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Dropple Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a High Score

Dropple is a new casual game that comes from The Mascoteers, a company that’s also given us great games such as 360 Degree and Circlify. Like those other games, this Android and iOS title is a casual arcade title where good timing is rewarded. Your job is to help a ball bounce down a long staircase, as you set the steps out and the ball picks up speed. Tapping places a step in front of the bouncing ball, though the thing here is that you have to tap at the right angle in order to stay alive in the game. You also need to get to this fast, as the ball will bounce off the edge of the stairway if you take too long.

Even casual games do need slightly detailed tips at times, and this time, it’s because our list of Dropple tips and tricks for success doesn’t just include our own. Instead, we’re including a few from The Mascoteers – the very same people who made this game – as their tips aren’t the usual generic tutorial-level tips that don’t really work too well if you’re much deeper into the game than you are at the start.

1. Work Fast

We cannot stress this enough. Dropple, despite the suggestion that you might want to lay down those steps slowly (if not work quickly), is a game that requires you to be fast with your fingers, and always alert. At first, you won’t have any problem at all as the game will be moving slowly, but after the tenth step or so, you’ll have to be working toward being lightning-fast or it’ll be game over for you.

2. Lay Down Steps In Advance

Use the slow, easy pace in the first few steps to get a feel for things and place a few steps down where they should; take note that you can get ahead of the ball, and should get ahead of the ball. Otherwise, you’ll be playing catch-up when things get fast, and that could really throw you off your rhythm and end the game early for you. As you’ll find out soon enough, it is paramount that you stay ahead of the game at all times.

3. Be Aware Of The Rules Of Perspective

You’ve probably heard of the term in art class, but it does help if you’re familiar with the basics of perspective. At some point in the game, the steps will show up at a different angle, and that would require you to predict what’s going to come ahead; yes, you can still wait until the camera shifts and gives you a better view of things, but your chances of dropping the ball will soar much higher if that’s the case. If worse comes to worst, you might as well guess the position of the next platform, and try to line up more steps before the camera shifts around.

4. Don’t Bother With The Purple Gems If You Want A High Score

See those purple gems in the middle of the steps? Those are gems, which you can use to buy a different ball. But since the balls available in the game do not change gameplay one bit, you might want to ignore the gems and just focus on getting as high a score as possible. If you get a gem while your ball is on the way down, then well and good, but we don’t recommend chasing them due to the lack of ball variety beyond appearance.

5. Precision Isn’t As Important As You Think

While you may be wanting to make those steps line up as perfectly as possible, it’s not worth the effort to make their design or layout flawless. Your goal should be to ensure the ball has enough space so that it successfully lands on the platform, never mind that your staircase may look like a kid’s drawing or an architectural project gone wrong. You don’t get style points in this game, after all.

6. Tap Multiple Times In A Row When Things Get Fast

As The Mascoteers suggests, you can tap multiple times in a row once the game’s pace really starts picking up. That should give you some wiggle room between the new step and the ball, and while it won’t always work to your advantage, it can sometimes give your run a “stay of execution” and allow you to keep playing the game.

7. Prepare To Be Distracted

While the basic mechanics of the game are very easy, The Mascoteers warns that “this is not always the case.” Dropple can find ways to throw you off your guard and “distract you in various ways.” The Mascoteers isn’t telling you how exactly they do that, but you have been warned; focus is extremely important, and that means trying your darndest not to be thrown off by the distractions.