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Duskwood Episode 6 Walkthrough

Where is Jessy?

Duskwood Episode Six

duskwood episode 6 walkthrough
And so the shadowed man makes his move.

Because Jessy was attacked, she didn’t make it to the Aurora bar. Consequently, Thomas and Cleo are about to be in a lot of trouble. Phil will be sending a bunch of messages in his DMs with his sister, revealing that because she didn’t show up, he’ll be calling the police.

Try calling Jessy on your phone. You’ll get no response. As she’s seemingly out for the count, you’ll need to warn the others and try to talk Phil down before things get out of hand. Thomas will thank you, but I told him to explain what he was doing down there as an apology. He will, in due time.

duskwood thomas
You’re welcome, but don’t do that again.

Richy will call you, asking what’s up with Jessy as he got a call from her earlier saying she wouldn’t be at work today, and her voice sounded weird. Tell him that Jessy was attacked, but it wasn’t too serious (indeed, it’s not – you can see her getting up at the end of the video). Still, she’s bound to be very badly shaken.

Your words will stir Richy to action, and he’ll go visit Jessy. You can ask him to pass a message to her.


Jake will return. Go say hi. Let him get up to speed on what you’ve reported so far. Discuss why you think it was Jessy who was attacked; it’s probably because she was calling you, and that way, the attacker could make himself known.

It’s also important to analyze what happened after Jessy was knocked down. The attacker just picked up the phone, looked us straight in the eye, and said nothing. They want us to know it was them. And at the very least, this confirms one of my theories – Jessy is not behind the kidnapping.

The only way we’ll get all the details is by speaking with Jessy, and she’s in shock right now.

Next, talk about Hannah’s behavior. Point out that no one else noticed anything different about Hannah. We’ll need to find out whether the friend group noticed nothing, or if someone is lying.

duskwood jake
A brainstorm is brewing…

Hannah’s note also bears further investigation. While we’ve surmised that it has to do with whatever happened with Jennifer, we still don’t know who Hannah’s unknown companion was. However, based on Thomas’ testimony, we can conclude it wasn’t him. You’ll have to take a wild guess on who it is.

The new information on the bracelet sheds more light on the mystery. As Jessy saw it in the Duskwood pawnshop’s window, it’s a lot more likely that Hannah bought it for herself. The lover theory isn’t completely out the window yet, but it’s becoming less likely.

One more thing about the bracelet – it’s inlaid with emeralds.Now, where have we heard of “emerald green eyes” before? Oh right, Hannah’s note. I think it’s a safe assumption to make that those eyes belong to Jennifer, and thus, the unknown family is Jennifer’s family, and Iris is Jennifer’s mother. And as Jake will point out, the J.H. bracelet likely belonged to Jennifer. And while her last name is Manson, maybe the H isn’t a last name. Maybe it stands for Hannah.

duskwood bracelet
Figuring out the secrets of this bracelet is key to getting to the bottom of Hannah’s disappearance.

Jake will need to run again, but he’ll ask you to continue calling the numbers on Hannah’s phone log. I guess I was wrong to assume the second number was Richy’s.

Unlike your usual logouts though, Jake will send a typo and vanish. Uh-oh.

The Aurora Bar

Make your way back to the phone app and dial the second number, 95042. You’ll reach the answering machine of someone named Alan. No one will pick up, so go back and report to Jake. Still no response.

duskwood group chat
I’m waiting.

Thomas will make good on his promise. Accept his invitation to a group chat with Cleo. Thomas will mention that they did clear things up with Phil, and Cleo will apologize since they wanted to let you know what they were going to do but were unable to. The reason they suddenly suspected Phil is that the body of the Jane Doe in the forest had an Aurora Bar matchbox.

Thomas will mention that someone is missing and invite Richy. So he knew, too. Keep your cool and let them explain. The reason they didn’t tell you sooner was that they were afraid the news would reach Jessy, and thus Phil. That checks out.

duskwood phil
I still don’t think Phil is our guy. We’re 6 chapters in and haven’t spoken to the guy at all. But I do think he’s up to -something-.

Phil’s harsh attitude not only rubbed the group the wrong way but also caused him to become a lead suspect. Given how he was speaking about Hannah, and the coincidental timing of the sign of the raven in Richy’s shop after speaking with Phil, it’s a long shot – but not an impossibility. Combine that with the matchbox on the unknown body, and you have a prime suspect.

As if that wasn’t enough, Richy and Cleo discovered that Phil was closing the Aurora one hour earlier than usual for some time. According to Phil, it’s because people have been scared to go out ever since Hannah vanished and the corpse was found.

And the reason Thomas was in on this? He was encouraged by your talk with him to actively start chasing leads. Good for him, but all their investigation unearthed was getting banned from the Aurora. FOREVER. They weren’t even able to get into the basement because of a huge steel door. I understand protection, but doesn’t this seem like overkill?

