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Doodle Tanks Blitz Tips, Tricks & Cheats: The Basics of Crafting and More

Doodle Tanks Blitz is the latest installment in JoyBits’ Doodle series of games, and it boasts of similar mechanics like those titles. In this exciting Android and iOS game, it will be all about the crafting process, as you solve “all ages” puzzles by combining artillery and other elements to create a variety of real-life World War II tanks and armored vehicles. You’ll begin with four basic elements, and you will then design and craft your tanks, which will “come alive” as you complete the crafting process. And you might even learn a thing or two about military history, as the game can teach you some of the historic events that “shaped the outcome of the free world.”

No, it’s not what you may have thought – we cannot stress it enough, but this game tests your ability to craft, and not your ability to devise battle strategy. So if you’re looking to learn how to craft better and combine the right materials to make those epic, historical tanks come to life, join us as we now bring you our beginner’s guide to Doodle Tank Blitz.

1. Getting Started – USSR Tank Combinations

These are just some of the combinations available for USSR, but since we want to help you get started on the right foot, we’ll run them down for you and get you off to that head start you need.

• Tools + Hotchkiss = B-3 37 mm
• Tools + Mikulin = Four-cylinder
• Four-cylinder + Leaf Spring = Infantry Tank Hull
• Tools + Infantry Tank Hull = Rolled
• Rolled + Rolled = Welded
• Rolled + B-3 37 mm = MS-1 Turret
• Infantry Tank Hull + MS-1 Turret = MS-1
• MS-1 + Mikulin = Off-road performance
• Rolled + MS-1 Turret = BT Turret
• Welded + MS-1 Turret = Sloped & Grabin
• Grabin + BT Turret = Commander radio
• Leaf Spring + Infantry Tank Hull = Christle & Morozov
• Tools + Morozov = L-11 76mm
• MS-1 + Christle = BT Hull
• BT Hull + BT Turret = BT-2
• Morozov + Grabin = Penetrability
• Four-cylinder + BT Hull = V-type
• V-type + BT Hull = Rubber-coated wheel

2. Use Logic

Sometimes, the best solution is the most logical one. And here is one example of how that could help you in Doodle Tanks Blitz. Consider combining a cannon or a turret with a tank hull, in order for you to come up with something. It’s really that simple, and more often than not, you wouldn’t really have to think that hard about stringing the right combinations of elements/materials together.

3. Try Retracing Your Steps

You may run into some situations where you would really have to experiment with every possible combination you currently have at your disposal. But in order to make this process more, shall we say, scientific, you can backtrack to the step which you remember the best, then work your way onwards as you try to craft that item. Your reactions history is also available, as it could show you the combinations you had previously made in the game, thus avoiding the possibility of reusing a combo you’ve already used.

4. Some Hints Are Useless

Another key part of the Doodle Tanks Blitz mechanics is the ability to buy hints. There are three different types of hints, but many will agree that the Show Element type is not really worth buying at all. It’s only going to show you a possible outcome of a combination of items you already have unlocked, but it won’t tell you what you have to do in order to make a new tank. If you really should buy a Show Element hint, you can then use it to look back at your previous actions. Then again, it won’t always show you the “something” you need to combine into the mix if you’re trying to make a cannon, tank, or whatever. With that said, don’t spend much on Show Element hints, if at all.

5. Tap On The “I” Box For History Information

Tapping on an item would pull up an “I” box in the corner. Tap on this box and you’ll see some details on the history of the tank or weapon and what it was made to do. This is a great way of indulging your nerdy or geeky side, if you’re a history buff, but in the context of the game, viewing an item’s history might give you the clues you need to create a new combination that works.

These would be for now our list of tips and tricks for Doodle Tanks Blitz. In case you’ve enjoyed our collection of hints or know additional tips for the game, be sure to let us know by commenting below.