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Drop Not! Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Complete More Levels

Drop Not! is an iOS-exclusive game from developer Oddrok Oy. It is a unique take on the tapper genre and is dubbed as a puzzle tapper game. In this game, you control a cube-shaped character as it navigates through different maps, one cube step at a time. You just need to tap on the screen to make the character move and turn through the different levels for as long as you can. Even though it sounds simple, conquering all twenty handcrafted levels can be challenging. That is why you should check out our Drop Not! strategy guide to help you conquer them all.

1. Enjoy The View

The game takes pride in its seamless integration of both portrait and landscape settings for the visuals. This means you have the freedom to choose whether you want to play the game with your device upright or on its side. Pick the view you are most comfortable with because you will be playing on it for a while if you plan on having extended runs. Playing on portrait mode lets you have a better grasp on your device, which could help make controls easier. Playing on landscape, however, gives you a wider view of each map. Try each view and see which one you are more comfortable with.

2. Check The Map

When playing the game, you will have a few options of where to go. You should always try to see what lies ahead in order to make better decisions on which path to take. The entire layout of the map isn’t immediately available but you would at least have an idea of what it looks like. The levels have different layouts so it would sometimes be useful for you to switch to a different view in order to see more of the entire map.

3. Tap With Caution

The only way to control your character is by tapping, and all that does is make your character turn. That would be fine if not for the fact that turning at the wrong time will make you fall into the bottomless abyss. This is why you should be careful when tapping. As much as possible, choose paths that would require you the least number of taps in order to minimize the chances of accidentally turning when you don’t need to.

4. Avoid Obstacles

Aside from usually having a bottomless pit on both sides of your path, there is the added threat of hitting obstacles. You should avoid crossing obstacles as much as possible because getting hit by them too often will end in your death. While it is not as deadly as falling off the ledge, it will still end your run if you are not careful.

5. Unlock More Characters, Here’s How

Looking at the same cube character can get old after a while so you will want to unlock other characters to keep looking fresh. Characters are purely cosmetic and have no impact on gameplay but it is still a good thing to aim for. You can unlock them by using keys. Keys can be acquired by collecting stars while navigating through the maps.

Conquer all twenty handcrafted levels by following our Drop Not! strategy guide! In case you know additional tips or tricks for the game, feel free to drop us a line below in the comment section!