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Amazing Card Battler ‘Fiend Legion’ Enters Beta, Launches on iOS and Android in 2019

An amazing card battler that is played on a superb 3D grid, Fiend Legion is already available for free in beta and will be fully launched on iOS and Android in 2019. Developed by Spree Entertainment, Fiend Legion is available in three languages (English, Mandarin Chinese, and Japanese) and will be available to download through Steam and App Store.

Pick your hero, build a deck, and get ready to challenge other players in thrilling PvP contests.

fiend legion

The amazing 3D map you will play on will allow you to practically see the chosen ability or unit come to life! The dangerous terrains and traps ad extra complexity to your gaming experience. Put your strategic abilities to a test and lead your legion to a resounding victory! There is a wide variety of Heroes to choose from, each one with its specific set of abilities and personality. The terrain and trap change cards allow you to take full control of the battlefield.

You will be able to challenge your friends, opt for random matches, or enter challenging tournaments to improve your playstyle and climb the leaderboards! You can either join an already existing guild or create your own. The guild tournaments will allow you to win amazing group rewards.

Among the most notable features, we can highlight the fully-customized deck building that will allow you to experiment with different playstyles and strategies. The cross-platform functionality allows you to play with your friends, no matter what device they are playing on.

If you are not convinced yet, keep in mind that Fiend Legion plans to run regular contests with global rankings and the winners will get real-world rewards!

For more information on Fiend Legion, you can head over to the game’s official website!