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Downhill Riders Cheats & Tips: 5 Excellent Tricks to Get a High Score

According to the game developer Happymagenta, in their new game Downhull Riders, protagonists Bob and Tod are “two nearly brain dead teenagers with a cherished dream of becoming YouTube stars.” With that established, the two spend their time on Nob Hill practicing their crazy stunts and recording them on camera, with hopes of making it viral on YouTube. You, as the player, are tasked to help Bob and Tod make a safe ride down the hill as you collect coins and unlock equipment in this endless karting game. Now, if you need help in beating your highest score, which is usually the main goal in “endless” titles, we’ve got a couple of useful Downhill Riders cheats, tips and hints for you to check out.

1. Be Aware That Obstacles Generally Alternate

In order to score as many points as possible, you’ll need to keep yourself alive and avoid all obstacles, lest your run come to a crashing halt. Fortunately, there is a pattern when it comes to obstacle placement – most of the time, they appear left, right, left, right, and so on. This is almost always the case, so try and find yourself a good rhythm, but don’t be surprised if you see an odd obstacle breaking the pattern.

2. Jump Quickly

The moment you see something blocking your way, you should be ready to jump; most of the obstacles in Downhill Riders can be jumped over. In addition, you can save yourself from making a bad move while mid-air – if you ever hit the wrong button, you can switch directions in mid-air by hitting the correct button.

3. Use The Time Lapse Cheat To Collect Coins Quickly

The time lapse cheat works in Downhill Riders, and you can make use of it by returning to the game whenever a free gift is available. Each 1,000 coins you receive will give you enough to buy a new kart in the in-game store, and that’s basically where the bulk of your purchases will go. However, there is a caveat to this, which we shall explain in the very next tip.

4. Purchase The Piggy Bank To Speed Up The Collection Of Coins

At the end of the day, Downhill Riders is a casual title. That means you shouldn’t expect any bells and whistles in the form of special power-ups, or different vehicles behaving differently. All the vehicles available in the game look different from each other, but all of them perform the same way. The only power-up you can have here is the piggy bank, as that quickens the pace in which you can collect coins.

5. Take Breaks

This is one of those games where you could easily get frustrated – after all, if you’ve got nothing to chase but your high score, you may lose your mojo at some point, with bad games coming one after the other. If you see this happening to you, then don’t hesitate to take a break of about a half-hour or so. Your game – and your score – will be better for it.