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360 Degree Tips, Tricks & Cheats to Get a Super High Score

360 Degree is a rather interesting case as casual games go. While it’s common for popular titles, e.g. Flappy Bird, to have a zillion clones with slightly different names, 360 Degree doesn’t just have this – this iOS and Android game has clones of the same name, by different developers. But for the sake of consistency, we’ll stick with the version by WebAlive, which is the original 360 Degree and the most popular in terms of downloads. Your goal is to guide a bouncing ball to a safe place, while avoiding spikes and gathering rewards along the way. The mechanics are also simple, as all you have to do is swing your compass from left to right.

Indeed, this is a game that appeals to a broad range of players – even those who don’t normally spend hours in front of their phone or tablet playing games can easily pick it up. But can you master it? That may be easier said than done, and if you really want to score a couple hundred points or so, you’ll need to be very good at the game. Sounds hard? Maybe, but with these 360 Degree tips, tricks and hints, we just might be able to help you increase your score exponentially.

1. Play The Game For A Few Rounds To Get A Feel Of It

First of all, you’ll want to acclimate yourself to the gameplay a little bit, and the best way to do this is to play for about five to ten rounds as you try to get used to the speed and build up your precision. Consider this a practice session, and not the real thing – sort of like a warm-up before playing sports or working out.

2. Don’t Rush Your Gem-Gathering

It may sound exciting to collect rubies in this game, but you’ll want to take your time and relax a little bit. Don’t go for the very first ruby you see; make sure that you’re doing it at the right time and at the right place, and that you’ve got an idea of where the ball will land afterwards.

3. Plan Ahead Once You Gather Gems

After you collect a diamond or a ruby in this game, you‘ll want to start thinking on your feet and making plans for your next move. This could prevent you from moving or spinning abruptly and ending up on the spikes just when things seemed to be “getting good.” Don’t be overconfident – plan ahead!

4. Go For A Shield Once Your Score Hits 20

20 points isn’t much in the grand scheme of things, but that’s typically the threshold when you’ll want to start trying to collect a shield – yes, that’s the first time when you’ll see it appear. Again, there’s no need to rush here; you’ll typically be able to land twice or thrice while the shield is still there. And if you don’t get a shield the first time it becomes available, don’t fret. They reappear every 20 points, so you’ll have several chances to get it if you miss it at one point.

5. Stop Hunting For Gems Once You Hit A Hundred

So you’ve reached a hundred points – what’s next? We would advise you to play more conservatively and stop aiming for diamonds or rubies. Instead, look for the tiny gaps in between spikes and only collect gems when they’re right there for the taking.