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Fallout Shelter Tips & Tricks: 2 Glitches You Can Exploit to Get Unlimited Bottle Caps, Lunchboxes and More

Right now, we’re still waiting for Fallout Shelter to come to Android devices, but for now, this exciting Bethesda title is only available for the iPhone and iPad. And being that it’s such a huge hit for Apple device owners, we’d guess that you’ve been playing it for about a couple of weeks now and know what it’s all about – building a community of Dwellers living in a futuristic vault. And we’ve been giving you all sorts of tips and tricks through our Fallout Shelter strategy guides.

This next one is not a strategy guide per se, but it points out a couple of in-game glitches that could allow you to earn unlimited bottle caps, lunchboxes, and more. Go try ‘em out before Bethesda nerfs, or patches them!

The Time Lapse Cheat Still Works

Granted, this is the proverbial “oldest trick in the book” – it’s a cheat that can be used in so many ways for so many games. By advancing your phone or tablet’s time by the required number of hours, you can do several things faster in Fallout Shelter.

Specifically, the best trick here is to dispatch your strongest Dwellers and equip them with your best weapons and outfits as they explore the Wasteland. Alter the time on your device’s Settings by one day, which will expedite this, and other timed events. These would also include other timed events, such as building new rooms in your vault. Once you return to the game after doing the time lapse cheat, you should see a good number of new items in your vault, as well as several tasks completed. Just be sure you revive any fallen Dwellers once they return from their trip to the Wasteland, and change the time back to normal.

The Tutorial Mode Glitch

This would be best exploited when you’re creating a new Vault. After creating the Vault, you’ll kick off Tutorial mode, which will have you equip a Dweller with an item, and sell an item – just two basic quests. Do not do either of these things – instead, collect 50 pieces each of food and water, level up a Dweller, and get caps and lunchboxes for your troubles. You’ll remain in Tutorial mode for as long as you don’t equip anyone or sell anything, so you can keep repeating the process until you’ve got enough items.