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Dragon of Throne Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies to Speed Up Progression and Boost Power

Dragon of Throne is a brand new fantasy MMORPG developed by YAN CHEN exclusively for iOS devices. Although it has been released a while back, it continues to attract more and more players as one of the top free games in the App Store. Pack with over-the-top combo moves and special skills, every character class in Dragon of Throne can become a fan-favorite in no time. With tons of content as well as stunning graphics and designs that rival other games within the genre, the relative ease of gameplay and simple game controls make Dragon of Throne an easy game to pick up and play. For fans of fantasy MMORPGs as well as newbies to the genre, Dragon of Throne is definitely a must-try free-to-play game.

Dragon of Throne takes you to a mythical world full of monsters and demons and before you begin your adventure, you can choose from among three unique character classes: an Assassin, which has fast attacks and combos and great critical hit rates; a Warrior, which boasts the best defense among all characters, or a Witch which has overwhelming damage and crowd control skills, as to which best suits your taste to battle enemies with. The story progresses as you accept and accomplish one quest after another. With each new level you gain, more of the game’s features and added game modes become unlocked. You can take on battles on your own, with some friends, or even with other players within the server. While controls are easy to learn and master, an auto-battle feature becomes available soon enough which makes it even easier. As an action MMORPG though, it becomes tougher as you progress so you may want to learn to manually fight as dodging and health and mana management becomes critical. There are various upgrades and enhancements to perform as well to ensure that your fighting power is more than sufficient to take on the ever-increasing levels of the challenges that lie ahead.

The game’s tutorial is designed to make it easy for even first-time players of the genre to learn and understand the game’s mechanics. As you are practically walked through each new concept and idea, a lot of things can be accomplished with a simple click of a button. The auto mode feature makes things even easier especially on the earlier quests as simply turning it on leaves your character to run and battle enemies on its own till the quest is finished. The more challenging part comes as to how you should manage stamina to get the most out of the game within each day especially if you want to progress and become stronger faster than usual. If you find yourself overwhelmed by the many features and game modes that comes with the game, or perhaps looking for more efficient ways to manage your resources and progress faster, then our Dragon of Throne beginner’s guide can surely be of great help to you to understand the mechanics better and progress your game faster.

1. Progress Through The Story Quests

Following the basic rule of every RPG, everything you need to know, understand, and grasp comes from completing the main quests. On top of that, doing so becomes your main source of experience points to level up your character as well gold, skill points, and other resources needed to enhance your skills and upgrade your equipment. Much of the battles you engage in are easy for starters but later on, you will have to be good at timing your dodges and using your skills more strategically.

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As you earn more experience points and gain new levels, more features and game modes become available for you. Feel free to maximize features that boost your fighting power but for the extra game modes, a good first run may be necessary but feel free to hop back in to progressing main quests afterwards. It’s important to prioritize accomplishing main story quests and moving forward with the game as some of the first time completion rewards you receive from it are difficult to obtain anywhere else. In any case, feel free to explore other game modes once you are having difficulty completing story missions. Additionally, you can also replay some of the stages you have completed by clicking the Battle icon on the right side of your screen. You can even use the Rush option to complete the stage replays faster at the no extra cost on top of the stamina you normally consume. Even more conveniently, you can Rush multiple times if you need to leave your device idle but still earning for you. The time it takes to complete 1 Rush varies per stage but will always be folds faster than actually replaying a level.

2. Don’t Rely On Auto Battle Too Much

Story battles as well as ones in other game modes later on may become too difficult if you rely on auto battle too much. Keep in mind that once you leave your character in the hands of A.I. it will target the closest enemy and use whichever skill is available, ensuring drought of mana in no time. Perhaps the biggest weakness of the A.I. is that it never utilizes the character’s ability to dodge and never makes any effort to even move away from enemy fire. If you find yourself failing to win a battle on auto mode, be sure to retry it using manual controls as you may find that you can do much better on your own fighting battles although it may take a little more time and a little more effort.

3. Keep Your Equipment Upgraded And Skills Enhanced

Equipment and skill levels in Dragon of Throne grow as high as your character’s level can hold. You will notice that upgrades and enhancements can be done when notification icons start to pop up on your screen, most typically when you have just levelled up. Each piece of equipment can be upgraded at the cost of only gold and for the earlier part of the game, you will have that in abundance. For skills though, you need skill points (SP) on top of gold to level each up. As each equipment and skill level rises, so does the required costs.

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As a popular mechanic in several RPGs, Dragon of Throne also has a slot system and each piece of gear you have can be embedded with unique stones that can further boost the additional stats it gives your character. Be sure to constantly check the Embed tab under the Craft icon as you may not be notified when you have stones that can be embedded on your gears.

4. Spend Extra Gold In The Astrolabe

The Astrolabe is a unique feature in Dragon of Throne that further boosts your stats and increase your fighting power. You will be able to unlock this early on but it may take you a while before you can start investing on it. To visit the Astrolabe, simply click on the Astrol icon on the right side of your screen. You can see that each node on the star disk unlocks every 10 levels so if you are at level 20, you can equip 2 slots. To acquire Astrols, simply click on the Go Astrol button and spend as much gold as you can to acquire various types of Astrols. You may need to pick each one up and then head back to the previous screen using the Depot button. What you ought to do is choose the best Astrol that fits your character’s needs and feed off the remaining ones to level that up. You may want to invest on the blue ones as well as they have higher rarity and comparatively better stat boosts. It may take some time and a lot of gold so be sure to save some gold just in case you need it for other enhancements.

