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Swords and Sandals 2 Redux Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide: 7 Hints to Create the Ultimate Gladiator

Swords and Sandals 2 Redux is a new mobile game for iOS and Android that follows in the footsteps of its predecessor as a gladiator-inspired RPG. It’s one of those RPGs that require tactical strategy, and it comes with turn-based gameplay, as well as all-new graphics, music, new Arena Champions, and new skills as you enter the Arena of Doomtrek and face off against other gladiators. You can create, level up, and customize your gladiator, learn up to 30-plus new battle skills, and wield your choice of weapons and wear different types of armor (there are more than 200 of both combined). And while the 20 Arena Champions in this game may seem a bit lacking, that at least keeps things simple enough for casual gamers to give this game a spin.

Admittedly, this game isn’t as complex as other titles in the tactical RPG genre. But it isn’t meant to be – there are no clans to join, no interactions with real players to worry about, no base-building or tower defense mechanics. It’s all about fighting in the arena in this game, and we’re here to help make your gladiator unstoppable in all of the game’s arenas. Read on, as we shall cover everything you need to know about the game in this Swords and Sandals 2 Redux strategy guide.

1. How To Build And Customize Your Gladiator

When starting out in Swords and Sandals 2 and creating your gladiator, your mileage may vary – there is no right or wrong type of gladiator you should be creating in this game. But you’ll have to pay closer attention to your gladiator when you’ve created them and you’re trying to improve them.

For starters, your gladiators will get to level up and get two stat points as a reward for leveling up. You can allocate those points to any of your gladiator’s eight categories. On top of that, the game will give you one skill point for learning a new skill or improving the ones you already have. Think about your desired play style and your long-term plans for your character before allocating those stat points. You might want to specialize, as you’ll only be getting one point per level in the game, and not focus too much on getting all of the skills unlocked.

2. Here’s A Good Example Of How To Improve Your Gladiator

If you need more help in getting your gladiator up to speed, you can consider this simple example. Let us say that your gladiator is a melee-type character, meaning someone who is more offensive-minded than others, a gladiator who thrives in close-contact action. That would require a focus on Strength and Attack, with Defense and Vitality also being nice attributes to work on as a secondary priority. Conversely, don’t pay too much attention to Agility and Magick. It’s as easy as that, so if your play style favors a lot of spell casting, you should work on Magick. And if you’ve got a tanky gladiator, Defense and Vitality should be prioritized, followed by Strength and Attack.

3. Stand Back And Let Your Opponents Approach

Playing too offensively and charging straight ahead before your opponent does is often a recipe for disaster. Walking next to an opposing gladiator will allow the enemy to get a hit in on you, as that leaves you vulnerable. Never do this if your turn is up and you’re going to be placed in front of the enemy with your next move. Instead, play defensively and stall for time. That would mean resting to recover your health and essence, or taunting your opponent. What you want here is for your opponent to move first, so that YOU can draw first blood.

This tip should work well against most opponents, but there are enemies that use magic, use long weapons such as spears, or use ranged weapons such as bows.

4. Different Weapons, Different Purposes

Take note that each of the weapon types in this game – all five of them – are strong or weak in specific areas. Starting off, your swords do 20 percent more damage to flesh, and are best-used against squishy opponents with light armor. Clubs are capable of doing 20 percent more damage to armor, and are therefore best against enemies with heavy armor. Axes have a 10 percent higher chance of connecting on a critical hit, so use these if you’re more of a crit hit gambler. Polearms are best for players who like attacking from afar and not moving around a lot. Lastly, bows are used for ranged attacks. Each of those weapons may be better choices depending on different opponents, so make sure you check each opponent’s stats and use that information to choose the right weapon.

5. Have Some Healing Potions Handy

Head to the Magic Shoppe and you can buy healing potions so you can restore your health without having to wait. The large one is especially recommended – each one costs 300 gold, and that’s pretty affordable, with a lot of value for your in-game money. Stock up on potions once you’re done defeating the dopey free duel opponents, and use them whenever you’re in a tight spot and up against an enemy you can’t quite beat just yet.

6. Save Money With Charisma

Want to save some money at the Shoppe and not have to spend so much currency all the time? You can do that by investing some skill points (but not a lot of them) into Charisma. With more Charisma, items in the Shoppe get cheaper, and you also end up earning more gold and XP if you win in the duels. And if your gladiator dies in battle, you can enjoy a better chance of reviving your character without having to pay gold. It does pay to have Charisma, so don’t ignore it when allocating stat points to your gladiator.

7. Keep On Fighting And You’ll Keep Earning

You will need to be at a certain level in order to take part in the tournaments – nobody wants to be unprepared for some tough competition, right? Once you’ve reached that specific level, the tournament will be free to join, and participate in at any time. And while you will not get experience points for completing the free duels, you will still get gold. That caveat of not getting any XP means you shouldn’t rush into the tournaments just because they’re free to join; you may, in fact, want to keep fighting more free duels so you can grind for more currency and afford some high-end weapons and armor. And take part in the more difficult duels, as harder fights mean more earnings if you win!

This completes our detailed guide for Swords and Sandals 2 Redux. If you’re a fellow player who knows additional tips or tricks for the game, don’t hesitate to drop us a line!