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Dungeon Boss Guide & Tips: How to Get Five-Star Heroes

Big Fish Games’ newest RPG is quite a popular title, and a sizable hit in the mobile space. And that’s in no small part due to the twists involved. We’re talking about a game where the boss fight is the main selling point, the most important thing you need to pull off. But you can’t beat too many bosses if your heroes are too common, or rated too poorly in relation to them. Yes, there’s a dime a dozen heroes to unlock, but a lot of them will be mere one-star heroes – good for early levels but basically worthless when things get rough. Some will be two-star heroes, who are adequate at best.

What you want, obviously, are the rare heroes with three, four, or five stars on their name. They’re the hardest to get, but this new Dungeon Boss guide and tips will show you exactly how you can get more rare heroes in the game.

1. Use The Heroic Summon

The Heroic Summon is one of the best ways to get rare heroes. Save up on your gems – you may either have won them for free, or you may have bought them at the in-app store. We would advise you to save up on these summons, and save some money for buying them. They cost 300 gems per summon, or 3,000 gems for a package of ten. Summoning rare heroes would be a very common way for you to get rare tokens or rare items, though you’ll sometimes get rare heroes for your troubles.

2. Other Summons Work Just As Well

Each portal has different summons aside from the one we told you in the paragraph above. And these summons could also be a fast track towards more rare heroes. The Great Summon and Honor Summon, for instance, still reward you with hero tokens, but may sometimes gift you with a rare hero. In fact, the Honor Summon is more effective than the Heroic one when it comes to summoning these rare characters.

There’s also the VIP Summon, which would guarantee you a rare character, though the catch here is that you have to be VIP Level 5 or better to access this.

3. Try PvP Mode

My Dungeon is the battle arena-esque feature that allows you to battle it out against other human players. You can win rewards in the weekly tournament, in exchange for getting a higher dungeon rank. As you rank higher, you’ll earn more tokens, and the rewards may even be better.

4. Take On Quests Where Rare Heroes And Tokens Are The Prize

This is self-explanatory, but just as a reminder, you need to go to the quest menu and see which option will give you rare heroes and rare tokens as a prize.

5. Become A VIP

Becoming a VIP in Dungeon Boss will cost you some real-life cash, but it’s worth it, we’d say – if you go VIP, you can get better and rarer characters, as well as other daily rewards. Still, it shouldn’t be too hard to earn rare heroes/rare tokens even if you don’t become a VIP member.

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