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Monsu 2 Tips, Cheats & Guide: 5 Hints You Need to Know

Monsu 2 is the sequel to Kingdom Inc’s original game that was hailed as one of the best app store games of 2014. Available on iOS and Android, this game brings back the same 2D runner mechanic but with a few new twists. Collect and upgrade your cards in order to get stronger and defeat bosses with ease. There are several different levels to complete, and things can get more complicated the further you get. Make sure to depend on our Monsu 2 tips and tricks to help you defeat your enemies, and protect your monsters.

1. Protect Your Main Monster

As you play the game, you will eventually be able to bring multiple monsters during your runs. You only need to worry about your main monster, though. That is because the additional monsters are invulnerable during runs. Only your main monster can get killed during a run so make sure you always keep an eye on him. You don’t want him dying too soon as if he gets killed, you run will end and your efforts would be wasted.

2. Keep Jumping

The best way to stay alive in this game is to keep jumping. You will be able to avoid obstacles and enemies by jumping. Use this as much as possible in order to stay ahead. You can also double jump to reach farther. Don’t worry about missing enemies because you don’t need to defeat all of them. The only ones that you really need to kill are the bosses. All the other enemies, you can just avoid instead of risking getting killed in battle.

3. Getting Additional Monsters

The game allows you to unlock more monsters through the use of cards. Just collect as many cards as you can and upgrade the ones that you use the most. You can bring a number of monsters in each run but not all of them so you don’t really need to upgrade the monsters that you don’t use. It is a good idea, however, to upgrade a few backup monsters as well. There are some monsters that are more useful in certain levels. You can swap to these monsters whenever you encounter stages that they are good at, then swap them back to your main team once you are done with that stage.

4. Monsters and Power Ups

Picking a good power up in this game will mostly depend on the kind of monsters you usually bring. You should be aware of the characteristics that your monsters have so you can strategically choose power ups that work better with them. There are also additional power ups that work with all monsters. These power ups include the shield, speed boost, and other things. Always pick up power ups because they can make your runs a whole lot easier.

5. How To Deal With The Bosses

You might be wondering how you are supposed to fight bosses in a running game. The answer in a nutshell is that you don’t really fight them. You just need to pick up a bunch of things on the map that will deal damage to the bosses. The good news is that you can also capture some of these bosses and use them in your runs.

Collect and build up your monster army in Monsu 2! Just keep our tips and tricks in mind to help you get through all of the stages!