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Duskwood Episode 7 Walkthrough

#iamjake is live. Will this be enough for Jake to lose his pursuers? Here’s the walkthrough/playthrough of Duskwood’s seventh episode.

Duskwood Episode Seven

duskwood episode 7 walkthrough
WE are Jake.

The #iamjake movement has grown explosively. So much so that our friends are going to have questions about it.

Help Lilly through the difficult conversation. Focus on telling the group that you and Lilly know who Jake is, but you can’t say who he is just yet. Jake has also always been one of you, even if the others don’t understand it.

However, there’s nothing we can do until Jake returns. All we can do is sit tight.

A Sudden Strike

Go to the chat with Lilly, but you’ll be interrupted by NYM-0S. Be sure to tap the button before time runs out!

duskwood nym

Talk about it with Lilly. It’s probably not Jake, as his would likely have measures to allow him access. This will happen several times; just keep fending them off when NYM-0S warns you.

In all likelihood, the attackers are the people pursuing Jake. If they can get to you, they can get to him – or they think that, as we don’t have any private information about Jake. Hopefully, they’ll just buzz off.

Snoop in on Jessy and Phil’s private conversation.

Amy Bell Lewis

Go back to the main group chat where Thomas will post a (multimedia pack) video. Even if you can’t watch it, Thomas will give you the salient points: the Jane Doe they found in the forest has been identified as Amy Bell Lewis. The friend group knew her – Cleo even mentions that Amy was in the same drawing class as her. But what does Amy have to do with Hannah’s disappearance?

duskwood amy
I’m starting to see a pattern here that I don’t like.

Dig around for info about Amy – she’s roughly the same age as the friend group, they’re not sure if she’s a Duskwood native, and they don’t know if Hannah knew her.

One clue that may be important is the stone in the video; Cleo will put up an image if you can’t see it. This is probably an important clue, but you’ve currently no way to zoom in and read what’s on it.

duskwood video

Phil will shoot you a missed call – acknowledge him. He’ll be back later.

Go to Cleo’s DMs to discuss Amy’s body. She’ll be in a bit of a shock because the body now has a face that she’s familiar with. Cleo will also say that she’s sure Amy stopped going to class at least two weeks before Hannah’s disappearance.

duskwood amy 2
This is a mystery game; the chances that the two cases are connected is almost 100%.

You’ll also discover that Hannah and Amy have roughly identical physical profiles and that there’s a passing similarity in the change in behavior in both Hannah and Amy – Hannah was acting strange, while Amy suddenly stops showing up. It’s just a notion at this point but keep it in mind.


Go back to the main group chat. Phil’s been arrested!

duskwood jail
And after I just okayed him!

Jessy will say that this was bound to happen because of the investigation of Hannah’s disappearance. She’ll understandably be hard to talk to and will vanish to find out why Phil was arrested. It’s also in our best interest to find out why – and maybe we can even help Phil.

Dan will say that it’s probably because of Amy: the police kept the identity secret for a long time, then suddenly released her identity AND made an arrest. Too much to be a coincidence, I think. Is Phil just a fall guy?

duskwood phil

Richy will invite us to talk about our conversation with Phil. I took him up on the offer to paint Phil in a better light. You should also bring up the threatening phone calls you’ve been receiving since the start of the case. Naturally, no one will confess.

Adjourn for now, then go to Jessy’s DMs. She’ll apologize for vanishing earlier, which is perfectly understandable. She’ll mention that she got in touch with her sister, Angela, who managed to find a lawyer for Phil.

Jessy also tried to call the police, but they refused to speak with her. How unprofessional.

Bring up Phil’s missed call. Why did he want to talk to you and not Jessy?

Lastly, bring up the attacker. You know, the one from the end of episode 5. Jessy hasn’t told us about them yet.

duskwood attack
What have we learned from this?

Go through the questions; the important points you’ll pick up are:

  • The attacker is very strong; even prepared, Jessy is sure she couldn’t have fended off the attacker even if she was prepared.
  • The attacker wasn’t armed – they didn’t want to seriously harm Jessy.
  • The attacker came from the alleyway.
  • The only people who knew that Jessy was on the way home were Phil, Richy, and us.
  • The attacker propped Jessy’s phone up so we could see the aftermath of the attack.

Despite knowing that the only reason she was attacked was because of us, Jessy will say she’s prepared to pay the price. Don’t waste such loyalty, yeah?

Finally, Jessy will ask if you can share the files you got from Jake. Unfortunately, we can’t – Jake isn’t here, and there’s nothing in there that will exonerate Phil. We don’t even know what he’s been accused of. Oh, and there’s also the issue of the random attacks on our phone.

Traces of Hannah

Jessy will come back to report that the GPS in Hannah’s car only had one address, and she’s there right now.

duskwood jessy

While this is no doubt highly dangerous, there’s only one location I can think of that Hannah would have saved. Of course, it isn’t in Duskwood – it’s a place called Ashview Hills.

