. These challenges differ depending on the level, which means there’s one for each of the 50 levels available in the game. Completing enough Superstar Challenges will reward you quite richly – you can get fighting suits that improve Masaru’s stats and make him substantially more powerful and an even more fearsome force to be reckoned with!

And this wraps up our strategy guide for Edo Superstar. Do you know additional tips or tricks for the game, that we haven’t listed in this article? Let us know in the comment section!