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Dungeon Hunter Champions Beginner’s Guide: 7 Tips, Cheats & Tricks You Should Know

The folks at Gameloft are on the level when it comes to their latest title for iOS devices Dungeon Hunter Champions: Mobile RPG with MOBA. The game, which we shall refer to simply as Dungeon Hunter Champions, is currently available on the Apple App Store, and we’d have to agree with the folks behind the game — this is a mobile RPG alright, but there are some elements that clearly borrow from the MOBA space. Your goal in the game is to lead the ultimate team of Champions, as you fight alongside your allies and customize your team so that you have the elemental advantage in any given battle. There are 10 different environments, a variety of enemies, including “epic” bosses, and a whopping 250+ Champions to collect in this game. Not too many games in the mobile RPG/MOBA genre have so much depth, and the plethora of characters, weapons, and other RPG-centric items, not to mention the different game modes, are a testament to that.

By now, you should know the drill with these games — more depth equals bigger guides, equals more tips, equals more strategy guides. We’ll get to the more difficult stuff over time, but for the meantime, we’re going to be focusing on the basics in this Dungeon Hunter Champions strategy guide, those things you need to take care of during the early stages of the game. Read on if you’re looking to get a head start on the competition, despite your beginner status!

1. Complete The Missions

As it is in most every game of this kind, Dungeon Hunter Champions comes with a way to guide you through the game and make sure you’re always up to speed at all times. These are the game’s Missions, which can reward you in a number of ways if you achieve what is being asked of you — for example, this could mean completing a certain stage, fighting in the Arena, summoning a certain number of heroes, etc. You will get a wide range of rewards for completing your missions, including coins, gems, new heroes, new equipment, and more. That’s certainly going to help you out as you progress through the game, but we’d argue that the more important thing here is that these missions make sure you’re always up to date and making the right kind of progress with your actions.

2. Use Those Skills, But Don’t Use Them Willy-Nilly

Each Champion you control in the game comes with several skills which you can activate at any point during a battle. Each of these skills has a respective cool-down time, which means you’ll need to wait some time before you are able to use those skills another time. But each of the skills needs to be used in a certain way, and since the battles go by at such a quick pace, it’s easy to fall into the temptation of button-mashing. Before activating your Champions’ skills, you should be sure they are facing the right way, and be sure you’re aware of the cool-down times. Long-pressing on each of the skills will show you what they are and what it’s in for you; check this information whenever you could, preferably while not at battle and at the Champions menu, so you have a good idea of each character’s skills, their effects, and their cool-down times.

3. Should You Use Auto-Battle Or Not?

On the bottom center of your screen, you will see an option to toggle auto-battle more on and off. If you’ve read at least a couple of our tips for these kinds of games, you’ll know that we’re not fans of auto-battling, as the game AI tends to be simplistic, depriving you of the chance to micro-manage as your AI-controlled characters do the most basic things possible, often missing out on a lot. As we’ve seen in Dungeon Hunter Champions, the auto-battle system isn’t all that bad. Sometimes, though this can be chalked up to being a beginner early on, the AI may actually be sharper than you in the battlefield.

We would recommend using auto-battle mode when you’re grinding it out (more on this later), or anytime that you’re playing in solo Adventure mode. Far more often than not, you’ll end up on the winning end of things. But toggle back to manual mode when you’re facing the bosses, or going on more difficult raids. Ultimately, it’ll be best if you have more control over what your characters do, when the stakes are higher and you know that the enemy could give you some serious trouble.

4. Be Prepared To Do Your Fair Share Of Grinding

The good news is that Dungeon Hunter Champions appears to be very generous when giving out free energy as a reward for leveling up…among other things. That means you’re free to spend as much energy as you could while enjoying the game, so that you can replay the easier levels with the gear, firepower, and other good things you didn’t have to offer last time. Be sure that you’re grinding with Auto Battle turned on, because this feature, in itself, will automatically make the grinding process much easier, allowing you to sit back as your characters gain more XP.

As a bonus tip, replaying previously completed levels will still have you eligible for all the rewards you normally would have gotten, which means you can truly farm for new items, coins, and other good stuff for your Champions. So with that said, you’ll need to be prepared for the literal “daily grind” once you’re playing this game!

5. Take Note Of The Elements When Choosing Your Party

When choosing your party for any kind of battle, may it be an Adventure stage, an Arena battle, or a raid, you’ll have to take elemental alignment into account. As stated in the game, Water (blue) beats Fire (red), Fire beats Plant (Green), Plant beats Water. There are two other elements — Lightning (yellow) and Death (purple) that beat each other out. The game will also suggest the type of element that could bring you the most success in battle, so pay attention to these suggestions. Of course, there will be times when having a certain star rarity or level will be more important than having the superior element, but being aware of how the elemental system works can help, and could indeed give you an advantage.

6. How To Improve Your Heroes

There are three main ways in this game for you to improve your heroes, and the first is to do things organically — in other words, this means through the whole single-player process, playing and replaying levels and raids. This is something, especially when grinding, you would want to do, as repeating a level you’ve already complete should be a walk in the park, especially with Auto Battle turned on.

Additionally, you can train your heroes by going to the Champions menu, clicking on the Champion you want to improve, and choosing the Train option. This would allow you to speed up the leveling-up process, and also allowing your Champions better stat increases.The catch when training is that you’ll need a Champion or unit you no longer need as sacrifice material, though you probably won’t have much difficulty with this, as the common Summons tends to yield a lot of characters with only one or two stars.

Finally, you can click on the Promote button next to Train, though as the name of this action suggests, this allows your Champions to move from one rarity tier/Star Level to another, provided they are already at their star rating’s max level.

7. Don’t Forget To Login Daily

This one’s quite a small tip, but one that we feel is also quite important. If you want to earn more gold, premium currency, and other goodies, you’ll want to play Dungeon Hunter Champions on a daily basis, or if you don’t have any time to play, logging in for just a few seconds will suffice. The game gives out daily login rewards like the ones we mentioned, so don’t forget to open the game, even if it’s just a couple seconds!

That’s all for now folks! If you know additional tips or tricks for Dungeon Hunter Champions, be sure to drop us a line below in the comments!