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Dragalia Lost Kindness and Captivity Raid Event to Kick Off on October 31

A mere month after its initial release date, Dragalia Lost is ready for a Raid Event. Nintendo recently announced the Kindness and Captivity Raid Event set for October 31, 2018. Players who want to take part still have a few days to prepare for the said event. The good news is that the ongoing Flamehowl Ruins event will allow players to strengthen their flame-element adventurers. This should provide players with the much-needed boost in power just before the raids.

The Flamehowl Ruins will run until 2am on October 31. It is also available on all difficulties, which means even newer players will have a chance to beef up their respective teams. The daily bonus will also double the items and rewards from the event, making it easier to get ahead. Participation in the Flamehowl Ruins will be crucial to a player’s success in the upcoming Raid Event as Nintendo has also hinted that flame-element adventurers will be the key to victory.

The Kindness and Captivity Raid Event will have Euden and his gang help out Melsa’s village. It has been attacked by the Empire, and the dragon that protects it has been captured. Players will need to team up in order to defeat Hypnos, a wind-type giant boss. Up to four players with four adventurers each can team up for a raid. That means there will be up to 16 adventurers taking on the Raid Boss. Success in the raids will allow players to acquire a 5-star dragon, which would most likely be the captured village protector. There may also be a new adventurer available for recruitment by the end of the event.

Players who want to participate in either Flamehowl Ruins or the Kindness and Captivity events will need to complete Chapter 2 / 2-1 on Normal first. Fans who follow Dragalia Lost’s comic strip will also be glad to know that it has been updated. It can be viewed both online and from inside the game.

Dragalia Lost is Nintendo’s first mobile release that does not have a pre-existing title from other platforms. It is available on both Android and iOS, but has only been released in selected regions as of this writing.