All For One

Now that they’ve shared their info (or lack thereof), it’s your turn. Go to the main group chat to talk about what happened to Jessy.

duskwood group chat 2
Oh great, Lilly is going to pin this on us AGAIN.

Richy will also report his findings – Jessy isn’t injured, but she’s understandably scared. Take the time to point out that the video was meant to intimidate you, not harm Jessy. And while Lilly will use the opportunity to stab us AGAIN, good ol’ Cleo will come to the rescue by saying that the only way this will end is if we find the kidnapper and find Hannah.

Richy will ask your permission to say that you have the phone logs – I gave him the go signal. It won’t matter. Before the group chat ends, tell Thomas you have new information for him.

Go back to your DMs with Thomas and tell him that Hannah bought the bracelet herself.

Jake’s Puzzle Box

Send the new picture of Hannah to Jake.

Go to the phone app and dial the third number: 42315. Who is this guy, and why does it sound like he was expecting a call from your number?

duskwood phil 2
I was expecting Alan.

Add his number to your messenger, then go to the group chat with Thomas, Cleo, and Richy to discuss what you’ve found. I guess Phil does know a lot more than he lets on.

Lilly, of all people, will come to us for help. And while I still don’t like her, I’ll have to let my guard down. Maybe we’ll get more information about the case at hand.

And that we do – because Lilly wants to talk about Jake. More specifically, she’ll reveal what Jake told her to get her to take the video down, namely, what his connection to Hannah is. And while Lilly agreed to his terms, he didn’t give sufficient proof. Instead, he sent her a link and told her we are the key. The link is broken, and we have the information to fix it.

duskwood lilly
Jake owes me a drink after all this.

Go to Jake’s messages to find the missing link, then report it to Lilly. If you can’t be bothered to look, the missing part is – just that.

There will be a second puzzle. Lilly will send you the link, and all it says is “Read between this (sic) lines”. If you’d like to solve it yourself, the image below has spoilers for the answer!

duskwood puzzle

Give Lilly the answer. She’ll be pleasantly surprised, but she’ll need to take care of something and will be back later. Which, in gameplay terms, means you need to decrypt.


Lilly will return and ask if you can continue. This time, though, your assistance has a price: ask Lilly how she knows about Jake.

duskwood jake a
Ladies’ man, huh.

Lilly will reveal that Hannah chatted with Jake a lot when they were still living with their parents. She’ll mention that Lilly was swooning over him, going Jake this and Jake that. But one day, Hannah just shut up about Jake and never brought him up again. Lilly will also mention that that kind of behavior wasn’t unusual for Hannah. This sounds like something we heard before, doesn’t it?

Jake went unmentioned until the hacker showed up after Hannah’s disappearance. And while Lilly doesn’t have definitive proof that this person is Jake, she does know that Jake had all of their cell numbers with him.

duskwood jake b
At least they weren’t deleted.

After the friend group received the first video from the hacker, Lilly went to check Hannah’s e-mails, and sure enough, she had archived all her messages to and from Jake. Lilly will mention that Hannah likes to keep stuff connected to memories. These messages had a lot of personal information from both Hannah and Jake. But sadly, Lilly wasn’t able to read through all of them before they were deleted by somebody. That sounds exactly like what happened with our number, doesn’t it?

Lilly is convinced that Jake deleted the e-mails, but I’m not so sure. Why would he pull us into this mystery in the first place?

One more thing about Jake – it was Jake who started distancing himself from Hannah with shorter answers and fewer contacts.

Time for the next puzzle. According to Lilly, Dusty was the name of Hannah’s cat. Open the picture and move your phone around (even poke it a bit) until a shape appears.

duskwood dusty

Send the picture to Lilly, then talk about Jake. I chose to say I didn’t initially trust him, but I grew to. If only Jake could see this now.

The shape might look weird, but you might have seen the shape before. It’s on the Duskwood map.

duskwood map

However, we can’t visit the house as we aren’t physically in Duskwood, so it’s up to Lilly. She’ll ask for directions, but they’re a little complicated. Even if you get them wrong, Lilly will just ask for the map.

duskwood sign
I’ll just do Jim stuff then.

Dan will message you, but you need the multimedia pack. It’s a picture of him at home. At least he’s fine now. He’ll ask if we’ve heard from Jessy, but we haven’t. He’ll then ask if we’ve gotten news from Richy, as he was the first one who went to Jessy. He’ll also point out that maybe the sign in Roger’s Garage wasn’t for Richy, but for Jessy.

Lilly will message. She’s at the destination, but there’s nothing there but grass and trees. Open your map to get an unknown location beside where Lilly is, with four images. Puzzle it out with Lilly – the images are a wall, a moon over a forest, a lamp, and an eclipse.

duskwood place

Lilly will examine the lamppost to find a sticker with the same insignia Jake used during the vote. Under the eye is a series of numbers: 01040. That’s the last of Jake’s puzzles in Duskwood.