You’ll be interrupted by another attack. And despite the sophistication of NYM-0S, this one is going to get through. They’ll forcibly gain camera access.

duskwood hackers
Wanna bet it’s Thomas and Richy’s actors in those masks?

But things aren’t all bad: Jake will message you again after deflecting that last attack.

Now the two of you can catch up. Jake’s been on the run as his attackers are a lot more persistent and cunning than he thought. He’ll also confirm that NYM-0S is a bot made to protect you, specifically. NYM-0S also has a second function: it will inform Jake if you’re under attack. Thanks to that feature, Jake was able to step in. This time.

Tell Jake about Phil’s arrest. Jake won’t comment on the situation just yet as he’ll need to assess. He’ll also be missing a lot of his equipment, but he can still help us. End by saying that you’ll tell Lilly that Jake is safe, for now.

Give Lilly the good news, then spread it to the friend group.

Late to the Party

Jessy will message you to confirm what we’ve already surmised. Hannah’s satnav leads to Jennifer’s house, the same one in the note.

duskwood jessy 2
All roads lead to this one.

Jessy will say that the conversation with Iris Hanson – Jennifer’s mom – has her upset. But thanks to Jessy, we’ll finally be unable to unearth what happened to Jennifer.

Jennifer Hanson was on the way to visit her father, but she never arrived. Duskwood citizens looked for her for several days, but her body was discovered by chance by a lumber mill worker. The autopsy on Jennifer’s body showed that she was not attacked but died from injuries resulting from a car impact. The case was determined to have been a hit and run by a driver who hid Jennifer’s body in the forest after hitting her.

Here’s the weird thing: what does a driver have to do with the strange man that was supposedly stalking Hannah during this time? And if Jennifer’s death was an accident, not a planned murder, why would that person stalk Hannah? Something’s off here.

Jessy’s next steps will be to go to the police to confront them about Phil’s arrest. She’ll also be heading to Roger’s Garage to check its records for an AMC Gremlin, the car model involved in Jennifer’s accident. Luckily for us, Roger’s Garage was the only auto shop in Duskwood at the time, so Jessy should

Won’t Somebody, Somebody Free Phil?

Return to the group chat. Dan will once again lay out the facts of his case: he left Phil high and dry in the Aurora bar on what should have been his first day, and his brakes were sabotaged as he was on the way home from a would-have-been date with Phil’s sister. Cleo will chip in with Phil’s aggressive attitude during her interrogation.

As if that isn’t enough, Dan has more to add. Phil was at the hospital yesterday and asked one of the nurses about Dan. What did Phil want?

duskwood alert
And yet none of them reached out to us. That’s sus.

Jessy will return with some grim news. The police know everything – Lilly’s video, Jake’s involvement, and about us. Even worse, they’ve decided that we’re hiding evidence. All this came from the police chief, Alan Bloomgate. Worst of all, Bloomgate told Jessy that someone in the friend group testified against Phil.

All this coming from the same people who didn’t reach out to us and arrested Phil for an unknown crime isn’t reassuring in the least.

duskwood divide
Breaking of the Fellowship Part 2: Electric Boogaloo

Jessy doesn’t want to start a fight, but she needs to know who testified against Phil. You’ll need to reveal that you did talk about Phil as a suspect with Richy, Cleo, and Thomas. Jessy will be upset and log off.

Snoop in on Jessy and Richy’s DMs. Jessy will accuse Richy of being the one who gave their testimony leading to Phil’s arrest. Despite Richy’s protests that he didn’t do it and his explanation of the timing of the sign, Jessy will remain unconvinced. She’ll tender her resignation immediately and will get her stuff tomorrow morning. And we were so close to getting a new lead on Jennifer’s case, too.

You’ll unlock a new photo in Hannah’s phone: an image of three people in hearts. Thomas is there, so any doubts we might still have about the stability of their relationship are out the window.

duskwood accident

Snoop in on Dan and Richy’s DMs. Richy will report that he is 100% certain nobody tampered with Dan’s car. This might help with Phil’s case with the police, but at the same time, now we can’t be sure if Dan’s crash wasn’t a simple case of DUI.


Jake will have caught up with everything by now. He’ll point out the difficult situation the group is in and assigns you the task of ensuring that nobody leaves the investigation even if they start forming sides. The police aren’t an issue, either; Jake will point out that they had every opportunity to halt your investigation, but haven’t done so – just ignore them.

Phil’s arrest is regrettable, but as we don’t have any information about what he is supposed to have done, we can’t make a case for or against it. However, we do know someone in the group leaked evidence about Phil. What would they have to gain by doing that? Maybe it’s a smokescreen for an actual crime?

duskwood jake
It’s Jake’s turn to cast Wall of Text.

