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Smurfs Bubble Story Tips, Cheats & Tricks to Get a High Score

Revisit the magical village of the Smurfs in this new puzzle game for iOS and Android. Smurfs Bubble Story combines bubble-popping gameplay with the delightful characters from the beloved cartoon series. Your goal is to clear bubbles on the board by launching bubbles of the same color at them. There are different objectives that you will need to meet in order to complete each level. Play on your own or connect online to compete with your friends. It’s meant to be a fun and relaxed game but you can always depend on our Smurfs Bubble Story tips and tricks if you want to aim for higher scores.

1. Know The Basics

There are dozens of levels to complete in this game. Each puzzle has its own set of objectives but the basic gameplay mechanic is the same for all puzzles. You just clear bubbles by shooting same-colored bubbles at them. You can’t just go around shooting any way you want, though. The bubbles you shoot will add to the board if they land on different colored bubbles. Things will get more complicated if you keep missing your target. On top of that, you are only given a limited number of moves per level. If you run out of moves before you meet the objectives, then you fail that level. Keep these things in mind when playing.

2. Focus On The Objectives

As mentioned above, there are objectives that will be given to you in each level. These objectives can vary from getting a certain number of letters from the bubbles, to setting a bunch of Smurfs free. Make sure you keep the objectives in mind when playing because you will not be able to complete the level no matter how many bubbles you pop if the objectives remain unmet. Focus on meeting objectives first then you can try other things once you are sure you can complete the level.

3. Some Wiggle Room

The game gives you a backup bubble that you can swap with when you are playing. This is useful when the bubble you currently have will not clear any bubbles on the board. Use this backup bubble strategically as it is the only way you can somehow choose the color of your bubble. If the current color of your bubble isn’t immediately useful but you can use it once you have cleared a couple of other bubbles, you can swap it out with the backup. It will stay as a backup until you swap it out again making it easy to retrieve when you finally need it.

4. Launching Bubbles

For some reason, bubbles bounce in this game. This is good for you because you might need to go around some of the other bubbles to clear your objectives. When a direct shot isn’t possible, you can make the bubble bounce on the wall by estimating the trajectory of that bubble. Shooting the bubble at a wall will make it bounce off at the exact angle in the opposite direction. Try it out a few times until you have a good grasp of how to make them bounce in the right direction. This skill will come in handy especially in higher levels.

Pop some bubbles and save a few Smurfs along the way in Smurfs Bubble Story! Use the tips and tricks listed above to make sure you get some high scores while having fun. If you happen to know additional hints for the game, be sure to drop us a line in the comment area!