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Tesla Tubes Tips, Tricks & Cheats for Solving More Puzzles

Kiloo’s Android and iOS title Tesla Tubes has nothing to do with the popular electric car from Palo Alto. Rather, it’s a game where you will join Professor Droo and his grandson as you try to power up the titular Tesla Tubes. You’ll be traveling through settings rich in “vibrant and wacky gadgets,” as you connect matching batteries and cover the board with tubes, completing more puzzles and making your way through the machine park. The puzzles you can solve in this game can range from the “simple and relaxing” to the “complex and challenging,” and you’ll also have to dodge your fair share of obstacles.

How can you solve more puzzles and complete more levels in this game? Take note that there are hundreds of levels in there, and while the game does offer up some hints, they won’t tell you everything there is to know about the game. We don’t have everything either, but these Tesla Tubes tips and tricks should tell you most of what there is to know about solving more puzzles successfully.

1. Start With Shorter Tubes And Work Your Way Up

If you’re trying to figure out which order to work the puzzles, you’ll want to start with the shortest tube combination. You can then move on to the longer tubes as you gradually work your way up, but don’t worry if the tubes appear to be too long; you can create longer combinations around the shorter ones.

2. Conserve Your Hints

In order to help you solve the puzzles faster, Tesla Tubes will offer some hints at the start of the level. You can use these hints to map out your next moves, but on the other hand, you wouldn’t want to use them all either. Work your way from one tube to another, and don’t rush things even if things appear to be very difficult. You can use a hint if you’ve tried several ways to drop the tubes but couldn’t quite get it right no matter how often you try.

3. Play Based On Your Gut Feel

Although, there would be many situations where you wouldn’t be able to get things right in your first attempt, practicing and playing frequently would develop your instinct for finding out which squares should be taken up on a tube. Don’t overthink things; just drop the tubes wherever you wish, as they will remove the tubes that were already played, or put down.

4. You Have To Buy Hints If You Don’t Have Any More

What can you do if somehow, you run out of hints to use? Well, the only way to go about this is to purchase more hints; you can only do so once you’ve run out completely. Going back a couple of tips, you shouldn’t needlessly use up all your hints just so you can go to the in-app store and buy some new ones. Again, the thing here is that you have to use your hints wisely, and only when you’re truly stuck.

For now this is our list of tips and tricks for Kiloo’s new mobile game, Tesla Tubes. If you happen to know other tips for the game, don’t hesitate to let us know!