5. Expend Every Attempt In The Gold Mine

As you will never have enough gold for all your upgrade and enhancement needs, be sure to expend all 3 daily attempts to run in the gold mines. To do so, simply click on the Gold Rush icon at the right side of your screen and choose the Gold Mine. It only takes less than a minute per attempt and there is no easier victory than smashing inanimate treasure chests for loads of gold. If you are short on gold and in desperate need for more, feel free to spend a few diamonds on Gold Rush. Gold Eggs are a little too expensive though so it’s probably best to leave that out for when there’s absolutely nothing else you want to save and spend diamonds on.

6. Climb Up Gotham As Far As You Can

dragon of throne gotham

The “tower” game mode which is a popular game mode among online RPGs is called Gotham in Dragon of Throne. No, there are neither dark crusaders nor mentally ill, costumed villains in there to take you through some comical adventure. What lies within Dragon of Throne’s Gotham are hordes of enemies floor after floor and expectedly become increasingly difficult the higher you climb. Every floor you finish earns you gold, experience points, and devil coins (DVC) which can be used to purchase unique items at the shop. You need to survive and complete each floor within 5 minutes. Every five floors also has a probability to reward you with 5 or more devil coins.

7. Add Friends And Join Teams

As each battle grows to become more and more challenging, having friends to play with becomes an essential requirement for you to be able to continue progressing through the story with much ease. If you have friends in real life you can play with in the game then you are very fortunate. If not, feel free to invite players in the server to be your friend or add friends as you play with people in a team on some story missions.

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One of the reasons Dragon of Throne becomes more challenging is the fact that you will be needing potions on some story missions above 25 or so. Potions cost diamonds so you will most likely want to avoid buying them. While in a team, it’s a lot easier to manage your mana and use skills a lot less. Additionally you can take quick breaks to replenish some of it as later on your character’s skills may begin draining her mana like a sponge and you’ll be left to fight with only basic attacks for most of the battle.

There are no negative sides to being in a team and having more friends, so don’t hesitate to send invites and accept some as you will benefit more from having many friends in the game.

8. Be Sure To Claim The Welfare Rewards

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On top of the numerous rewards you immediately receive from completing quests and engaging in different battles, Dragon of Throne also provides you with bonus perks just by being online and playing daily. From being online for 5 minutes up to 120 minutes, you will be intermittently be earning several resources that can help boost your character’s growth and development. Beyond daily check-ins, there are several items to be earned through continuous log-ins for 7 days. As some of the rewards you get here are not so easily earned elsewhere, be sure to click on the Welfare icon at the top of your screen and claim your rewards once a day.

9. Equip Hallows And Holy Books

Hallows and Holy Books are a little more advanced additional enhancements that you can equip on your character. Once you hit level 20, you may already be rewarded with a Green Book which you can readily equip to increase your stats and fighting power. Similarly, the same Green Book should also be equipped under the Holy Book option for additional buffs. You can unlock additional Holy Book Slots with every 20 levels you reach so the next one will become available once you reach level 20. Hallows can be further strengthened with Dark Stones and these rare materials can be bought from the shop using devil coins and can also be acquired by winning in the 3-on-3 PvP arena called Dot.A. Be sure to take part in these activities if you want to farm Dark Stones as these items are hard to be obtained anywhere else.

10. Check The Guide And Participate In Other Game Modes

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On top of the main story quests and other game modes we discussed here, there are still several game modes you have yet to experience. As there are numerous other activities in Dragon of Throne to partake in, we won’t be able to discuss everything in detail. What’s important to note here though, is that on top of getting outright rewards on any other game mode, there are additional ones you can earn through the Guide depending on how many activities you performed and how many points you have earned. It may be possible that you will miss out on some activities, but at least try to accomplish as much as you can on these other game modes especially if you no longer have stamina to continue with story quests or need to become stronger to continue on with a difficult battle in the story mission.

11. Regularly Visit The Shop

It can’t be helped that given the number of upgrades and enhancements you can do in Dragon of Throne, some become more difficult to accomplish due to the rarity of the needed enhancement materials. Considering as well that you won’t be able to successfully farm everything that you need, you have to instead spend time and effort on earning and saving a variety of currencies to spend on some materials you need. As such, be sure to check the shop to see the available merchandise and set goals as to which ones you need to have and work for. There may also be several instances when clicking on a “get” button in any upgrade page will take you straight to the shop as it is the only place guaranteed to give you some of the rare raw materials you need to do some enhancements and boost your fighting power.

12. Check Your Inventory From Time To Time

There will be a lot of rewards in Dragon of Throne that comes in the form of treasure chests or similar packages in your inventory. Opening these items up reveal your true rewards and while it may be influenced by RNG sometimes; every bit of it is valuable. Be sure to check your inventory regularly for such items as it is always better to use them sooner than later.

dragon of throne inventory

And that is all we have for now with regard to our Dragon of Throne beginner’s guide. As the game holds tons of content, there may still be bits and pieces of secrets that are left to be discovered. Hopefully, you were able to fully read through our guide and be positively impacted by it to fair in the game much better than before. Again, like in most online RPGs such as this one, progress is determined by the amount of time and dedication you put on it so be sure to leave your stamina empty before logging out of the game and make it a habit to check in daily, even if you don’t have much time to actually play. If you find or discover something relevant to what we have in our guide, feel free to let us know through the comment section below!