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Dungeon Boss Ultimate Guide & Tips: 12 Hints for Beating those Big Bad Bosses

In the last two weeks, we had focused heavily on a game titled Dungeon Boss, a fairly new RPG by Big Fish Games. Boss battles, as any RPG veteran knows, are an integral part of every role-playing game, so it’s no surprise why Big Fish Games decided to pay tribute to those big, bad bosses with the title of its new game. In here, you can do a lot of the things you would normally do in an RPG – collect heroes, fight enemies, win loot after completing a dungeon, and take part in tournament events. Each of the heroes in the game have their own specific strengths, weaknesses, and skills, and you can also ask a friend to help you out by using their heroes in battle.

We did go a bit nuts with our list of Dungeon Boss tips and tricks, but this integrated strategy guide contains only the best tips available for the game. Some of them we may already have told you about, but you just may learn something new, even if you’ve been playing this game regularly and frequently.

1. Know The Elemental System

One of the key ingredients in your average RPG is the presence of an elemental system. In Dungeon Boss, red represents fire, green is for grass, blue represents water, purple for darkness, and yellow for light. Red beats green, green beats blue, blue beats red – it’s rock, paper, scissors all the way for fire, grass, and water. Purple and yellow, on the other hand, are strong when compared to each other. Take note of the elements in order to gain a crucial advantage in the game.

2. Beating A Boss Will Leave You Richly Rewarded

You can earn a decent number of gems by beating a new level, but if you’re beating out a boss level, that’s when things get serious – the game will reward you with much more than usual. Once you’ve got 300 gems or more, you can spend those gems on a Heroic Summon, which assures you of a rare hero with three stars or more to their name. Using your Heroic Summon in the portal is a very good way to boost your team with some talented members.

3. You Can Upgrade Heroes To A Max Of Your Player Level

The maximum level in which you can upgrade your heroes to all depends on your own player level. That means you’ll have to upgrade this player level if you want your heroes to be upgraded even further, and in order to do this, the best thing to do is repeat, repeat, repeat. Keep grinding, or repeating already completed levels, so you can get the XP you need to level up.

Also, upgrade your hero’s skills as soon as they level up – this is going to cost you some gold, but in most cases you should have more than enough gold to do this.

4. Buy Both Chest Upgrades And Collect From Your Chest

Speaking of gold, you’ll want to buy both of the chest upgrades for your dungeon. Regularly check your chest and collect gold whenever possible; any money left behind in the chest may be stolen by other human players.

5. Complete The Quests

Aside from getting more gold, quests can also reward you with a number of other things, such as rare hero tokens, actual rare heroes, as well as gems, which are the game’s premium currency. Hit on the Travel button in the quest menu so you can be directed to the next available quest and work on it ASAP.

6. Make Sure You Have Four Rares Or More

Instead of having three rare characters on your team, you’ll want to go with four, as parties have to consist of four people in PvP action. Use these rare characters as your defense team, and you’ll have an easy time ruling the roost in PvP. However, don’t forget to have a healer on your team (one or two), one with impressive stats across the board – think of this character as your insurance policy in case the going gets too tough.

7. Target The Opposing Healer

Likewise, if you’re in PvP and facing a team with a healer, you’ll want to focus your attacks on that character and kill him/her off first. Make use of your special skills, and target the healer, especially if he or she is a group healer. If you keep that healer alive, they’re only going to keep improving their teammates’ health, thus extending the battle and making a seemingly easy victory into a chore.

8. Don’t Use Special Moves Right Before The Boss Battle

Once you’re a fight away from facing the boss, stop using your special moves. The only time you should use one is if you need to heal one of your stronger characters ahead of the boss fight.

9. Add Friends, Get Social

We understand that there are a lot of gamers who would rather leave their friends out of the action, and focus on completing games, RPGs included, by themselves. But there are some key advantages to adding friends in this game. As many may likely have rare (four- or five-star) heroes, you can borrow them in battle, and that could turn the tide if things get rough.

Now if you’re having difficulty finding new people to add to your friends list, or if you don’t have any real-life friend playing the game, you’ll be given some recommendations on which people you can add.

10. Know The Basics Of Ascending A Hero

If you want to ascend one of your heroes, you’ll need the right mix of Evos. Go to your hero’s roster profile, then go to Ascend; once there, tap on the pictures of the Evo needed so you can see where you can find them. That’s all there is to it, and it’s actually quite easy to determine where to find the missing Evos – the location usually matches the Evo’s color.

11. Auto Battle Is Fine, But Not During Boss Fights

When it comes to the boss fights in Dungeon Boss, that’s probably the only time you shouldn’t be using the Auto Battle feature. Then again, you may want to use that feature less than you normally do, as your characters will only stick to normal attacks when controlled by the game’s AI.

12. Take Part In The Events

Each event is heralded by a special summons, and you can keep tabs on this by checking the events tab. You’ll see which special events have just been added, and as you’ll see, they’ll often appear out of the blue, as Big Fish updates Dungeon Boss over-the-air, thus making them quiet updates that appear with no advance warning.