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BitLife Christmas Ribbons Guide: How to Unlock All the Ribbons

BitLife has become one of the most popular text-based life simulation games by now. Candywriter’s addictive mobile game lets players live out different lives from birth until death. For each year of a character’s life, players will be faced with different decisions. Some may seem irrelevant or random but may end up with life-changing consequences later in life. Most of the options presented in the game, however, are accurately based on real life possibilities. If you lead a life of crime, you will most likely end up in jail. If you study hard in school, you will usually be rewarded with a comfortable life after you graduate.

There is also the reality of debt, relationships, temptations, and so on. Depending on how you live your life, you may be able to unlock some ribbons. These are the equivalent of trophies in the game. We have previously released a BitLife guide for acquiring the life ribbons in the game, but 13 new ones have been added for the holidays. Check out our BitLife cheats, tips and tricks below to see how you can unlock all the Christmas ribbons this year!

1. Criminal Ribbons

As with the original set of ribbons, the new ones are divided depending on the kind of lifestyle that you lead. For those with criminal minds, these are some of the new ribbons that you can acquire. Keep in mind that once you choose to go down a certain path in order to unlock these ribbons, it may be almost impossible to regain a normal life.

Addict – Get hooked on something. Just keep trying alcohol or drugs whenever you are offered to do so. Gambling can also trigger this ribbon. Make sure you don’t go to rehab once you are hooked.

Deadly – As the name suggests, you need to kill more than one person in a single lifetime. You might be able to unlock Jailbird or Scandalous ribbons if you attempt this while they are still locked.

Cunning – Find a way to escape from prison. This will mean succeeding in the mini game. Once you are free, make sure you do not get caught again until your character dies.

Jailbird – Stay in prison for a long time and die there just to be sure. Scandalous might be unlocked while you are attempting this. To ensure you just get Jailbird, try to get locked up for crimes that do not involve murder.

Houdini – This does not have anything to do with magic, unfortunately. You need to get thrown in jail multiple times. You will have to successfully escape each time, hence the name.

2. Success-Related Ribbons

Once you are done with the rough life, and have decided to follow the straight and narrow, you may aim for these new success-related ribbons. These are the ones that you can achieve by doing very well in one or more areas of your life. It may take a few tries on your part depending on how lucky you get with the beginning stats of your character.

Famous – This can be unlocked if you get into the entertainment industry as an actor. Spend as much of your life as an actor and be as successful as possible in order to acquire this ribbon.

Geriatric – It may not sound all that appealing, but this ribbon means you successfully lived a long life. The key to unlocking this is to live until you are 120. Make sure you don’t attempt any other ribbons while trying to secure this because you can only earn one ribbon per lifetime.

Globetrotter – If the life of a jetsetter sounds appealing to you, this may be the ribbon to aim for. Just go on vacation to many different countries in order to unlock this one.

Highroller – This one means you have to be a very successful gambler. Bet big to win big. You will still earn this even if you become addicted to gambling but there is a chance that you may end up earning Addict instead.

Successful – It sounds a bit vague, and acquiring it is just as difficult to pin down. You need to be somewhere in the middle of Mediocre and Rich. Just go to college, get a good job, and have a family. Live a stable but not too extravagant life. You can buy a nice car and house, just not the luxury ones.

3. Miscellaneous Ribbons

These are ribbons that can be acquired whether you choose to be a criminal or successful. Some of the ribbons may be risky but should not land you in jail. You might be required to do some immoral things in order to unlock these ribbons, but none of them would make you a criminal. They also do not have anything to do with being particularly rich or successful either.

Rowdy – This ribbon requires you to be the most annoying neighbor ever. Throw a lot of parties, go to the club often, and get into argument with a lot of people. Just make sure your arguments never get physical to avoid ending up in jail.

Wicked – You need to have a lot of threesomes in order to unlock this. Make sure you do not go for one-night stands because you may end up unlocking Promiscuous instead. Keep in mind that this can be very risky for your relationship. Build a rock-solid marriage first or you may end up divorced and lonely.

Family Guy – Unlocking this ribbon can be a bit tricky since there are no clear parameters for it. Basing off the name, you will obviously need to be married and have kids. The number of kids, however, is not known. Just try to have as many children as possible once you get married. Also, make sure your character is a guy before attempting this or you will end up with the Fertile ribbon instead.

Collecting ribbons isn’t easy, but it proves how well you can manage your character’s life. Remember everything you learned from our BitLife tips and tricks above in order to secure all the Christmas 2018 ribbons!