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Clicker Racing Cheats: 5 Race-Winning Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Clicker Racing is an ingenious new mobile game from No Powerup, that combines endless tapping with racing. In Clicker Racing you take on the role of Old Jim. You will start the game with nothing but a beat up old car. With your help, Old Jim can win numerous races, and unlock better cars. You just need to tap as fast as you can in order to push your car across the finish line! There are thousands of race stages for you to complete. You can also unlock six different cars, each with its own advantages. Tap your way to the top by defeating over 30 rival cars and 17 Big Bosses. Boost your chances of winning by collecting all 36 cards. There are a lot of things for you to do in this game. It’s a good thing you have our Clicker Racing tips, tricks and hints to guide you through them all!

1. Prioritize Upgrading The Generators

The Generators are the equivalent of idle workers in Clicker Racing. If you upgrade them often, you won’t have to tap as much while playing. This is important because you can only do so much manual tapping before you get tired. Having powerful Generators will allow you to enjoy the game without having to wear out your fingers from excessive tapping.

Make sure you aim for the milestones when upgrading your Generators. Hitting certain levels like 25, 50, and 100 will unlock special bonuses. Instead of trying to level up everything evenly, it is a good idea if you try to reach milestones as soon as possible. Don’t forget to continue upgrading even your older Generators, as even the little bonuses will eventually add up.

A good way to go about the upgrades is to have a system. First, work on unlocking all the Tier One Generators. Once you have all of them, upgrade each one to level 50. Once done, you can start on unlocking the Tier 2 Generators. You can then slowly upgrade those to level 50 as well. Just slowly work your way through the Tiers and Milestones until you reach your goals.

2. Upgrade Your Car

Even though you can win races by tapping, you should still work on upgrading your car. Your car has to be at least level 400 to be able to Prestige. Aside from that, upgrading will also add boosts to your tapping power. You also get various powers, including Gold Rain which gives you gold as you tap. Once you are able to make decent rankings while racing, you should start investing in car upgrades. If you manage your upgrades correctly, you should only need to tap manually during boss battles. If you find yourself struggling to get past a certain point in the game, you can just take a break for a bit, and come back later once you have earned a lot of passive income. This will allow you to buy the additional upgrades you need to push forward.

3. Collect A Lot Of Cards

You can purchase cards using gems. The game will reward you often with free gems, so make sure you spend them all on buying cards. You can also upgrade the cards if you want, but it really is more cost-effective if you just keep buying new ones. What is great about these cards is that the bonuses they offer are permanent. You will continue to enjoy their benefits even after you Prestige.

4. Double Your Earnings, Here’s How

One of the easiest ways to get more money in Clicker Racing is to simply double your income. To do that, you just need to watch several short advertisement videos ever few hours. Tap on the 2x button at the top of the screen in order to get the ad offer. Each time you watch an ad, your earnings will be double for 2 hours. You can watch multiple times to make the bonus hours stack. Make sure you always have this bonus active. If you are about to log off for the day, watch several videos until you have enough boost hours to last the night. It only takes a few seconds to watch the videos. If you can’t stand them, just leave them playing while you do other things.

5. Prestige For Milks

Prestige will reset your game, removing all your car upgrades and Generators. If you are wondering why you would want to do this, the answer is to get Milks.

Milks will give you permanent percentage boosts that will help you progress further in the game. The more Milks you have, the more boosts you get. Make sure you Prestige right away as soon as you hit level 400. After that, you should Prestige whenever you get double the amount of Milks as you did the last time. If you Prestige sooner, the amount of Milks you get will not be worth the reset. If you wait too long, the slow progress will not be worth the few additional Milks you will get.

It’s time to race your way to the top and defeat all rivals with the help of our Clicker Racing tips and tricks! As always, if you know more hints then feel free to leave us a message in the comment area below!