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EA Sports UFC Cheats & Strategies: 4 Exciting Tips to Fight Your Way to Glory

Jon Jones may have recently gotten suspended from UFC, but in EA Sports UFC, you can fight him – or even fight as him – on your Android or iOS device. In our previous list of EA Sports UFC tips and tricks, we advised you about the basics of the game, but if you’re joining us for the first time, we’ll give you a quick idea of what to expect. This is a tap-and-swipe mobile sports/fighting game that allows you to collect up to 70+ real-life UFC fighters in four weight classes and take them to the title in the game’s career mode. You get to unlock new abilities and fighters as you progress in the game, and you could also get to play in-game live events. So with that having been said, let’s bring you some advanced EA Sports UFC cheats and strategies to help you get closer to winning the title of your choice.

1. Focus On Training Your Gold Fighters

Fighters are color-coded based on their starting abilities, and it’s the “gold” fighters such as Dominick Cruz, Carlos Condit, Jon Jones, etc. who have the highest starting stats, and appear as “boss” characters in the main events (usually every fight in the multiple of ten). As these guys have nice stats from the get-go, it’s imperative that you focus on training them more than your other fighters.

2. When To Win By Submission?

If your opponent’s health is at the 35 to 40 percent mark or so, that’s when you should go for the takedown and ground-and-pound him a bit before going for a submission. For most fighters, submissions are unlocked when they reach level 5, so as a bonus tip, you should focus on leveling them up early on so that you can unlock your submissions as soon as possible.

3. Sometimes The Fight Goes On When Health Reaches Zero

We’re not sure if this is a bug, or if it’s really part of the game, but this is what we call “reverse fever mode” – it’s cost this writer quite a few fights, so with that said, this is as much a warning as it is a tip.

On some occasions, it would seem as if you’d knocked your opponent out cold, but the fight would go on with the other guy still on his feet. And you have no choice but to tough it out, as you won’t be able to hit any special moves or even pause or quit the game until the fight is over. If you’re not careful, you could end up losing the fight if your opponent sneaks in a special move or two. With all that said, we suggest going toe-to-toe with your opponent and trying to hit consecutive jabs to knock him off his feet and end the match for good.

4. Don’t Fight Someone Too Weak When Completing Some Challenges

Some of the game’s challenges will require you to win consecutive fights by ground KO or by submission. Now, it’s a good idea to grind it out by replaying a previous fight, but you don’t want to face someone whose stats are much lower than yours. Even if you build up your special skills by hitting the puniest of jabs and no special moves, you may still knock him out on his feet if it takes too long for a takedown card to appear. Worse, you may accidentally hit your special move on the guy even if you try to miss it, and that’s going to break your streak easy.

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