Inform Jake that you know who Alan is now. You’ll now need to find out why Hannah called the police chief before she vanished, and why the call didn’t last very long.

The last lead you have right now is the J.H. bracelet. As it was pawned, it was very likely somebody sold it and meant to get it back later. It falls on us to find out who sold this trinket.

The Second Mark

You’ll be interrupted by Jessy. She’s been marked! Jake will ask you to ask Jessy about where she came from. According to Jessy, she was out of the house, and when she came back, the sign of the raven was there.

Jessy will send the picture to the group chat. On one hand, it’s a terrible omen for Jessy, who wholeheartedly believes in the legends. On the other, it exonerates Phil from the crime of marking Richy’s shop.

duskwood panic
Oh no.

Jessy will propose leaving Duskwood, but not giving up on the investigation. This way, they can still concentrate their efforts on finding Hannah without putting themselves in imminent danger.

Lilly will send you a DM that requires the multimedia pack. According to her, it’s a form for visiting an inmate currently in jail. Tell Lilly that Jessy is scared for her life so that she can start weighing her options.

Go back to your DMs with Cleo, Thomas, and Richy and discuss Jessy’s panic. Cleo will bring up the possibility that Jessy marked herself. She does make a good case: nothing has happened to Richy so far, and Jessy was first attacked and then marked. However, because of Jessy’s belief in the legends, I don’t think she’d have gone that far – even if said mark might help exonerate Phil.

They’ll discuss Jessy’s proposal of leaving Duskwood. Thomas will refuse to leave, but Richy will suggest renting a house in the forest about an hour away from the town. Not a bad compromise!

duskwood jh
My money’s on Iris, but…

One more thing before they leave: you need to know more about the bracelet. You can ask any of the three to sniff out more info, but I chose Thomas as the bracelet was with him already. Cleo volunteered to go with him as her parents are friends with the pawn shop owner.

A Closely Watched Door

Dan will DM you, asking how he can help. Send him the video of the security camera footage – the one that detected movement at 1:00 am.

duskwood video 2

Dan will confirm some of our suspicions: the video is from a wall-mounted camera that activates when something within its field of view moves, and the video was definitely taken at night. The camera was also mounted facing a porch door, meaning that this porch was a point of entry. But Dan will bring up an important question: what was Hannah so afraid of that she would set up a camera in her bedroom?

The Exodus

Lilly will return and send you a copy of the inmate visitation form. Tapping on the link will bring you to an external website, but you can check it out below:

duskwood form

Hannah was visiting one Ted Madruga. I have an idea of who he is, but we’ll need Jake’s investigative prowess to find out who Ted Madruga is.

Jump in the big group chat to examine Richy’s checklist, then continue talking about the big move. Richy will talk about Jessy quitting – remember, we’re not supposed to know this – and will say he doesn’t think she’s serious. He’ll also talk about Dan’s car and how he didn’t find any evidence of tampering. Richy will also note that Dan acted pretty calmly upon receiving the news and that he was expecting Dan to be more upset.

duskwood car
Unless Richy is lying…but why would he?

Your conversation with Richy will be interrupted by a scream from the forest – a scream calling out his name.

What Have We Learned?

Ironic, isn’t it? Just when our friends are leaving Duskwood is when the attacker decides to emerge in full force. Before we jump into episode 8, let’s take a moment and assess what we’ve learned from this episode.

Personal Information and Relationships

  • The body in the forest was identified as Amy Bell Lewis.
  • Amy and Hannah had a period of acting strangely before their disappearances.
  • Amy and Hannah have roughly identical physical profiles.
  • Phil Hawkins was arrested for an unknown crime.
  • One member of the friend group gave testimony and evidence that led to Phil’s arrest.
  • Jessy was marked with the sign of the raven.
  • Jennifer Hanson was killed in a hit-and-run incident when she was on the way to visit her father. The car involved in the accident was repaired in Roger’s Garage.
  • Hannah was visiting Ted Madruga in prison.

Mysteries Solved

  • Iris is Jennifer’s mother. Their house is located in Ashview Hills.
  • According to Richy, Dan’s care was not tampered with.
  • Alan Bloomgate is the police chief of Duskwood.
  • NYM-0S is a bot that Jake made to protect you.

Mysteries That Remain

  • Why did Phil call us before he was arrested?
  • What crime did Phil commit?
  • Who gave information that led to Phil’s arrest?
  • Why did Hannah call Alan on the day she vanished?
  • What was Hannah so afraid of that she set up a camera in her bedroom?
  • Who sold the J.H. bracelet to the pawn shop?
  • Who attacked Richy, and will he be alright?

The Beginning of the End

Richy might have paid the price for our investigation, but to abandon the search now would be to dishonor his and Jessy’s sacrifices.

duskwood episode 7 end

We push on in Duskwood’s eighth episode!