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Defend the Planet Tips, Cheats & Guide for Unlocking More Planets

Argo Studio’s new mobile game called Defend the Planet puts you in charge of achieving a rather lofty goal, which is defending your home planet. This game is available only for iOS devices as of the moment, but we figure it’s simple and addictive enough to make its way to the Google Play Store for Android gamers at some point in the future.

There’s not much to this game – just tap to rotate your defense and protect your planet against meteors, and last as long as possible as you explore the galaxy to “find new planets.” And when we say “last as long as possible,” you probably know where this is going – yes, this is an endless title, and your main goal would be to last as long as possible.

Endless games, despite their simplicity, have their own twists and nuances to them that it’s impossible to say the strategy for one would be exactly the same for another, unless they’re clones. That said, we’ve come up with some ways to help you go as far as possible in this particular endless title – a list of Defend the Planet tips and tricks.

1. Monitor The Meteors

This game is all about defending your planet against passing meteors, and that means having to keep as close an eye as possible on the meteors that pass your way. If ever a meteor is able to make it past your atmosphere, that’s it – you get no second chance, the round is over just like that. But if you’re able to successfully block a meteor from getting into your atmosphere, you can keep going. It’s all that simple.

2. Let The Space Shuttles Through

On occasion, you’ll see a space shuttle making its way toward your planet. Unlike the meteors, which you should stop at all costs, you should let the space shuttle through. And once it makes its way back to your planet, all the meteors on the screen will be blown into smithereens. The space shuttle is your friend, and it’s going to help you get rid of those meteors quickly.

3. Tap Downwards To Get A Better View Of Things

By tapping as far down on your iPhone’s screen as possible, you’ll be able to see more of the universe around you. This will also prevent the possibility of your finger inadvertently blocking your line of sight against the meteors, and allow you to act as quickly as possible when moving the barriers and blocking the meteors.

4. Unlock New Planets By Earning Stars

As you earn more points, you’ll also earn more stars in the process. If you’ve got enough stars, you’ll be able to unlock new planets beyond the stock planet you start with. Contrary to what you may think, each of these planets has a different shape, as well as their own sets of challenges. You can always return to planets you’ve already defended successfully if you want to grind for more stars.

5. You’ll Have To Buy Those Power-Ups

Unfortunately, Defend the Planet also forces you to buy power-ups, as they don’t seem to be available for free within the game itself. But if you decide to buy these power-ups, they can be of help to you. The green power-up allows the barriers to fill empty spaces around you, and the red power-up surrounds your planet with a completely unbroken barrier. As you may surmise, they work in similar ways, so it doesn’t really matter which one you buy. And if you’re thinking you can buy power-ups with in-game currency, the sad reality is that they’re only available with actual money.

And this completes our quick guide for Defend The Planet. If you know other hints, that we haven’t included in this guide, don’t hesitate to share them with us!