Phil Hawkins

Phil will send you a message, calling you by name. He’s been expecting us as we’ve become something of a celebrity in Duskwood. Hah.

Ask Phil about his relationship with Hannah, and why she called him on the day she vanished. He’ll also say that the reason he gave her free drinks was that he appreciates beautiful women, but didn’t mean anything else by the gesture.

duskwood phil 3
So you say.

According to Phil, Hannah called Phil and asked if they could meet up. Phil said the Aurora bar’s doors were always open to her, but Hannah wanted to meet up at Phil’s place. Phil had suspicions, but didn’t press the issue and told Hannah they could meet the next day. And she never showed up.

If you ask Phil why he thinks Hannah wanted to come over, he’ll say that maybe she wanted a distraction from Thomas. This is probably untrue – consider that Thomas called her afterward and she still sounded distracted, i.e., she told him to wait.

Phil will also say that he wasn’t instantly suspicious when Hannah showed up, thinking that maybe whatever it was she wanted to discuss had resolved itself.

Finally, I asked Phil about his comments about Hannah. The fault lies on both him and Cleo: she asked him leading questions that immediately painted him as the kidnapper, and he got angry and said things he shouldn’t have.

Phil will end by extending you an invitation to his bar next time you’re in town. I’ll take him up on that sometime.

duskwood eval

Return to the group chat with Thomas, Cleo, and Richy to share your findings.

Midnight in Duskwood

You’ll decrypt another file from Hannah’s phone.

duskwood book

Go to the Legends of Duskwood group chat to report that you’ve found a copy of the missing book. This find is interesting enough that Jessy will come back online, and she’s back on board. Open the book to watch a video about the forest’s legends, specifically about the butcher’s boy and the origin of the man without a face.

duskwood william

This story is starting to draw a parallel to Hannah’s situation: the boys did something to a peer in the forest, and Hannah seems to have done something to Jennifer in the forest. Maybe she’s convinced she needs to be punished.

Thomas will be sending Hannah DMs in the hope that she can read them. He does have his virtues.

Who Is Jake?

Lilly will report that she’s back home. And now that she’s home, it’s time to pay closer attention to the numbers. If you forgot, the sequence is 01040.

Add the number to your chat contacts. What is this?

duskwood nym

Lilly will also add the contact. You can also check the one note in that profile. There’s an email address here: [email protected]. Go send an actual email to that address. If you don’t want to do it, refer to the image below for the password.

duskwood email

Go back to the NYM-0S profile and enter the password you got from Jake’s address: rw47vr. This will summon the profile holder online – probably a bot – and they’ll drop a new puzzle for you.

duskwood key

This one is a little trickier. But like Jake always says, you are the key. Input whatever you named yourself. You’ll get a video.

duskwood video
The truth behind so many facades.

So that’s who Jake is, and why he’s so invested in this case.

The Butcher’s Boy

Go back to the Legends of Duskwood group chat to discuss the story of William, the butcher’s boy. They’ll agree that William’s father is most likely the reason for the legends of the faceless man and that he chose the raven as his symbol due to its connections with misery and bad news.

Next, the mask. The kidnapper wore it when he threatened you and attacked Jessy. There’s no more doubt in my mind that the kidnapper is reenacting or using the faceless man’s legend for their ends. But why? Maybe the kidnapper’s situation is similar to William’s father’s.

duskwood doodle
Very nice.

Richy will say it’s time for a break, and I agree. The implication that Hannah might have deserved this punishment is very heavy. Time for some Doodle Friends! Play around with the group for a bit.

Jessy will leave after 3 rounds.

A Friend in Need

Lilly will message you, saying she’s figured out a way to help Jake. Firstly, she messaged everyone who commented or said something about the video. Second, she’ll finally apologize to you.

duskwood sorry
We’ve bigger fish to fry now.

Last but not least, she rallied the people who messaged her to help Jake by flooding the net with fake traces of Jake. This should buy him sometime!

Finally, you’ll get an invitation to join the #iamjake movement, which I guess doubles as advertising for Duskwood. Smart move by the devs!

What Have We Learned?

While we didn’t unearth too much information about Hannah herself, we learned a ton about our mysterious friend, and now we’re doing him a favor. And it had better work, because we need his help more than ever.

Personal Information and Relationships

  • Jake is Hannah and Lilly’s half-brother.
  • Hannah likes to keep things that are full of important memories for her.
  • Phil only said the things he did because Cleo asked him some leading questions.

Mysteries Solved

  • Jake cut off contact with Lilly because she fell in love with him.
  • The unknown person that Hannah went with in her note wasn’t Thomas.
  • Hannah bought the J.H. bracelet for herself.

Mysteries That Remain

  • What is the kidnapper’s tie to the legend of the man without a face?
  • What was it that Hannah wanted to discuss with Phil?


All our cards are drawn. Now we just need to make sense of them. And when Jake returns, we’ll finally, FINALLY have a unified front. I’ll see you all in Duskwood’s episode 7!